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The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

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The ISPWP has the strictist membership criteria of any wedding photographer organization. Each member must be a veteran of at least 50 weddings, submit a portfolio for review, be sponsored by an existing member or provide 4 references, and agree to operate by our Code of Conduct. Each application is voted on by current ISPWP members.

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

First off, this review is long overdue. Sorry Lukas! After getting married (wedding: Chateaux Poitiers, France/ June 2017), life went on and things got busy! Now with the holidays approaching here in the States I figured I must write this before I end up writing a review in 2018! So here goes:

Lukas is different from most photographers in that he captures you at your element. When we spoke to our planner, we requested someone that isn’t all about staged photos. Staged photos are great if you are into them but I can always tell when someone is faking that smile for the camera! We first looked at Lukas’ style online to see what kind of photographer he is and quickly realized he was the one we wanted. All of my pictures were phenomenal! The emotions in each photo are palpable.

Lukas’ photos capture memories and stories – not just pictures with “so and so.” He takes pictures without you noticing and produces incredible skillful art. It’s been roughly four months now since the wedding and as I look through the photos he has taken, I can clearly recall how I felt then and there. His photos are able to bring you back instantaneously.

Let’s talk the technical stuff:

We first Skyped with Lukas to get an even deeper sense of what kind of photographer he is. We knew he took great photos but was he easy to get along with? He was in France and we were in California. Given the time change, he was still able to Skype with us and answered all our questions. He was always readily available to answer any question.

His wedding packages are reasonably priced and he delivers timely exquisite results! He produced a slideshow the DAY OF our wedding during the reception dinner from the pictures he took from the morning. I have never known a photographer to be able to do this artfully DAY OF. Clearly the guy knows what he is doing. Our guests were extremely impressed!

The quality of our big wedding album / little wedding album / USB stick / online pictures are top notch! My in-laws recently came to visit us and could not have been more impressed with the materials used to put the wedding albums together! These are definitely going to be around for a long long time.

In summary: I loved Lukas! My husband and I don’t like staged photos and if you and your partner are the same – he is definitely the one for you! Bisous!

-Jasmine & Matan

Kuba Kepinski, Poznań, Poland

Jak oglądamy zdjęcia to jest to dla nas jak byśmy byli jeszcze raz tam, jeszcze raz przeżywali te cudowne momenty. Kuba był bardzo dyskretny! Często jak ujął jakiś cudowny moment to zastanawialiśmy się jak to jest mozliwe że nie zauwazylismy że koło nas stał ?!? Przed ślubem przy podpisaniu umowy bałam się ze może Kuba używać całe nasze zdjęcia na np. Konkursy. Bałam się że mogło być jakieś ujecie które by mi nie odpowiadało. Teraz gdy mam wszystkie zdjęcia wiem ze był by to dla mnie zaszczyt gdyby Kuba użył dla mnie najpiękniejsze zdjęcia na świecie!

Ida i Christian

Mark Capilitan, Sligo, Ireland

Myself & Clare would just liek to say a big massive thank you. The album is absolutely fantastic, you really are exceptional at your work. We could not be happier and believe your work really does stand out, head and shoulders above other photographers out there. It is a work of art you have created and one which we will cherish. Thanks again. Clare & Kevin

James McCoy, Charleston, South Carolina

James was amazing! He is very professional while still being friendly and likable, so we felt very comfortable with him. Before the wedding day we went over all the shots that were most important to me and he did a great job capturing those for us, as well as many I never thought about. James delivered our pictures to us in about a week and a half and we were amazed at the beauty, quality and amount of pictures he was able to get. I will continue to use James for family photo shoots in the future and would highly reccomend him to anyone looking for a photographer for any kind of event.

Joanna Carina, Saint Paul, MN United States

Planning for [our wedding] day was easy with [Joanna of Carina Photographics]. It actually made the rest of our wedding planning easier! We used her checklist to make sure we had everything in order, and when we got together to plan the shots for the day, she had lots of helpful advice about when to do what and when to shoot what. It helped us make a few decisions we were on the fence about. It was nice to use the photo shoot schedule as a framework for planning the rest of the day. Piece of cake.

