Beautiful Cars And Beautiful Weddings, 31 Wedding Pictures Showing How To Travel In Style

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Cars and weddings have always gone together. From the fairy tale version of making a grand entrance at the church in a horse-drawn carriage to a more modern day version of arriving in a convertible sports car or a Rolls Royce limousine, couples have always enjoyed having a special vehicle to use on their wedding day. We asked our ISPWP members to send in some of their favo...

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ISPWP Member Spotlight: Lincoln, UK Wedding Photographer Paul Sutton Photography

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How did you get your start and why did you choose wedding photography as a career?


It didn’t, it sort of chose me. When I first started out, I had this pipe dream; I wanted to travel the world and photograph animals or something, I hated the thought of photographing people. The truth is, these days I can’t think of anything more ful...

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Linda & Christoph | B酶mlo | Norwegian Wedding By Victor Lax

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When I visited Norway last winter in order to capture the Northern Lights, I couldn´t imagine that I would come again in a few months. I have to say that this country is really different depending on the season you pay the visit. When Linda told me that she and Christoph were extremely interested in booking me as their photographer, I couldn´t believe it. It was the f...

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Samantha & Quentin, Quimper, France Wedding Photographer Ga毛lle Le Berre

Posted by Ga毛lle Le Berre Photographe on November 29th 2016 路 Comments (0)

A young touching couple.

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Sophie & Alexandre, Quimper, France Wedding Photographer Ga毛lle Le Berre

Posted by Ga毛lle Le Berre Photographe on November 28th 2016 路 Comments (0)

Beautiful English Chic wedding in Brittany, France.

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Carlos & Lupita | Club De Playa Marina Terra | San Carlos Sonora M茅xico | By Rodolfo Lavariega

Posted by Rodolfo Lavariega Photographer on November 24th 2016 路 Comments (0)

Amazing Wedding in my land Sonora, in the city of San Carlos, a wedding with friends not clients, with a very special weather and a very special people, this story is special for me because is the first story i share here. From the beginning was something special because our first date with this wonderful couple did not last nor 10 minutes and quickly hired me. I am very gra...

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Sofia & G枚rkem | Marina Restaurant | 脟anakkale | Turkish Wedding By Victor Lax

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I´m really happy to show my next wedding story. This fantastic love story was in a little Turkish city called Çanakkale. Çanakkale and Istanbul are the only Turkish cities that have territory in two continents (Europe and Asia). It was great to live this incredible experience, not only because I met a wonderful group of friends, but also because I could ove...

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Real Wedding At The Belvedere In Baltimore

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The photo of the bridesmaids trying not to cry pretty much sums up Kara and Alvin's wedding, where tears of joy were percolating under the surface much of the time. Their event was held at the elegant and historic Belvedere in Baltimore,  with a ceremony in the Palm Room and the party on the 13th Floor. After the ceremony we headed outside for some portraits on a lovel...

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What Happens When You Bring A Dog To A Wedding?

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PHOTOGRAPHER: Kevin Sawyer, Kevin Sawyer Photography,, Lake Tahoe, California To begin with, I love dogs and working with dogs. Whenever there's a dog at a wedding, I get excited because they always add fun and comical energy to the photos. On this particular day, there were two adorable English Bulldogs, and I wanted to include them into...

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Would You Like Spectacular Pictures Taken Outside Of Your Place Of Origin?

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Would you like spectacular pictures taken outside of your place of origin?

Sometimes, the problem for a session of super pictures is obviously money, since a photographer can charge a lot to take your pictures at the beach.  In our case, we have opted to address this dilemma by taking advantage during your honeymoon, and take your pictures there. 


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