ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Spring 2021

Kemran Shiraliev – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Spring 2021

Stambul, Turkey
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 1st Place, Shiraliev photography

1st Place

Kemran Shiraliev

Shiraliev photography

Stambul, Turkey
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 2nd Place, Ivelin Iliev

2nd Place

Ivelin Iliev

Ivelin Iliev

Burgas, Bulgaria
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 3rd Place, Give Me 5 Studio

3rd Place

Haoce Sun

Give Me 5 Studio

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, C...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 4th Place, Giandomenico Cosentino

4th Place

Giandomenico Cosentino

Giandomenico Cosentino

Portofino, Liguria, ...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 5th Place, D2 Photography

5th Place

Donatella Barbera

D2 Photography

Certaldo, Florence, ...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 6th Place, Matteo Carta Fotografia

6th Place

Matteo Carta

Matteo Carta Fotogra...

Sardinia, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 7th Place, HeladO Photography

7th Place

Helado Weintrob

HeladO Photography

Tel Aviv, Israel
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 8th Place, Dario Graziani Photographer

8th Place

Dario Graziani

Dario Graziani Photo...

Ciampino, Rome, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 9th Place, Tree's Image

9th Place

Shen Shubin

Tree's Image

Fuzhou, Fujian, China
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 10th Place, Julien Laurent-Georges

10th Place

Julien Laurent-Georges

Julien Laurent-Georges

Paris, France
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 11th Place, Estelle Carlier Photography

11th Place

Estelle Carlier

Estelle Carlier Phot...

Lille, France
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 12th Place, Jian-Studio

12th Place

Xiang Qi


Nanping, China
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 13th Place, Genox FotoVideo

13th Place

Giuseppe Genovese

Genox FotoVideo

Salerno, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 14th Place, WS Photography

14th Place

Milan Lazic

WS Photography

Chicago, Illinois
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 15th Place, Cromatica Foto

15th Place

Vincenzo Scardina

Cromatica Foto

Vercelli Italia
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 16th Place, Daniele Torella

16th Place

Daniele Torella

Daniele Torella

Rome, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 17th Place, Alejandro Souza Photographer

17th Place

Alejandro Souza

Alejandro Souza Phot...

Guadalajara, Jalisco...
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 18th Place, Dan Morris Photography

18th Place

Dan Morris

Dan Morris Photography

Cheltenham, England
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 19th Place, Mango Gu

19th Place

Mango Gu

Mango Gu

Hangzhou, China
Wedding photography contests - Spring 2021 - 20th Place, Gallizio Wedding Photography

20th Place

Luca Gallizio

Gallizio Wedding Pho...

Bolzano, Italy


The top 10 winners will receive one year of free ISPWP membership ($99 value).
One "First Time Winner" will be randomly selected to receive one year of free ISPWP membership ($99 value).


Claudiu Guraliuc, Claudiu Guraliuc | Weddings and Portraits, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

I am a full-time portrait and wedding photographer, based in Cluj, Romania. During the last 5 years, I`ve had the privilege to photograph over 100 couples both nationally and internationally. Also, I have photographed projects for numerous commercial clients, from oil companies to restaurants, healthcare, IT, or jewelry retailers. ​I am a Master Photographer, holding the Associate distinction with The Master Photographer's Association, UK`s main qualifying body for professional photographers, and the distinction of Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain ​The greatest honor I have been awarded in my photographic career so far is the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award I received in October 2020, at the Master Photography Awards Gala in the UK, with an image part of my painterly, baroque-inspired series. ​In 2018, I received a double Award of Excellence in the Creative Wedding category, in recognition of outstanding photographic skill and excellence in imaging, from the Master Photographer`s Association UK Nominated in the Top 3 destination wedding photographers by the Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019, in Dubai, UAE. The DWP Congress is recognized as the world’s strongest business platform set to honor excellence in the luxury wedding industry. I had my work published by the largest circulation photography magazines in the US (Popular Photography) and UK (Digital Photo Pro) and by several curated galleries. At this moment I am is represented by the Katsea Art Gallery in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Jiten Dadlani, Jiten Dadlani Wedding Photographer, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

I took my first pictures in a wedding when I was 16 years old with an analog Nikon F60 with my father Nani Dadlani. After that, I kept on going to all the weddings he contracted working as a assistant and trainer photographer. When I was 19 years old I started to study engineering in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria University and at the same time I continued in the world of wedding photography as a proper photographer.

