ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Winners

Summer 2017

Johnny García – ISPWP Photographer of the Quarter – Summer 2017

Cáceres, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 1st Place, Johnny García Fotógrafo

1st Place

Johnny García

Johnny García Fotó...

Cáceres, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 2nd Place, AgustinRegidor

2nd Place

Agustín Regidor


Marbella, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 3rd Place, Emin Wedding Photography

3rd Place

Emin Kuliyev

Emin Wedding Photogr...

New York City, New Y...
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 4th Place, Cristiano Ostinelli Studio

4th Place

Cristiano Ostinelli

Cristiano Ostinelli ...

Lake Como, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 5th Place, Estudiod

5th Place

Daniel Ribeiro


Aveiro, Portugal
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 6th Place, Fabio Mirulla Photographer

6th Place

Fabio Mirulla

Fabio Mirulla Photog...

Florence, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 7th Place, Photo-4u

7th Place

Pasquale Minniti


Rome, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 8th Place, Jesus Ochoa Fotografo

8th Place

Jesus Ochoa

Jesus Ochoa Fotografo

Caracas, Venezuela
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 9th Place, RAMAN-PHOTOS

9th Place

Raman El Atiaoui


Frankfurt, Germany
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 10th Place, Victor Lax

10th Place

Victor Lax

Victor Lax

Barcelona, Spain
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 11th Place, Pollok Pictures - Fine Art Wedding Photography

11th Place

Andreas Pollok

Pollok Pictures - Fi...

Heidelberg, Germany
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 12th Place, AV fotoreportages

12th Place

Axel Drenth

AV fotoreportages

Amsterdam, The Nethe...
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 13th Place, Shiraliev photography

13th Place

Kemran Shiraliev

Shiraliev photography

Stambul, Turkey
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 14th Place, CAFAPHOTO

14th Place

Cafa Liu


Toronto, Ontario
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 15th Place, Sean LeBlanc Photography

15th Place

Sean LeBlanc

Sean LeBlanc Photogr...

Calgary, Alberta, Ca...
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 16th Place, Rino Cordella Photographer

16th Place

Rino Cordella

Rino Cordella Photog...

Puglia, Italy
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 17th Place, Vinci Wang Photography

17th Place

Vinci Wang

Vinci Wang Photography

Fuzhou, China
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 18th Place, Ken Pak Photography

18th Place

Ken Pak

Ken Pak Photography

Washington, D.C.
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 19th Place, Franck Boutonnet Photography

19th Place

Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Pho...

Paris, France
Wedding photography contests - Summer 2017 - 20th Place, Ace Photo

20th Place

Zhang Xin

Ace Photo

Shen Zhen, China


First prize

  • $1000 Cash
  • 1st Pick of Product Prizes
  • Photographer of the Quarter

Second prize

  • $600 Cash
  • 2nd Pick of Product Prizes

Third prize

  • $400 Cash
  • 3rd Pick of Product Prizes

Product Prizes will also be awarded to the top finishers depending on the number of prizes available

Product Prize Descriptions

Photodemy – Lifetime PHOTODEMY Premium Subscription ($1000 Value)
The coupon gives you unlimited access to all Photodemy courses for life. Photodemy offers photography courses from world leading photographers including WPPI Masters and Pulitzer Prize winners. You can watch any Premium course at any time from any device. Easily find great courses in any field of photography. Learn from the best to become the best.
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Christelle Rall’s 5 day/4 night bootcamp Gift Certificate (value $1000)
Christelle Rall’s wedding photography bootcamp provides the unique opportunity to combine the experience of her intensive three day workshop while exploring the wonderful tourist attractions that only Africa can provide. The bootcamp includes photography, business and marketing training with shooting assignments in between. The bootcamps take place in the city of George, the heart of South Africa’s most beautiful Garden Route. The shooting days allows for the experience of Africa’s wildlife, shark cage diving, cave exploring, mountain bike or hiking.
More information


