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The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) is a rarity among wedding photography organizations. Photographers cannot simply buy an ISPWP membership, they have to earn it.

Our requirements are experience, talent, and professionalism. To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit their portfolio for review, agree to operate under the ISPWP Code of Conduct, and have an ISPWP Sponsor or four references. And THEN they have to be voted in by current members.

In short, when you hire an ISPWP Photographer, you are hiring a talented veteran with a track record, peer recognition, and a passion for creating heirloom images of your wedding.

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The ISPWP has the strictist membership criteria of any wedding photographer organization. Each member must be a veteran of at least 50 weddings, submit a portfolio for review, be sponsored by an existing member or provide 4 references, and agree to operate by our Code of Conduct. Each application is voted on by current ISPWP members.

Danilo Muratore, Calabria, italy

Every time I look at the pictures of our wedding I always feel the same emotion of that day. The photos are more beautiful than the other, are not the usual picture posing that I hate. So we've chose Danilo. Professionalism, originality, we could not find better. He manages to capture every moment, every peculiarity. Each picture taken by him says, with a lot of naturalness and spontaneity, every detail and every emotion of that day, I do not thank you enough for the wonderful work done on the day of our wedding. Apart from the professionalism, we met us for any request. I highly recommend it! It is the top!

Marcos Valdés, Querétaro, Mexico

Marcos is not only an amazing photographer, but an amazing human being. His work and attention to detail are exemplary. His professionalism is outstanding. However above all these things, it is his character as a person that is truly remarkable. I feel blessed and honored to have had Marcos be our photographer on our big day. Highly recommend!

Daniel Maldonado, Quito, Ecuador

"Joining your way together with the love of your life is one of the most important moments that you want to immortalize and remember forever. What better to do it through photography to capture those moments that will be recorded in your mind and heart, without a place to go wrong I can say Daniel that you captured each and every one of those little details that happened on that day that is for us the most beautiful in our history of love. Thank you for your professionalism and above all for having achieved some spectacular photographs that only when we see them we recreate our wedding again and again. Continue along the same path and many couples will be just as happy with your work"  Galo and Grace

Martin Hecht, Göppingen, Germany

Dear Martin,
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That's all there is to say. THANK YOU!

THANK YOU, for the wonderful pictures.
THANK YOU, that you managed to capture the special moments of our wedding.
THANK YOU, for the incredibly beautiful film which lets us again and again tears in the eyes.
THANK YOU, for a wonderful day with you.
THANK YOU, for the unique photo book.
Thank you for everything!!!

You are just great and we are very glad that you have accompanied us on this and captured our great day with incredibly great pictures! THANK YOU!!!
Greetings and all the best,
Sarah and Milo


Lieber Martin,
DANKE, DANKE, DANKE!! Das ist alles was es bleibt zu sagen. DANKE!
DANKE, für die wunderschönen Bilder.
DANKE, dass Du es geschafft hast die besonderen Momente an unsere Hochzeit einzufangen.
DANKE, für den unglaublich schönen Film der uns immer wieder Tränen in die Augen steigen lässt.
DANKE, für einen wundervollen Tag mit Dir.
DANKE, für das einzigartige Fotobuch.
DANKE, für alles!!!
Du bist einfach super und wir sind sehr froh dass Du uns an diesem begleitet hast und unseren großen Tag mit unglaublich tollen Bildern eingefangen hast! DANKE!!!
Liebe Grüße und alles Gute,
Sarah und Milo

Jason Parsons, Cardiff, United Kingdom

"I have'nt even seen all of my wedding photos yet, but the 6 or 7 i have seen are AMAZING and i know that i am going to love them all when i see the final photos!
Jason was professional and allowed the day to progress naturally without forcing people to be in photos/posing the wedding party. I really did not want to be forced into "standard" wedding photos and jason did not do this - i certainly didnt want to spend all the day arranging my guests for photos and if you want this too then Jason is the perfect photographer! I actuall called him the "ninja photographer" as he just quietly took photos from the sidelines without anyone knowing, giving natural shots. Cannot recommend any more highly!" Cerys and Gavin.

Kuba Kepinski, Poland

Fotograf magik. Mega zdolny. Przesympatyczny. Aż ma się ochotę robić sesje co tydzień! Widać, że nie kupił aparatu na promocji w Tesco. Miód, cud i orzeszki! Blichtr i splendor. A tak poważnie (bo ta opinia ma się do czegoś nadać): jesteśmy zachwyceni Kubą i Jego zdolnościami. Dziękujemy!

