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In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

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The ISPWP has the strictist membership criteria of any wedding photographer organization. Each member must be a veteran of at least 50 weddings, submit a portfolio for review, be sponsored by an existing member or provide 4 references, and agree to operate by our Code of Conduct. Each application is voted on by current ISPWP members.

Olga Leonova, Dubai UAE

Wedding, Irina&Vitaly  27/07/2013

Finally, we looked at the photos and videos), sadly, not all of them..yet!))) Thank you very much for the pleasure which we received)))) wonderful pictures))) We have found so many moments in the video which we do not remember, maybe there are many more to discover. You are great!!!))) You have on the site already so many new couples and they are all wonderful)

Best regards, Irina


Hello)) I was just writing a letter) we have only recently arrived and looked at the photos posted! Needless to say, such a delight, already captures the spirit !!!! Inexpressibly grateful to you! You're the most talented photographers and professionals !!!! They are so well done, thank you !!!!


Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Przede wszystkim super przyjazny kontakt. Atmosfera na planie zdjęciowym była luźna i w ogóle nie czuliśmy się spięci w tej dość nietypowej sytuacji :) cała rodzina zresztą bardzo dobrze wspomina Fotografa Kubę i cóż więcej, najlepszą reklamą są nasze zdjęcia :)

Marta i Maciej

Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Fotograf jakich mało! Współpraca z Kubą to prawdziwa przyjemność. Zdjęcia są naturalne, pełne emocji, pasji, a nie pozowane i sztuczne...

Na reportażu Kuba "wtapia się w tłum" dzięki czemu goście weselni również czują się naturalnie, a podczas sesji plenerowej dba o to abyśmy byli po prostu sobą (przy okazji udzielając od czasu do czasu cennych rad). To wszystko zaowocowało piękną pamiątką ślubną :) Szczerze polecamy! :)

Kinga i Janusz

Rinke Heederik, Soest, Netherlands

Ontzettend bedankt voor de foto's! Het ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit, we zijn er erg blij mee, dank je wel! - Thom en Anne

Debra Zeller, San Francisco, California

"I received the pictures yesterday and I'm obsessed with them! I can't stop starring at them - they are so great! You did an amazing job and were really great to work with too! The wedding went by so fast so now I get to relive it all through the pictures which has been so much fun Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Till von Rennenkampff, Hamburg, Germany

Wedding Iceland 2015

Dear Till and Nadja,

Your pictures are truly unbelievable! Tehy are more than we ever hoped or dared to dream of. It was a wonderful day, full of joy, love and happiness and your pictures surely represent that to the smallest detail.
You´ve made our wedding day even more precious that it already was by making it possible for us to go back in time anytime we want to relive the most happiest day of our lives.
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for what you have done for us!

We are thankful beyond words!

Krista & Kalli

Dimitri Voronov, Barcelona (Spain)

Es un profesional en todos los sentidos. Tanto Dimitri como su mujer nos trataron genial y con indicaciones claras para que todo saliera perfecto. Las fotos que hemos podido ver, geniales. Para principiantes como nosotros que no habíamos hecho ningún reportaje antes, nos costó soltarnos, pero ahí estaba esta pareja de fotógrafos que nos acompañaron en este día tan especial. Deseando de que pasen los días para recibir el resto de las fotos y el vídeo. Gracias por todo el trabajo realizado con nosotros Dimitri.

Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Zdjęcia są niecodzienne, niebanalne. Twoja osobowość i sposób pracy wprowadza bardzo przyjemną atmosferę i pomagać rozładować zbędny stres związany z uroczystością. Wykonane zdjęcia oddają w pełni atmosferę panującą podczas ślubu i wesela. Uchwycone, niepowtarzalne momenty zostaną z nami na zawsze i będą cudownymi wspomnieniami.

Podczas pracy poruszasz się w sposób niezauważalny co nie krępuje towarzystwa i nie powoduje sztucznego pozowania do zdjęć, przez co są one bardzo naturalne i spontaniczne. Gdy osoby, których nie było na weselu oglądają zdjęcia mogą poczuć się jakby same uczestniczyły w tych wydarzeniach i idealnie poczuć panujący tam nastrój. ;-).

Ania i Kornel

Lukas Guillaume, Miami, Florida

We had the privilege to have Lukas take our photos on our wedding day on the 25th July 2015 in the Jardin des Martels and then the Moulin de Nartaud in France. Despite the quirky wedding format with opted for, and thus the very early start and consequently long day ahead, Lukas was very understanding and adaptable to our needs. He is a very nice guy who got along with every one involved on the day and genuinely enjoys what he's doing and the quality of is work is beyond reproach. The photos all look very natural and never forced or staged, he just hides in plain sight and takes the perfect shot at the perfect moment without being in the way. We were especially impressed by the fact that he managed to prepare a diaporama/slideshow with key photos and a tastefully chosen music on the very same evening for all the guests to enjoy at the end of the meal, and without fail it impressed all the guests with a lot of laughter, "ooh's" and "aah's" and also a few tears. We also can't say enough good about his commitment and availability afterwards; he is always very prompt to answer any questions you may have and will go the extra mile to keep you happy. I can say with confidence that anyone choosing his services will be completely satisfied.

-Yenying & Cedric

Adamo Morgese, Amalfi Coast, Italy

We recently got married on the Amalfi Coast in Italy with Adamo Morgese as our photographer. I had searched for a photographer who could offer us natural photos that didn't require any posed shots and who we could trust to document our entire day - Adamo without a doubt was the guy for us.


Adamo managed to capture our entire day from getting ready, the ceremony, walking through cobbled streets to drink on terrace right down to the final reception venue through to the sun setting and he captured it all beautifully.


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and you need to have someone you can trust to put as much time and energy into it as you have planning it and you should look no further than Adamo. He travelled with me to the ceremony and kept me calm and giggling the entire way. My guests loved him and when he left the entire reception waved him off. Adamo had a great eye for a photo and you will not find anyone more helpful. I will be eternally grateful to Adamo for all of his help throughout the preparations, day itself and the communication afterwards. He came to our wedding as a photographer and he left as our friend!! Welcome in our home anytime. Love Chris & Charlie Heywood x