ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Spring 2016

Vinny Labella – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Spring 2016

Los Angeles, California
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 1st Place, LOOK FOTOGRAFIA

1st Place

Vinny Labella


Los Angeles, Califor...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 2nd Place, Daniele Vertelli Photographer

2nd Place

Daniele Vertelli

Daniele Vertelli Pho...

Florence, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 3rd Place, Andrea Corsi Photographer

3rd Place

Andrea Corsi

Andrea Corsi Photogr...

Florence, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 4th Place, Shiraliev photography

4th Place

Kemran Shiraliev

Shiraliev photography

Stambul, Turkey
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 5th Place, WeddingStudios

5th Place

Gabriel Scharis


Den Haag, The Nether...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 6th Place, Franck Boutonnet Photography

6th Place

Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Pho...

Paris, France
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 7th Place, Matthew Sowa Photography

7th Place

Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 8th Place, Emin Wedding Photography

8th Place

Emin Kuliyev

Emin Wedding Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 9th Place, CAFAPHOTO

9th Place

Cafa Liu


Toronto, Ontario
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 10th Place, Ciprian Dumitrescu Photography

10th Place

Ciprian Dumitrescu

Ciprian Dumitrescu P...

Bucharest, Romania
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 11th Place, Nicola Tonolini - Italian Wedding Photographer

11th Place

Nicola Tonolini

Nicola Tonolini - It...

Padenghe sul Garda, ...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 12th Place, Eppel Fotografie

12th Place

Ralf Czogallik

Eppel Fotografie

Nederweert, Netherla...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 13th Place, AV fotoreportages

13th Place

Axel Drenth

AV fotoreportages

Amsterdam, The Nethe...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 14th Place, Nacho Ibáñez

14th Place

Nacho Ibáñez

Nacho Ibáñez

Tarifa ( Cádiz ) Sp...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 15th Place, Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

15th Place

Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli ...

Lake Como, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 16th Place, Nunzio Bruno

16th Place

Nunzio Bruno

Nunzio Bruno

Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 17th Place, IVASH photography

17th Place

Volodymyr Ivash

IVASH photography

Kiev, Ukraine
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 18th Place, Marius Tudor

18th Place

Marius Tudor

Marius Tudor

London, UK Wedding P...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 19th Place, Marian Sterea

19th Place

Marian Sterea

Marian Sterea

Bucharest, Romania
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2016 - 20th Place, Sagrado Studios

20th Place

Alberto Sagrado

Sagrado Studios

Madrid, Spain


First prize

  • $1000 Cash
  • 1st Pick of Product Prizes
  • Photographer of the Quarter

Second prize

  • $600 Cash
  • 2nd Pick of Product Prizes

Third prize

  • $400 Cash
  • 3rd Pick of Product Prizes

Product Prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers depending on the number of prizes available

Product Prize Descriptions

Photo Booth International

Photo Booth International - Get $1,000 OFF of a photo booth, must be full package purchase.
Photo Booth International, the leader in American-made photo booths, is pleased to offer $1000 towards the purchase of any of our photo booths. Must be a full package purchase. We specialize in turn-key packages that include everything you need to get your photo booth business up and running quickly and profitably. Easy financing is available as well.
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Flothemes – Free theme (value up to $399)
Providing creative All-In-One WordPress blog site solutions for creative media professionals.
More information


Floricolor - Album valued at 300,00€
Floricolor is offering one Album valued in 300,00€. The winner can select an Album from one of our Collections, with all the extras available within the offered value. Shipping costs are also included on the offer.
More information


Photobooth Supply Co. - Gift Certificate (value $300)
$300 gift card towards the purchase of any of our photobooths
More information


ProDPI Photo Lab - Gift Certificate (value $200)
ProDPI is providing a print certificate in the amounts of $200. Winners can redeem their certificate for any ProDPI product!
More information


Renaissance Albums - Print + Bind Certificate (value $200)
The certificate may be redeemed towards any Renaissance print + bind main album. The vision of Renaissance Albums is founded on excellence in production and service. This philosophy is fundamental in the innovation and craftsmanship that goes into every product we handcraft. We’re not comfortable with just making another album. We continually push the envelope and challenge ourselves to build books that redefine quality and style. We are driven to create simply the finest albums. Welcome to the world of Renaissance Albums.
More information


ThinkTank Photo – Retrospective 30 (value $179)
The Retrospective shoulder bag is created for the professional photographer that wants to blend in with the crowd and remain inconspicuous in any situation. Our product designers have blended the look and feel of “old-school” camera bags and infused it with “new-school” features and technology for the digital imaging age.
More information



