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Kerry James, Bath, United Kingdom

Your photos have out weighed all my expectations, you have captured every moment of the day and managed to capture every single guest!Your service, after service and whole presentation is outstanding and I can not wait to come and see you to make the album! The whole thing is truly amazing.  Laura & Lee Lock




Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

As we began planning the wedding my now wife and I were unsure about how much to budget for a photographer. We both decided that it was worth investing in a photographer, spending as much as we were able to afford, as the photos they would take would be the lasting memory of our wedding, but would also hopefully tell the story of the event for future generations. It was therefore important to find someone that we trusted to not only capture the key moments (the procession down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss etc) but who would be able to move about throughout the rest of the wedding taking photos without people being aware of the photographer’s presence.
We were referred to Lukas, and a handful of other photographers, by the event coordinator at our chosen venue. What we weren’t quite expecting was to be “interviewed” by Lukas. Speaking to him over Skype it very much felt that Lukas was wanting to make sure that we were the sort of wedding that he would like to work at as much as we were wanting to make sure he was the man for the job. It was very reassuring that he was forthcoming about his expectations and how he preferred to work. He expressed to us that it was vital for him to be as involved as possible in the event so that our guests stopped seeing him as the photographer and allowed themselves to relax in his presence. As part of the interview Lukas showed us a presentation of another wedding he had photographed. It goes without saying that we were incredibly moved by what we saw and resolved that Lukas should be our wedding photographer.

My wife and I had been sceptical of having any staged photos taken, as well as about disappearing for a long period of time away from our guests. That said we were both so impressed by his photos, from those that showed both my wife and I preparing for the ceremony and of those of us together immediately after the ceremony. Having worked at the venue previously Lukas had a brilliant knowledge of where he would be able to take stunning photos with minimal staging or artificial posing. By roaming freely throughout the venue he was able to get some unexpectedly brilliant shots, that, while appearing to be staged, absolutely weren’t.

A very special part of what Lukas delivered was a short presentation just before dinner of the photos he had taken throughout the morning. It was amazing to see photos of the ceremony so soon after the event and was a wonderful opportunity to see aspects of the ceremony we had missed. Our guests love being able to see photos of themselves and loved ones, and it was such a moving reminder of the ceremony. Set beautifully to music both my wife and I were unexpectedly moved by what Lukas produced, as were our guests. Being able to see the emotion on the face of my father in law as he walked my wife down the aisle was, for example, something that I and the majority of our guests would not have been aware of during the ceremony. It was wonderful to see Lukas capturing that emotion and bringing it to the fore while the wedding was still in progress.

Throughout the entire wedding Lukas worked tirelessly to ensure that he captured the essence of our wedding. Unlike many wedding photographers I have seen, he dressed smartly and absolutely blended in with all of our guests; the majority of them utterly forgetting he was the photographer. He was a perfect gentleman and at no point interrupted the flow of the wedding. With the wedding now behind us we were absolutely thrilled to receive the wedding album. We were stunned by the beautiful embossed box in which our photos arrived and the high quality book of photos. This was accompanied by two CDs containing the high resolution files and a stunning print of our favourite photo on aluminium. We were initially quite sceptical about this last item as we had never seen an example of it before. What we received was awesome and now hangs proudly on our wall.

We are both so grateful to Lukas for what he has done for us. We are thrilled with the photos he produced for us, and for how he made himself a part of our wedding. It was so important to us that our wedding feel like a family affair that our ceremony was conducted by our brother and sister. Lukas was no exception and he did not feel like a stranger as he moved throughout the wedding. Possibly the highest praise given to Lukas came from my brother, who is also a photographer, who was deeply impressed by the way in which Lukas worked but also by the product that he delivered.
Thank you Lukas for what you have done for us. We could not be happier.
-Sophie & Tom

Adamo Morgese, Amalfi Coast, Italy

We used Adamo as the photographer for our wedding in Tuscany in late October 2012. We couldn't have been happier with Adamo's presence at our wedding, he made us feel comfortable and he had a great sense of humour. We had pictures taken in the Siena Town Hall where we were married and then Adamo chose some amazing spots in the countryside on the way back to our Villa to take photos. We now have some beautiful photos taken in a spectacular and truly Tuscan setting. The photos back at the Villa Stomennano that we had hired for the wedding celebrations are gorgeous. Adamo's photos of my Husband and I are fantastic and we have some gorgeous family and group photos which really capture the excitement and happiness of the day.

Thanks Adamo we are so happy that you were the photographer for our wedding day.


Vanessa and Lewis

Sean Lara, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States

"Where do I start when there's so much AWESOME to talk about... I mean, you can look through Sean's photos and see that you've got a 100% chance of getting an amazing portfolio of pictures from him. Sean's talent knows no bounds. We had super high expectations for our engagement photos because of this and he STILL massively exceeded them. But as we learned on our adventure photo shoot trip with Sean, there's so much more to being a great wedding/engagement photographer than just being able to compose a pretty picture. He is incredibly friendly, extremely well-organized, and knows how to interact with people to get the best out of them while reducing stress levels to zero. He's brilliant and you should absolutely give him a call to talk about your event!" - David & Nicole

Jesse La Plante, Denver, Colorado

"I don’t know how to do justice to these two incredibly talented and genuine people.