In 2008, when I finished all the engineering subjects, I decided to continue with my studies as a photographer. I spent some time studying by myself, getting knowledge from Mom and Dad (both photographers for more than 45 years) and trying to improve my work. One day I received an email from a Argentinian photographer based in San Dimas, California. He suggested me to go to Foro de Fotógrafos in Madrid in 2010. And I did it. I met there many of my mentors and If I have to mention some of them, I´ll say Jerry Ghionis (Melbourne), Jim Garner (Seattle) and Vinicius Matos (Brazil). They are amazing professionals from differents parts of the World and they trained me in many subjects about photography, how to make better pictures, how impress my clients, marketing, SEO, how compose better pictures, how light up etc. Thanks to this educational experiences in Madrid and Barcelona, I had the privilege to meet many of the best wedding photographers of the world and keep on improving professional photography skills.

Thanks to all of them who are or were in my life I fell in love of something that nowadays is more than my work and even I´m not going to call it just photography, I preffer to say “the ability of capturing in eternity one life irreptible moment” Because I consideren mi camera as an extensión of my body and the way I understand life till without it, I feel unsafe.

During many years, I made differents types of photography, advertisment, models, photojournalism, social reports etc. Right now I realized that Photojournalist Weddings is what I want to do, telling stories as it happened, being pending of each feeling, tear and emotion and this is what my clients are going to remember the rest of their lifes, and I think the best way to do that is with an increbible image.

I try that every single of my images tells an story because a perfect and unrepeatable moment just can be registered by a devotee of this job. From my point of view, photography is not just a technical work, photography is something that should comes out from heart. One non-feeling shot is just a non sense fact” and as Henri said, “Photography is to line up your head, heart and eyes”.

My work consists on searching lights, natural or artificial and sometimes I just need a little shaft of light to create this special image to surprise my clients. When I am making any task, one of my philosophies is “do it properly” or better, “do it awesome” and I try to apply to my work. Nobody want a feelingless pictures in one of the most important days of their lifes, so if you do not put all your efforts in your work, don´t do it.

It´s an honor for me to say that I belong to some of the best wedding photography associations in the World, Fearless Photographers (1 Fearless Award February 2014) and Wedding Photography Select.

The target of my life is to leave a legacy in this world so when I was not here, my pictures will keep on remembering unrepeatable moments because “Eye is more important than camera (Alfred Eisenstaedt).

Jorge Sastre, Jorge Sastre, Marbella, Spain

Soy Jorge Sastre, fotógrafo de boda afincado en la Ribera del Duero, España y soy el motivo detrás de la sonrisa de numerosas parejas, tanto locales como extranjeras que durante todo estos años decidieron darse el sí quiero y depositaron su confianza en mi para reflejar sus recuerdos. Cuando comencé esta fantástica aventura, tenía claro cuál sería mi objetivo. Quería crear imágenes que reflejaran lo que se vivía en uno de los días mas importantes de la vida de las parejas, y hacerlo de una forma donde los momentos vividos, jugaran un papel fundamental.  Desde entonces, no he dejado de emocionarme, de reír y llorar viendo lo que ocurría detrás de mis cámara con la misma ilusión y con los mismos nervios que lo hice el primer día. Mi estilo es un fiel reflejo de cómo veo aquello que ocurre a mi alrededor.

Nadine Lotze, Lumoid Photo Nadine Lotze, Hagen, Germany

Hi I’m Nadine – a wedding photographer from Hagen in Germany. I usually photograph throughout the Ruhr area, but I also love to shoot weddings in other destinations in Germany and around the world.  My aim is to capture real and pure emotions and to create timeless, beautiful and aesthetic photos that put a smile on your face and bring you back to the moment they were taken.


For over ten years I’ve been photographing weddings and portraits as a self-employed photographer. Since 2018 I have specialized more in documentary wedding photography and began to participate in photography contests: 2020 was a successful year for me. I was recognized as one of the top ten photographers in Germany by Fearless, Masters, WPJA and This is Reportage. On an international level, I have been named as one of the top ten photographers by Photographers keeping it real and won my first 4 ISPWP awards.