The big day finally came and Joanna and her assistant were on top of everything. It's clear they've done this many times before because they didn't miss a beat and they certainly didn't miss any photo opportunities. Even the big family group photos went quickly and easily. After that, we just enjoyed ourselves at the ceremony and they just blended in and captured the rest of the evening. Everything went really well.

We didn't have to wait very long at all before we could start looking at our photos online. We were blown away at how stunning the photos were. She is a rare talent and if you can get her for your wedding, you should!

We will use Carina Photographics for all of our photography needs. I don't write many reviews, but Carina is worth it. Everyone should know how great they are!

~ Shane, August 2014 Groom

Jan Plachy, Vienna, Austria

Great team, excellent results

Jan and Marianna, you have truly delighted the bride & groom.  Weddings are a happy occasion and you want it to remain that way each time you re-live your day through the photos.  Photographing people at their best is a tricky business and you managed it superbly:  whether posing the bride & groom for formals or candid shots at the reception, everyone looks happy, natural and as you remember it.  And you did this despite the distraction of the fairytale wedding location that might have proved too much of a temptation for some photographers.  This sums up the reason we chose you, and an excellent decision it turned out to be.  We also love the “video book”: it’s a 4-minute on-screen version of the wedding book you would proudly display on your coffee table if it were in printed form.  Thanks for being easy to work with, your hard work on and after the day, but mostly for the fabulous digital memories.”

Tatiana & Emre

Christelle Rall, George, South Africa

Christelle is really a peoples person from the first meeting, we were comfortable. She made us feel at ease behind the lense. We would recommend her to anyone looking for Professional Photographer.

Daniel Meyer, Gauteng, South Africa

Right from our first meeting Daniel made us feel completely comfortable and we loved his style of shooting as his pictures aren’t the usual poses you see at most weddings. His unique style is evident and some photos from our wedding won prestigious photography awards and were featured in a wedding magazine and a wedding blog!

Although we had quite a lot of people at our wedding and it was quite the task to coordinate everyone for pictures Daniel managed it very well. He was always cool, calm and collected.

If you are looking for a photographer (whatever the occasion) then look no further than L’Afrique Photography!

Daniel was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. He is professional, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, took the most fabulous photographs of our wedding. The packaging of the printed photos is stunning leather bound album and a wooden storage box! Our digital images were present to us on a memory stick in the cutest box and (both engraved) , everyone that has seen our wedding album marvels at it.

Thank you so much for having captured priceless moments from our wedding day and providing a world class service

Kudzai & Gugu

Susanna Antichi, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Susanna Antichi is fantastic! We hired Susanna for our wedding and we have no regrets! At our first meeting (via skype), she was gracious enough to help us draft an early wedding day schedule and talked about the logistics of how the day would run in regards to the photography. She definitely helped calm our nerves over worries about the big day. During the meeting in Mexico ( the day before the weeding and trust me it was a very stressful day), she also showed samples of her previous work as well as answered all our discerning questions. She offered us exceptional value and she was very responsive in our subsequent communication and meetings. I was skeptical when Susanna told us that she was confident that she would be able to capture all our moments without any additional help, but she was right! On our wedding day, Susanna comprehensively captured all our candid and emotion filled expressions of us and our family and friends! We were so impressed on how she was able to capture such raw emotions of joy, love and even sadness! She stayed with us until the end!!! It seemed like she was also in two places at once! Susanna was also excellent at taking group photo shots. She was very professional, arranging people around and giving people direction to produce the best possible shot. The finished photos were personally delivered on-time. Susanna created the most amazing, classic photo albums as well as the soft copies on USB (along with a slideshow with music from our wedding!). She send us couple presents, such as calendar for 2016 and mini-albums. It was so kind of her…I just can’t say thank you enough for everything that she has done for us All in all, Susanna is passionate about her work. It felt as if Susanna was family at our wedding and it seemed like she was truly enjoying being a part of it. She was friendly and accommodating and I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt!