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The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

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The ISPWP has the strictist membership criteria of any wedding photographer organization. Each member must be a veteran of at least 50 weddings, submit a portfolio for review, be sponsored by an existing member or provide 4 references, and agree to operate by our Code of Conduct. Each application is voted on by current ISPWP members.

Fernando Longen, Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil

São tantos detalhes, tanta coisa para resolver antes do casamento e no grande dia nada pode dar errado, daí a importância na escolha do profissional que acompanhará e registrará esse grande momento de nossas vidas. Falar do Fernando é fácil. Grande profissional, dedicado, comprometido e de um olhar único sobre o que tem em volta, as cenas e os detalhes. Ficamos muitos felizes com o resultado do seu trabalho e o quanto abrilhantou desde o ensaio, making of da noiva, cerimônia e a festa do nosso casamento.

Lupe Arguello, Cancun, Mexico

I could not have been happier with my experience with Take It! Photo! Lupe and Augustin were amazing - friendly, funny, creative, talented, professional - they made me, my husband and all of our family and friends feel so comfortable and they were able to capture all of the happiness and magic of such a special day. Every time I look through the photos, I have a permanent smile on my face because it feels like I am right back in Mexico, reliving one of the happiest days of my life. And I am so excited that I will see them again this May as my friend has just booked them for her wedding! You are truly wonderful, Take It! Photo!:)

Volodymyr Ivash, New York City, New York

Robert and Yulia

Words cannot describe how nervous and stressful my bride and myself was to the build up of our wedding, with lots to plan and execute, it was a lot of work-especially with multiple languages and cultures to consider. So we was replying on a good, fresh, professional photographer and film crew to work with. I thought with everything going on they wasn't up to the task, but i was wrong, so wrong. Not only was there work, such interpretational it captured the beauty and emotion in everything, without showing the nerves.
  They have brilliant and fun ideas. I knew, if i left them to there own devices, the work would not only be done, but done to the highest standard, and it was. They captured all our emotions, feelings and joy and we will only have this to Cherish for the rest of our lives. There costs do not reflect there work at all, they are cheaper than other competitors, and far supplier, i couldn't believe it when i first saw their work, but im a believer now. There work was so good, some of our guests was asking them for contact details. Anyway, im sure by now your reading this you get my point. I just want to thank you for everything, you made me, my wife and our families extremely happy, we love your work, and look forward in the future to see you again, and use your services... who knows maybe for a christening

Robert and Yulia: Cyprus, Larnaka

Zibi Kuropatwinski, Salisbury, Wiltshire United Kingdom

We hired Zibi for our wedding and we are absolutely thrilled with his work. We were very nervous about having our photos taken but Zibi put us at ease and made the process fund and natural. He provided a very personal and bespoke service, and the photos that he took are excellent. Thank you Zibi! Abbey & Karl

Olga Leonova, Dubai UAE

Wedding, Natalia&Alexey 19/07/2014

Received everything! The book is wonderful. Actually, both of them are

wonderful. Especially the big one, I like it so much. It’s like a fairy tale. Thank you very much!

Best regards, Natalia

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

As we began planning the wedding my now wife and I were unsure about how much to budget for a photographer. We both decided that it was worth investing in a photographer, spending as much as we were able to afford, as the photos they would take would be the lasting memory of our wedding, but would also hopefully tell the story of the event for future generations. It was therefore important to find someone that we trusted to not only capture the key moments (the procession down the aisle, the vows, the first kiss etc) but who would be able to move about throughout the rest of the wedding taking photos without people being aware of the photographer’s presence.
We were referred to Lukas, and a handful of other photographers, by the event coordinator at our chosen venue. What we weren’t quite expecting was to be “interviewed” by Lukas. Speaking to him over Skype it very much felt that Lukas was wanting to make sure that we were the sort of wedding that he would like to work at as much as we were wanting to make sure he was the man for the job. It was very reassuring that he was forthcoming about his expectations and how he preferred to work. He expressed to us that it was vital for him to be as involved as possible in the event so that our guests stopped seeing him as the photographer and allowed themselves to relax in his presence. As part of the interview Lukas showed us a presentation of another wedding he had photographed. It goes without saying that we were incredibly moved by what we saw and resolved that Lukas should be our wedding photographer.

