ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Fall 2017

Cafa Liu – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Fall 2017

Toronto, Ontario
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 1st Place, CAFAPHOTO

1st Place

Cafa Liu


Toronto, Ontario
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 2nd Place, Matthew Sowa Photography

2nd Place

Matthew Sowa

Matthew Sowa Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 3rd Place, Photo-4u

3rd Place

Pasquale Minniti


Reggio Calabria Italy
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 4th Place, Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

4th Place

Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli ...

Lake Como, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 5th Place, Monika Zaldo Photography

5th Place

Monika Zaldo

Monika Zaldo Photogr...

San Sebastian - Dono...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 6th Place, Ben and Kelly Photography

6th Place

Ben Koller

Ben and Kelly Photog...

Scottsdale, Arizona
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 7th Place, AgustinRegidor

7th Place

Agustín Regidor


Marbella, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 8th Place, Cheese N Click Photography

8th Place

Hendra Lesmana

Cheese N Click Photo...

Jakarta, Indonesia
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 9th Place, Shiraliev photography

9th Place

Kemran Shiraliev

Shiraliev photography

Moscow, Russia
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 10th Place, JULIEN LAURENT GEORGES

10th Place



Paris, France
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 11th Place, Waimao studio

11th Place


Waimao studio

Shanghai, China
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 12th Place, Resonance Vision

12th Place

Wenjie Han

Resonance Vision

Edison, New Jersey
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 13th Place, Chrisman Studios

13th Place

Ryan Zhang

Chrisman Studios

Charleston, South Ca...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 14th Place, RUUDC Fotografie

14th Place

Ruud Claessen

RUUDC Fotografie

Herten, Netherlands
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 15th Place, Philippe Swiggers Photography

15th Place

Philippe Swiggers

Philippe Swiggers Ph...

Leuven, Belgium
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 16th Place, Sebastien Clavel Photographie

16th Place

Sebastien Clavel

Sebastien Clavel Pho...

Lyon, France
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 17th Place, JJ Palacios - emotions photography

17th Place

Juan Jesús Palacios...

JJ Palacios - emotio...

Málaga, Andalucía,...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 18th Place, Fabio Mirulla Photographer

18th Place

Fabio Mirulla

Fabio Mirulla Photog...

Florence, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 19th Place,

19th Place

Michal Jasiocha

Warszawa, Poland
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2017 - 20th Place, Rino Cordella Photographer

20th Place

Rino Cordella

Rino Cordella Photog...

Puglia, Italy


First prize

  • $1000 Cash
  • Photographer of the Quarter

Second prize

  • $600 Cash

Third prize

  • $400 Cash


Wedding photography contest judge Andy Zheng, Evernew Studio

Andy Zheng, Evernew Studio, Brisbane, Australia

Andy Zheng is the Director of Photography for Evernew Studio, which is one of the largest wedding photography studio in Brisbane and Australia. Over the last six years, Andy has caputed over 500 weddings and trained over 10 wedding photographers. Him and his team have bulid Evernew Studio into an iconic brand in the last three years, and it is now the highest rated wedding photgraphy studio in the local market. Many of his work have won national and international photography awards. In the meanwhile, Andy has also completed his Ph.D in QUT. His reserach studies how human naturally process visual information using cognition and perception. He believes his professional photography practice and his academic achievements help him to create wedding photographs that not only have a strong visual impact but also emotionally connect to the couples. Currently, Andy has been announced as the 2017 AIPP Queensland wedding photographer of the year.  


Wedding photography contest judge Jason Kaczorowski, Jason Kaczorowski Photography

Jason Kaczorowski, Jason Kaczorowski Photography, Chicago, Illinois

I am an award-winning memory purveyor who has photographed the most discerning clients' weddings in the greatest destinations worldwide for more than 12 years of my life. 

​My style is an approach of compelling photojournalism and commanding portraiture.

I specialize in capturing powerful moments and transforming them into stunning works of art.

I strive to create bold, dynamic lighting to shape striking, larger-than-life images which are oozing with emotion that will leave you absolutely breathless. 



Wedding photography contest judge Maira Erlich, Maira Erlich Photography

Maira Erlich, Maira Erlich Photography, Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil

I got hooked on photography at 19. It was devastating. Since then, I wake up, eat, breath and sleep photography. It’s impossible to pull that apart from who I am. It’s my hobby, my passion and, by the way, also my job. Photography has been changing the way I relate with the world and its people. It has turned me into a better human being.

I believe in the power of photography. When it’s done with honesty and purpose, it can change people’s lives.

I’m a documentary photographer and photojournalist currently based in Brazil.

Wedding photography contest judge Melissa Prosser, Melissa Prosser Photography

Melissa Prosser, Melissa Prosser Photography, Douglasville, GA 30135

Melissa Prosser has been in the wedding industry for over 12 years.  Her love of weddings shows in her photos as she documents all of the little moments and emotions that are exchanged during a couple's celebration.  She has placed images in ISPWP contests, won awards in worldwide organizations, and been featured in many notable publications.