From the start I knew I wanted something other than the traditional, posed, and somewhat cheesy photos that you usually see from weddings. When I came across J. La Plante, I was instantly enamoured with the photos on their website. They got back to me within a day and availability and my (now) husband and I actually changed our wedding date so that we could work with them. We are so glad that we did, it was the absolute best decision for our wedding! We Skyped with Moira and Jesse, got along instantly, and put our blind faith in them to do what they do best. All of the photos, from getting dressed to the ceremony and our couples shots are gorgeous, I only wish we had more. They also came up with the idea for a water balloon fight at the wedding, and it was not only so much fun for us and our guests, but we got some stunning photos as a result.

If you’re looking for amazing photos shot by equally amazing people, you cannot go wrong with J. La Plante. Jesse and Moira, thank you so much, John and I are nothing short of grateful, and are looking forward to seeing y’all soon when we’re in Denver!"

~ Aekta & John

Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Powiemy szczerze, że wybór Kuby jako naszego fotografa, w tym szczególnym dla nas dniu, okazał się bardzo trafny.Kuba ma niesamowite poczucie humoru. Jego profesjonalizm i doświadczenie sprawiły, że nasze zdjecia sa dynamiczne i oddaja w 100% urok naszego slubu. Zdjecia ciesza sie wielkim uznaniem i zachwytem pośród naszych gości i znajomych. Kuba bardzo szybko nawiązuje kontakt, przełamując barierę na zasadzie fotograf-klient. Przy nim nie można czuć się skrępowanym. Goraco polecamy Kube, nie bedziecie zawiedzeni!!!

Joanna i Alam

Martin Hecht, Göppingen, Germany

Dear Martin,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That's all there is to say. THANK YOU!

THANK YOU, for the wonderful pictures.
THANK YOU, that you managed to capture the special moments of our wedding.
THANK YOU, for the incredibly beautiful film which lets us again and again tears in the eyes.
THANK YOU, for a wonderful day with you.
THANK YOU, for the unique photo book.
Thank you for everything!!!

You are just great and we are very glad that you have accompanied us on this and captured our great day with incredibly great pictures! THANK YOU!!!
Greetings and all the best,
Sarah and Milo


Lieber Martin,
DANKE, DANKE, DANKE!! Das ist alles was es bleibt zu sagen. DANKE!
DANKE, für die wunderschönen Bilder.
DANKE, dass Du es geschafft hast die besonderen Momente an unsere Hochzeit einzufangen.
DANKE, für den unglaublich schönen Film der uns immer wieder Tränen in die Augen steigen lässt.
DANKE, für einen wundervollen Tag mit Dir.
DANKE, für das einzigartige Fotobuch.
DANKE, für alles!!!
Du bist einfach super und wir sind sehr froh dass Du uns an diesem begleitet hast und unseren großen Tag mit unglaublich tollen Bildern eingefangen hast! DANKE!!!
Liebe Grüße und alles Gute,
Sarah und Milo

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

We had the privilege to have Lukas take our photos on our wedding day on the 25th July 2015 in the Jardin des Martels and then the Moulin de Nartaud in France. Despite the quirky wedding format with opted for, and thus the very early start and consequently long day ahead, Lukas was very understanding and adaptable to our needs. He is a very nice guy who got along with every one involved on the day and genuinely enjoys what he's doing and the quality of is work is beyond reproach. The photos all look very natural and never forced or staged, he just hides in plain sight and takes the perfect shot at the perfect moment without being in the way. We were especially impressed by the fact that he managed to prepare a diaporama/slideshow with key photos and a tastefully chosen music on the very same evening for all the guests to enjoy at the end of the meal, and without fail it impressed all the guests with a lot of laughter, "ooh's" and "aah's" and also a few tears. We also can't say enough good about his commitment and availability afterwards; he is always very prompt to answer any questions you may have and will go the extra mile to keep you happy. I can say with confidence that anyone choosing his services will be completely satisfied.

-Yenying & Cedric

Luis Cano, Miami, Florida

El día de nuestra boda fue maravilloso y una de las cosas que hizo que lo fuera, fue el profesionalismo de Luis y su equipo de trabajo. Desde el momento en que nos hizo la cotización hasta el momento de entregarnos el trabajo final nos sentimos seguros de que sería un trabajo impecable y súper profesional. En ningún momento, en el día de la boda, nos sentimos presionados o perseguidos por ninguno de los fotógrafos y eso hizo que salieran unas fotos hermosas y muy naturales porque no sentíamos presión para tomar las fotos, con ellos sentíamos mucha confianza como si estuviéramos con cualquier otro de nuestros invitados. El momento en que recibimos el trabajo finalizado fue increíble, no podíamos creer lo bien hecho que estaba todo, lo hermoso de las fotos y lo bien presentadas, de verdad lograron hacernos revivir el día de nuestra boda y lo hacen de nuevo cada vez que las miramos. Con base en todo eso podemos decir que escogimos y tuvimos el privilegio de tener, el día de nuestra boda, el mejor equipo de fotógrafos acompañándonos y de seguro una de las empresas con mayor profesionalismo y responsabilidad. Sólo queda por decirles de nuevo: GRACIAS!” – Natalia y Jairo

Olga Leonova, Dubai UAE

Wedding, Dmitry&Elena 06/08/2013

Olga, hello !!! Once again a huge thank you for the photos, such touching moments were experienced !!!!))) We only just looked at the pictures because we haven’t had the time.