Flothemes – Free theme (value up to $399)
Providing creative All-In-One WordPress blog site solutions for creative media professionals.
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Floricolor - Album valued at 300,00€
Floricolor is offering one Album valued in 300,00€. The winner can select an Album from one of our Collections, with all the extras available within the offered value. Shipping costs are also included on the offer.
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Photobooth Supply Co. - Secret to Running a Six Figure Photo Booth Business Video Series ($300 value)
Learn how to start and operate a profitable photobooth rental business, with or without any previous experience. Join Catalina Bloch and Brandon Wong as they discuss what it takes to start and grow a photo booth business in today's ultra-competitive landscape. Brandon and Catalina share their hard earned wisdom on topics such as developing your brand, pricing strategies, using social media for promotion, hiring employees, and so much more. If you are just starting out in the photobooth rental business or thinking about making the jump to running your own business, then this class made just for you. This course will take you through a proven, step-by-step system to start a profitable, sustainable photobooth business that can lead you to a six figure business.
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Renaissance Albums - Print + Bind Certificate (value $200)
The certificate may be redeemed towards any Renaissance print + bind main album. The vision of Renaissance Albums is founded on excellence in production and service. This philosophy is fundamental in the innovation and craftsmanship that goes into every product we handcraft. We’re not comfortable with just making another album. We continually push the envelope and challenge ourselves to build books that redefine quality and style. We are driven to create simply the finest albums. Welcome to the world of Renaissance Albums.
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Fundy Software - Fundy Lite Suite (value $199)
Get started with the all-in-one design and sales suite. The Lite Suite offers album design, wall art design, and well as client sales tools.
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ThinkTank Photo – Retrospective 30 (value $179)
The Retrospective shoulder bag is created for the professional photographer that wants to blend in with the crowd and remain inconspicuous in any situation. Our product designers have blended the look and feel of “old-school” camera bags and infused it with “new-school” features and technology for the digital imaging age.
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Albumdraft - Online Album Proofing Software - 1 year subscription (value $144)
The better way to proof your albums! Using Albumdraft is the easiest way to present the album design to your clients, providing them with a simple and intuitive way to communicate changes.
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Banti Album Proofing – 50% OFF coupon with 30 Page InDesign Album Template ($110 value)
With a beautiful album presentation and a simple way for your clients to communicate their changes, your album proofing process has never been this easy and effective. With features like email and comment notifications you can easily keep tabs on where in the process your clients are to get their albums approved in record time.
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The Image Salon - $100 Gift Certificate
We are The Image Salon, a post-production service for the busy, yet discerning wedding photographer. We are a team of working wedding photographers, brought together by international, award-winning photographers Davina and Daniel Kudish. Clients are assigned their own editor, and the editing is fully tailored to suit each photographer’s signature look.
More information


L-site - Gift Certificate (value $100)
L-site is a young but very creative and experienced company. We make identity design and design packings for photographers. We can realize your ideas about any type of packing, which will please your clients for many years. The winner will receive a certificate for our services (identity design creation, production of different design packings etc.), with a value of $100.
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JPEGmini - JPEGmini Pro (Value $99)
JPEGmini is the secret tool for quality photo optimization, trusted by tens of thousands of professional photographers worldwide. JPEGmini is able to reduce up to 80% of the photo file size without compromising quality. Upload Hi-Res photos faster, save tons of hard drive space, improve customer viewing experience and make your website faster.
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AutoLoader by ISPWP Member Mike Dickson (value $75)
AutoLoader is essential for anyone who edits files in photoshop. It handles all the tedious file management tasks, allowing you to focus on the work at hand. Born from the need to individually retouch hundreds of photos, it has become an invaluable workflow component for hundreds of photographers worldwide. There is quite simply nothing faster than AutoLoader.
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Triple Scoop Music – Lifetime song license to 1st place winner (value $60)
The 1st place winner will receive a lifetime license for any single song from Triple Scoop Music. TSM offers award winning music by an impressive list of independent artists, including Grammy & Emmy winners. You can select from thousands of hand-picked royalty-free songs by award-winning artists and composers. Easily find great songs and use the music legally for marketing and promotion. Hear why the world’s top photographers grow their business with music from Triple Scoop Music.
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Ariel Novak, Ariel Novak, Buenos Aires, Argentina

It's always a complicated task to write a bio about yourself. I never know where to start or what to tell the reader.
I’ve always loved taking pictures and playing around with cameras since I can remember.
I find it extremely satisfying to have the chance of being responsable of capturing the most important moments in people’s life.
Every weekend it’s a new challenge and a new opportunity to witness and tell a new story. 
Nothing beats the feeling you get when you deliver the photos and see how happy/emotional/thankful you’ve made the people who trusted you with their big day!

Gabriel Sánchez Martínez, Opera Studios, Madrid, Spain

We are wedding photographers.

Photography is a way of life, of thinking, seeing, feeling .... Our style is artistic, creative, original. We are photographers, an artist but actually we are story-tellers of your story. Precisely we do photograph this, stories. So our work philosophy is photojournalistic.

We are convinced that this photographic discipline is the most difficult but the most exciting at the same time. There is no second chance. Everything passes at a vertiginous rate.

We booked a limited number of wedding dates a year and we hardly ever had more than a wedding per weekend. All of that with the goal of doing a good job and allot each couple the time deserved. If you accept our advise, do not leave the booking for the last minute. These are usually closed in less than a year beforehand.

We are members of prestigious both international and national associations. The only fact of being accepted in them and being along with the most important wedding photographers is a great honor for us.

We do not know what to do.

Michal Jasiocha,, Warsaw, Poland

Husband, father, autodidact wedding photographer sience 2010. Based in Warsaw, Poland.
I love to travel, meet people discover new inspirational places. As a photographer I'm looking for naturalness, good light and ephemeral moments.

Szymon Nykiel,, Cracow, Poland

Szymon is a very positive guy who likes to shoot hidden behind wedding guests. He likes to shoot mostly in forests or some beautiful landscapes. He's a husband and future father :)

Łukasz is a guy with head full of ideas. He likes to talk, observe and get to know with people he shoot. He prefers old houses with nice climat, landcsapes and old cities.

We both get to know you and the things that are most important to you: your family, friends and places. We are with you, participating yet remaining invisible.

Our work is based on minimalism, symmetry and gestures. We observe, listen and anticipate. This is how your story is created through our lens.

Travelling, new people and memories are our inspirations; this is how we keep developing. We do this for you and ourselves so we can keep doing what we love and share this with you.

We would like to invite you to join us on our journey.