Sleeklens - Gift Certificate (value $150)
Sleeklens provides photographers all over the world with premium and unique workflows for Lightroom and Photoshop. Our Lightroom Presets and Brushes are uniquely structured and created to speed up your workflow dramatically while also improving your editing. Checkout our wedding workflow in Lightroom called "Forever Thine."
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Banti Album Proofing – 50% OFF coupon with 30 Page InDesign Album Template ($110 value)
With a beautiful album presentation and a simple way for your clients to communicate their changes, your album proofing process has never been this easy and effective. With features like email and comment notifications you can easily keep tabs on where in the process your clients are to get their albums approved in record time.
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The Image Salon - $100 Gift Certificate
We are The Image Salon, a post-production service for the busy, yet discerning wedding photographer. We are a team of working wedding photographers, brought together by international, award-winning photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish. Clients are assigned their own editor, and the editing is fully tailored to suit each photographer’s signature look.
More information


L-site - Gift Certificate (value $100)
L-site is a young but very creative and experienced company. We make identity design and design packings for photographers. We can realize your ideas about any type of packing, which will please your clients for many years. The winner will receive a certificate for our services (identity design creation, production of different design packings etc.), with a value of $100.
More information



Albumdraft - Online Proofing – 6 Month Subscription ($87 value)
The better way to proof your albums! Using Albumdraft is the easiest way to present the album design to your clients, providing them with a simple and intuitive way to communicate changes.
More information..


Fundy Software - Blog Collage & Image Brander (value $78)
Your brand, your way. Tell your story and express your creative vision with dynamic web collages and professional watermarking with Blog Collage and Image Brander from Fundy Software. Easily design multiple collages or batch export your look in minutes. Plus, you can post directly to Facebook or create Instagram-ready looks with one click.
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AutoLoader by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson (value $75)
AutoLoader is essential for anyone who edits files in photoshop. It handles all the tedious file management tasks, allowing you to focus on the work at hand. Born from the need to individually retouch hundreds of photos, it has become an invaluable workflow component for hundreds of photographers worldwide. There is quite simply nothing faster than AutoLoader.
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Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st place winner (value $60)
The 1st place winner will receive a lifetime license for any single song from Triple Scoop Music. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. You can select from thousands of hand-picked royalty-free songs by award-winning artists and composers. Easily find great songs and use the music legally for marketing and promotion. Hear why the world’s top photographers grow their business with music from Triple Scoop Music.
More information



Allen.Ko, T-PHOTO STUDIOS, 广州,广东,中国 Guangzhou, China

As one of the founders of T-PHOTO STUDIOS, Allen Ko is the first photographer who was signed for Fujifilm camera and awarded by ISPWP as well as WPPI in southern China. Also, he was signed for Fujifilm, and IWCPP to be the portrait photography lecturer and interviewed by different sorts of magazines such as Information Times, COSMO Bride, China Daily and FOUR SEASON MAGAZINE.
In addition, he has been awarded by WPPI for twenty-six times and became the associate of WPPI in 2015. Gradually, he makes a conspicuous figure in various international photography contests. 
In spite of his achievements, he still maintains his constant creativity based on his well-developed photography skill, and uses his distinct sense of photography to catch the unique monents in every pre-wedding/wedding day shoot.
So far, he has shot more than 700 weddings in different cities all over the world. 



João Salamonde, João Salamonde, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Born in Rio de Janeiro, in 1979, João began studying photography early, at age 20, when he took his first course. His first job was in the streets of Rio, working in small and large events - like the carioca Carnival - for agencies, magazines and newspapers. Photojournalism was the “photographic style” chosen to represent his work in the market.

Nowadays, his main work is based on weddings and e-sessions. In addition to the photographs of social and corporate events, João Salamonde gives private lessons in photography, Lightroom (a program used for storage, editing and processing photos for professionals) and workflow.


Photographer experienced, loving life and specialist in wedding reportage, which aims to document love, happiness and joy.
He likes to meet people from diverse backgrounds in French, German or English. He loves to travel and the frequent change of scenery.
He acquired his training in Germany and became a member of the chamber of trade Munich subsequently licensed in training of apprentices.
His approach is based on the maxim of the philosopher Martin Buber: "All real living is meeting" and "All that is true, is simple."
Besides photography that he loves passionately since childhood, he goes to cinema, theater and concerts. As soon as he gets the chance
he never misses an exhibition of paintings or photographs.
Philosophy, theology, esotericism and psychology deeply interested, he loves also food and cooking, detective stories and garage sales.
His daughter and grand-son live in Berlin.
He is a proud member of the New York Institute of Photography


Luis Cano, Luis Cano Fotografo, Miami, Florida

I am a Colombian photographer based in Miami, FL. I have been working for six years in the corporate, products, fashion photo, among others. Fortunately, I have had the opportunity to do what I love the most in this world: Shooting!!! Particularly, the challenges in wedding photography lead me to give my best for creating unique and unrepeatable moments.  I am passionate for audio-visual means with a creative concept.

Through these years, I become convinced that formal training, courses, workshops, and conferences have not given me as much as sharing ideas, viewpoints and experiences with others. Contact with people open our eyes and help us to understand beyond what is written.

I am also happy of accepting every challenge and opportunity that come every day because it helps me to grow and being a better professional.