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The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

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The ISPWP has the strictist membership criteria of any wedding photographer organization. Each member must be a veteran of at least 50 weddings, submit a portfolio for review, be sponsored by an existing member or provide 4 references, and agree to operate by our Code of Conduct. Each application is voted on by current ISPWP members.

Olga Leonova, Dubai UAE

Wedding, Vyacheslav&Olga 20/07/2013

Olga, thanks for the pictures you posted! We really like them :) You are a real master! We look forward to new photos! Thank you!

Vyacheslav and Olga

Adamo Morgese, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Hey There




I got married in the UK. A lovely barn within a farm.




My Twin sister had previously had Adamo photograph her wedding in Amalfi so when it came to me selecting a photographer, I struggled to find anyone who could compare with the quality of Adamo's work. But I did have reservations about our albums looking very similar.




So finally I succombed to 'wanting the best' and hired Adamo.




Now that the wedding is over and I have my album in my hands - Im sooooo glad for that decision.




Adamo's work is by far the best I have ever seen!! The quality of the album he produces is something very very special and something that I dont think can be replicated very easily.




And it turned out, my album (though similar in what we asked for) was completely different to my sisters.... it was unique (which is what we all want - right??)




But honestly, though this is what we all want..... a beautiful photo album to help remember our special day..... the best of Adamo is Adamo himself.




During the wedding preparations, he is the best type of supplier to work with.... very understanding, patient and requires little management. Anything you ask of Adamo, he is willing to help you with and you never have to ask twice!!!




On the wedding day itself, Adamo breezes through the day like an unseen artist capturing moments that even you wont remember!! There is no hassle with Adamo, no infringement of your space on the day..... he just walks around and finds those perfect shots.




In addition, he is the nicest person you'll eve meet. My whole family fell in love with him and his gentile nature.


So as far as recommendations go, Adamo is top of my list when it comes to wedding suppliers!!

Oh and one last thing..... I decided not to get a Photographer and Videographer for my wedding - I just went for a Photographer. Tough call but my budget was wearing thin towards the end. After receiving my album from Adamo, I was soooooo happy with that decision as Adamo's work told the story of my day - without needing a video!!

Volodymyr Ivash, New York City, New York

Viktor und Ekaterina

Am 19.08.2014 haben wir unsere Kirchliche Hochzeit gefeiert. Einen wirklich guten Video- und Fotografen zu finden stand natürlich ganz oben auf der Liste. Im Internet sind wir zufällig auf Volodimir und Igor gestoßen und waren direkt von ihren Fotos und Videos begeistert. Die Organisation war unkompliziert, zur Hochzeit sind alle pünktlich gekommen, die Atmosphäre war offen und sehr positiv! Alle Gäste hatten Spaß mit den Fotografen und strahlen auf allen Bildern. Die Fotos sind einfach traumhaft geworden und beim Video stehen mir immer Tränen in den Augen. Wir können IVASH Photography nur weiterempfehlen! Vielen Dank für so tolle Erinnerungen!

Viktor und Ekaterina: Germany

Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Zdjęcia z Kubą to jak najbardziej profesjonalna sesja, ale także masa świetnej zabawy i super atmosfery :)
Jego zdjęcia ślubne są zrobione w formie reportażu, oddają wszystkie emocje, dzięki nim możemy jeszcze raz przeżyć te wszystkie wspaniałe chwile. Podczas pracy jest praktycznie niezauważalny, wejdzie nawet w największe zarośla, żeby złapać cudne ujęcie.
Kuba nie potrzebuje nawet słońca, żeby złapać dobre światło :) i pokazać "głęboką, głębię" :) . Szczerze polecamy! nie mogliśmy trafić lepiej.

Natalia i Daniel

Kebikov Evgeniy, Minsk, Belarus

Dima & Alina

Yevgeniy is a wonderful photographer, admirable and funny person. There was not any self-consciousness during the shooting. Zhenya was successfully joined in our friendly atmosphere of our wedding day. I think it is too important because newlyweds' ease is a result of natural and vivid shots.

He makes his work competently because of knowing a great deal of the job. He knows how to work with both daylight and candlelight. He has a sense of composition and enthusiasm for good shots. He can't handle pictures with unnatural colors and looseness of important details. In short - professional.

And what is more important, he does his work with a passion. He shots without a break, when he just forgot to have a dinner that we offered to him. He tries new photo devices with an enthusiasm and tries to make new experimental shots. I am sure that now he is more professional, because of his  perfectionism (our wedding day was 13.08.2016).

I also advice to newlyeds to take part in ghe photo shoot. Inform your preferences or show some examples from the Internet. Zhenia's professionalism will let you fulfill everything you want. And inform him if you have an idea to make a particular shot. Once more thank you!

Stefan Redel, Bocholt, NRW, Germany

"Hallo Stefan, 

wir sind begeistert, sieht echt sehr (sehr) gut aus! Vielen Dank!"

(Deborah & Robert, Reutlingen)

Jacek Dolata, Hartford, Connecticut, USA

I love these!!  You are are amazing! I've already been recommending you to others!!!

Mario Nixon, Nassau, Bahamas

I am a photograph enthusiast! I love pictures and find that they are such meaningful and artistic forms of capturing memories. With that being said, choosing a perfect wedding photographer was of my highest priority. After many long hours of searching for the right photographer, my husband and I chose Mario Nixon. We really loved his work seen through his web page. After establishing lines of communication, we knew that Mario was the right choice for us. As many vendors in the Bahamas seemed to operate on "Island Time," Mario was an appreciated exception. He always was very prompt in his responses and communicated effectively and efficiently. On our big day, he arrived on time and was ready to go. He demonstrated a laid-back, fun, personable, and friendly demeanor and was very flexible working with us, our wedding party, and guests. Once we received our photos, we were overly excited. Mario captured timeless, gorgeous, unique moments that we truly enjoy over and over again! We couldn't be happier with the beautiful gift of these amazing images! So many of our friends asked if Mario worked in the US, as they wanted him as their wedding photographer as well. A huge thanks goes out to Mario- he is amazing at what he does, and we would recommend him to anyone seeking a fantastic photographer!

- Katie

Kerry James, Bath, United Kingdom

Your photos have out weighed all my expectations, you have captured every moment of the day and managed to capture every single guest!Your service, after service and whole presentation is outstanding and I can not wait to come and see you to make the album! The whole thing is truly amazing.  Laura & Lee Lock




Daniel Maldonado, Quito, Ecuador

"We were very fortunate to have found Daniel to be our wedding photographer. Apart from being very kind, good company throughout the wedding day and with a very positive attitude, I am more than satisfied with our photos, it has a very good eye to capture the unique moments, and knows how to reflect the atmosphere of the event in the photos. Thank you for your generosity! Marianne and Alejandro