ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Fall 2023

Alejandro Souza – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Fall 2023

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 1st Place, Alejandro Souza Photographer

1st Place

Alejandro Souza

Alejandro Souza Phot...

Guadalajara, Jalisco...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 2nd Place, Oliver Fotografia

2nd Place

Marcos Oliver

Oliver Fotografia

Pirapora, Brasil
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 3rd Place, Gabriel Rose Lens

3rd Place

Udrea Cezar Gabriel

Gabriel Rose Lens

Bucharest, Romania
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 4th Place, Vinson Images

4th Place

Jason Vinson

Vinson Images

Bentonville, Arkansas
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 5th Place, Shiraliev photography

5th Place

Kemran Shiraliev

Shiraliev photography

Stambul, Turkey
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 6th Place, Shutterink

6th Place

Nitin Dangwal


New Delhi, India
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 7th Place, Lux Visual Storytellers

7th Place

Carolina Mosquera

Lux Visual Storytell...

Bruges, Belgium
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 8th Place, Xiaolei Wedding Photography Studio

8th Place

Liu Lei

Xiaolei Wedding Phot...

Shenyang, China
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 9th Place, SW Photo Studio

9th Place

Roy Yeh

SW Photo Studio

Taipei, Taiwan
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 10th Place, Jorge Sastre

10th Place

Jorge Sastre

Jorge Sastre

Marbella, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 11th Place, J. La Plante Photo

11th Place

Jesse La Plante

J. La Plante Photo

Boulder, Colorado
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 12th Place, Juris Zigelis

12th Place

Juris Zigelis

Juris Zigelis

Saulkrasti, Latvia
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 13th Place, Viridian Images Photography

13th Place

Orlando Suarez

Viridian Images Phot...

Kennesaw, Georgia USA
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 14th Place, Lyndsey Goddard Photography

14th Place

Lyndsey Goddard

Lyndsey Goddard Phot...

London, England
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 15th Place, Jian-Studio

15th Place

Xiang Qi


Nanping, China
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 16th Place, SMJ Photography

16th Place

Scott Josuweit

SMJ Photography

York, PA
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 17th Place, Arteextremeño

17th Place

Enrique Gil


Badajoz, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 18th Place, Andreu Doz Photography

18th Place

Andreu Doz

Andreu Doz Photography

Barcelona, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 19th Place, Give Me 5 Studio

19th Place

Haoce Sun

Give Me 5 Studio

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, C...
Wedding photography contests - Fall 2023 - 20th Place, Romeo Mihail Photography

20th Place

Romeo Mihail

Romeo Mihail Photogr...

Bucharest, Romania


The top 5 winners will receive one year of free ISPWP membership.


Arnaud Chapelle, Arnaud Chapelle, Caen, France

After several years of artistic studies, I was able to forge a strong multidisciplinary background that I could transpose into all my creative images today. Wedding photos allow me to express myself fully.
My photos are the reflection of magical and unique moments. Adept photojournalism, I capture emotions, small things that make a big whole. I seek excellence in creativity. 



Matteo Lomonte, Matteo Lomonte Photography, Gioia del Colle, Apulia, Italia

Matteo Lomonte was born in 1983 in Gioia del Colle, a small town in southern Italy. In 2011 he began to develop his passion for photography and after self-taught training, he collaborates with professional photographers throughout Italy.
His passion deepened, especially his interest in the importance of light and the value of shadows.
His desire to learn new techniques led him in particular to specialize in wedding photography

His need to photograph pushed him to travel all over the world to report on new weddings.

In 2019 and 2023 he was awarded by ANFM (national wedding photographers association) as photographer of the year.

In 2023 he was awarded the best photographer in the world by XP "THE EXCEPTION PHOTOGRAPHERS" and obtained second place in the IWPOTY "International Wedding Photographer Of The Year Awards" competition

Natalia Peryga, Natalia Peryga, Wrocław, Poland

Natalia Peryga is a photographer from Poland, but we can meet her in many countries in the world.

She has been interested in painting and a broadly defined art since she was young. Photography has become her mean of expression since 2006. In her creative output, she has always tried to look for the wonderful or even controversial solutions. She has taken photos with the technique „Camera obscura" or on an X-ray machine.

She began combinig that ideas with wedding photography in 2019. In the same year, she took the 1st place in WPPI.

Member and award winner of the most prominent international associations of professional photographers: ISPWP, FEARLESS, WPPI.

You can see her photos in „Rangefinger” and "Photo Vogue Italia".

Besides she loves Salvador Dali’s paintings, movies of David Lynch, travelling, painting, animals and astronomy.

Pervez Taufiq, PTaufiq Photography, Boston, MA, USA

Pervez Taufiq is the CEO and lead shooter for PTaufiq,  a luxury photo and video company based out of Boston, Massachusetts and is recognized as one of the top luxury photo and video companies in the world. PTaufiq shoots photo and video for 250 weddings a year internationally. With offices in Mumbai, LA,  Paris and Mexico.

He is  known for creating iconic imagery and video in a rockstar experience, given his background as a singer for a well known rock band on Atlantic Records before transitioning to photo and video. It is that edge that has catapulted PTaufiq in just three short years to being featured on TV Shows on Bravo and Netflix. His company’s work has  been published on the the cover for Harper’s Bazaar, and been featured in Vogue, Elle, People Magazine, US Weekly and many more.