My wife and I had been sceptical of having any staged photos taken, as well as about disappearing for a long period of time away from our guests. That said we were both so impressed by his photos, from those that showed both my wife and I preparing for the ceremony and of those of us together immediately after the ceremony. Having worked at the venue previously Lukas had a brilliant knowledge of where he would be able to take stunning photos with minimal staging or artificial posing. By roaming freely throughout the venue he was able to get some unexpectedly brilliant shots, that, while appearing to be staged, absolutely weren’t.

A very special part of what Lukas delivered was a short presentation just before dinner of the photos he had taken throughout the morning. It was amazing to see photos of the ceremony so soon after the event and was a wonderful opportunity to see aspects of the ceremony we had missed. Our guests love being able to see photos of themselves and loved ones, and it was such a moving reminder of the ceremony. Set beautifully to music both my wife and I were unexpectedly moved by what Lukas produced, as were our guests. Being able to see the emotion on the face of my father in law as he walked my wife down the aisle was, for example, something that I and the majority of our guests would not have been aware of during the ceremony. It was wonderful to see Lukas capturing that emotion and bringing it to the fore while the wedding was still in progress.

Throughout the entire wedding Lukas worked tirelessly to ensure that he captured the essence of our wedding. Unlike many wedding photographers I have seen, he dressed smartly and absolutely blended in with all of our guests; the majority of them utterly forgetting he was the photographer. He was a perfect gentleman and at no point interrupted the flow of the wedding. With the wedding now behind us we were absolutely thrilled to receive the wedding album. We were stunned by the beautiful embossed box in which our photos arrived and the high quality book of photos. This was accompanied by two CDs containing the high resolution files and a stunning print of our favourite photo on aluminium. We were initially quite sceptical about this last item as we had never seen an example of it before. What we received was awesome and now hangs proudly on our wall.

We are both so grateful to Lukas for what he has done for us. We are thrilled with the photos he produced for us, and for how he made himself a part of our wedding. It was so important to us that our wedding feel like a family affair that our ceremony was conducted by our brother and sister. Lukas was no exception and he did not feel like a stranger as he moved throughout the wedding. Possibly the highest praise given to Lukas came from my brother, who is also a photographer, who was deeply impressed by the way in which Lukas worked but also by the product that he delivered.
Thank you Lukas for what you have done for us. We could not be happier.
-Sophie & Tom

Debra Zeller, San Francisco, California

"Flipping through our old wedding photos made us reminisce about Debra Zeller and her magical photographic touch. Debra took care of us for both our engagement session and also our wedding. She handled both events with aplomb. She is friendly, easy going, and perceptive.

We couldn't be more pleased with how our photos turned out. They definitely captured the moment. We trusted Debra to pick backgrounds and scenes without suggesting much. It was the right decision because we were in good hands. So many have complimented the photos and backdrops, and especially how unique they were.

Definitely recommended with our highest opinion.

Lukas Bezila, Vienna, Austria

Your pictures are splendid!!! It is incredible how awesome the pictures turned out!... I was crying looking at them… you really made it to capture all the emotions… incredible!

Maria & Michael

Rinke Heederik, Soest, Netherlands

Wow, te gekke fotoverslag van onze trouwdag! Tikje eigenzinnig. Wij vinden het i.i.g. geniaal! - Stefan & Eveline

Luis Cano, Miami, Florida

El día de nuestra boda fue maravilloso y una de las cosas que hizo que lo fuera, fue el profesionalismo de Luis y su equipo de trabajo. Desde el momento en que nos hizo la cotización hasta el momento de entregarnos el trabajo final nos sentimos seguros de que sería un trabajo impecable y súper profesional. En ningún momento, en el día de la boda, nos sentimos presionados o perseguidos por ninguno de los fotógrafos y eso hizo que salieran unas fotos hermosas y muy naturales porque no sentíamos presión para tomar las fotos, con ellos sentíamos mucha confianza como si estuviéramos con cualquier otro de nuestros invitados. El momento en que recibimos el trabajo finalizado fue increíble, no podíamos creer lo bien hecho que estaba todo, lo hermoso de las fotos y lo bien presentadas, de verdad lograron hacernos revivir el día de nuestra boda y lo hacen de nuevo cada vez que las miramos. Con base en todo eso podemos decir que escogimos y tuvimos el privilegio de tener, el día de nuestra boda, el mejor equipo de fotógrafos acompañándonos y de seguro una de las empresas con mayor profesionalismo y responsabilidad. Sólo queda por decirles de nuevo: GRACIAS!” – Natalia y Jairo