Code of Conduct

All members of the ISPWP must agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.



Members of the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers are governed by the code of conduct of the Society. The clauses given below indicate the general standard of conduct to which members must adhere in carrying out their business. The ISPWP has power at its absolute and sole discretion to expel or to suspend from membership any member guilty of conduct negatively affecting his/her professional status or the reputation of the ISPWP or for his/her failure to adhere to this code of conduct.

As a condition of my membership in the International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, I do hereby subscribe to this Code of Conduct, and do agree that:


I will observe the highest standard of honesty in all my transactions, avoiding the use of false, confusing, inaccurate and misleading terms, descriptions and claims. I will act in a just and faithful manner towards clients, employers, employees and other members. I will not lay claim to any qualification, award, or certification that has not been properly achieved. I will not make any false claims on my application or dealings with the ISPWP. I confirm that all images on my membership application, my website, my ISPWP profile page, and my contest entry images were taken by me or an associate/employee. 


I will at all times endeavor to produce photographs of a quality equal or superior to the samples I display, to apply my best efforts towards providing the best possible photographic services to my clients.


I will have adequate duplicate backup equipment in the case of unforseen equipment failure.


I will not undertake any paid work without a signed contract which outlines all relevant facts on the services and products provided, and at what cost to the client.


I will abide by the terms of the contract regarding who will serve as the primary photographer at the wedding. I will not subcontract or assign my duties to another photographer or studio unless expressly agreed to in writing by the client.


I will have proper business insurance in place before contracting for an assignment.


I will not knowingly cause or allow the publication or broadcast of a photograph of a sensitive nature onto a public website or message board that would potentially harm or embarrass the client.