LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer In Venice: Capturing Love In Every Shade
Posted by Luca, Photographer In Venice on May 6th 2024

As an LGBTQ+ friendly photographer in Venice, I am dedicated to celebrating love in all its beautiful forms. Whether you're planning an engagement, a surprise proposal, or a wedding in this romantic city, I am here to ensure your special moments are captured with care and authenticity. At Cupid Photographer, we understand the importance of creating a safe and inclusive s...

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The Importance Of SEO And Authenticity In Wedding Photography
Posted by Arteextremeño on March 1st 2024

The Importance of SEO and Authenticity in Wedding Photography In the competitive industry of **wedding photography**, standing out requires more than just capturing emotionally charged and visually appealing moments; it's also essential to know how to present and promote your work online. With the continuous advancements of Google and other search engines, it's crucial fo...

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Idea For A Surprise Proposal In Venice
Posted by Luca, Photographer In Venice on February 12th 2024

An Enchanted Beginning: Prelude to the Proposal A lovely day in Venice, their day started at the hotel St.Regis and an afternoon activity was to take a water taxi to reach the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, a lovely place off the beaten path but overlooking Venice. While they enjoyes the view, little she they know that our gentleman had a surprise prpoposal photographer from Veni...

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Post-Wedding Experience In France: Paris And Mont Saint-Michel
Posted by Arteextremeño on January 24th 2024

Recently, as wedding photographers based in Spain, we had the chance to document a post-wedding session in France, an unforgettable experience for both us and the couple. Our three-day journey began in the romantic city of Paris, after which we headed to Mont Saint-Michel, a magical and unique destination. To maximize our experience and mobility, we chose to rent a car in Paris. ...

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Why You NEED An Engagement Session?
Posted by Tanushree Vaidya Photography on July 26th 2023

As a luxury wedding photographer based in the enchanting Bay Area, California, I understand the significance of capturing your love story in the most exquisite manner possible. One of the key elements that contribute to the success of a luxurious wedding album is the pre-wedding photo shoot. In this blog post, we will explore the importance of pre-wedding photo shoots and how they c...

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Sunrise Anniversary Photoshoot In Venice, Italy.
Posted by CB Photographers Studio on July 23rd 2023

In recent years as a Venice Photographer I have photographed countless couples in Venice but still the photos, as in this case, thrill me because they convey love and sweetness. I was hired as Venice Anniversary Photographer for this couple who celebrated their first anniversary in this city that always amazes everyone. Many months ago Mandie and Brandon decided they wanted to do a...

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Venice Surprise Proposal On A Gondola
Posted by CB Photographers Studio on January 25th 2023

EJ was looking for a Venice Photographer to capture photos of one of the most important moments of his life: his Surprise Proposal. We exchanged many emails in order not to overlook any detail and to make his Venice Proposal more beautiful than he could imagine. During this specific service we usually pretend to be tourists, arriving a little early, and at the pre-established time...

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5 Top Reasons To Visit Wedding Fair
Posted by Ajem Stories : Fine-art Weddings on January 1st 2023

Let's start with one good reason why not to visit wedding fairs - for us it was very tiring and time consuming to attend wedding fairs that are similar to other huge events with hundreds of vendors, that are loud, busy places where it is actually hard to choose something. But then we found out about alternative wedding fairs, that have been getting more and more popular in the r...

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Dads At Wedding
Posted by Picturesque Photography on July 31st 2021

He is The Superhero Of your Life Yet On your Wedding Day You see him In the Most Fragile state, Trying to Stay Strong But Breaking Inside. It's the Most Beautiful yet Heart Rending Emotional Paradox of a Wedding.

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Posted by Photo Cine Art on July 28th 2020

Since its quite often that we hear from our couples that is very difficult for them to choose right photographer and videographer for their wedding we decided to make ultimate guide in 5 blog posts on how to choose right and make the best match to your needs. These blog posts are not meant to be anything of our self-promotions but more they are help that we can offer to anyone in pu...

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