Jeśli ktoś z naszych Znajomych kiedykolwiek będzie szukał Pana Foto to bez wahania Ciebie polecimy. Skrócenie dystansu poprzez przejście „na ty”, omówienie naszych oczekiwań/Twoich możliwości spowodowało, że czuliśmy się przy Tobie swobodnie. Zarówno przed ceremonią, podczas ceremonii i na sesji zdjęciowej. Mieliśmy pewność, że zdjęcia spełnią nasze oczekiwania. Twoje poczucie humoru i komentarze pozwalały na naturalne zachowanie (przecież nawet fotomodelki fotoszopują, więc i na nas znajdziesz sposób) ;). Zdjęcia są przecudowne i oddają w 100% nasze charaktery.

Adamo Morgese, Amalfi Coast, Italy

We just got back from Italy a few days ago, and Adamo took our proposal and engagement photos along the Amalfi Coast on May 13, 2014. He is a fabulous photographer! He really went above and beyond - he drove us from our hotel in Sorrento out to Positano & Ravello to take photographs, even though it took most of the day.

He already had identified places to photograph us. Each location was more stunning than the last, and the photographs were incredible. He is a very talented photographer. In addition to posed shots, he also took some great humorous candids in the convertible and in a fruit market which we loved. He recommended a beautiful plaza with sculptures overlooking the coastal cliffs for my fiance to propose, and our proposal photographs are stunning.

It was a truly magical and surreal day, a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and Adamo captured it perfectly in our photographs. And he sent us all the 500 photos just 4 days later! There are just no words to describe how fantastic he is. We are so glad we chose him as our photographer. We will look at these photographs for the rest of our lives, and remember our special day.

Jan Plachy, Vienna, Austria

We are very pleased to have you as a wedding photographer. Our vision were natural-looking, candid images, capturing the emotions of our wedding day. Jan Plachy and Marianna not only meet , but many times even exceeded our expectations. Shooting took place in a relaxed atmosphere, Jan and Marianna have a great professional but yet very human approach. Although both are quite reluctant to take pictures, initialnervousness soon faded. The result? Impressive photo with which we are extremely satisfied. Thank you!

Niki & Markus

Mario Nixon, Nassau, Bahamas

Our wedding day was a dream come true and Mario beautifully captured every moment!
Mario was super helpful every step of the way. We do not live in Nassau (we are from NYC) and during my planning process Mario was always available for a chat or a string of emails. He made me feel confident in him from the beginning without even meeting in person. I do not like to have my picture taken and was a fairly nervous bride about that. Mario was able to quell my nerves and our shots are amazing. The photos are stunning - I cannot stop looking at them. The night we received our disk of images I was mesmerized. Each shot was trumped by the next. Our wedding album will be a tome of every shot he took that day because it's too hard to choose the "best" ones.
Mario caught private, intimate moments of beauty. He was able to get amazing shots of my nephews (ages 2 & 4) that are so stunning you would think that he actually got them to hold still. The photos of our guests at the reception are magically fun. He was able to capture fun moments and crazy dancing shots that perfectly sum up what a great day it was. In addition our reception venue was perfectly mood lit - but it was dark. If you could see our pictures you would think the venue was very bright - but his flash was not intrusive at all! Actually, some of our guests (when they saw the pictures) said they didn't even remember him being there to take that shot. Not that you want to loose Mario (he's super fun & funny) but I think it's important that the photographer blends in and becomes a part of the surrounding and can just get the essence of your event. And that is exactly what he did.
Wedding photos are mementos that are to be treasured forever. I truly cannot express how much I love our wedding photos. I would recommend Mario Nixon to anyone who asks and am forever grateful that he was there on our special day.

~Darcy (& Andy) R

Susanna, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Susanna Antichi is fantastic! We hired Susanna for our wedding and we have no regrets! At our first meeting (via skype), she was gracious enough to help us draft an early wedding day schedule and talked about the logistics of how the day would run in regards to the photography. She definitely helped calm our nerves over worries about the big day. During the meeting in Mexico ( the day before the weeding and trust me it was a very stressful day), she also showed samples of her previous work as well as answered all our discerning questions. She offered us exceptional value and she was very responsive in our subsequent communication and meetings. I was skeptical when Susanna told us that she was confident that she would be able to capture all our moments without any additional help, but she was right! On our wedding day, Susanna comprehensively captured all our candid and emotion filled expressions of us and our family and friends! We were so impressed on how she was able to capture such raw emotions of joy, love and even sadness! She stayed with us until the end!!! It seemed like she was also in two places at once! Susanna was also excellent at taking group photo shots. She was very professional, arranging people around and giving people direction to produce the best possible shot. The finished photos were personally delivered on-time. Susanna created the most amazing, classic photo albums as well as the soft copies on USB (along with a slideshow with music from our wedding!). She send us couple presents, such as calendar for 2016 and mini-albums. It was so kind of her…I just can’t say thank you enough for everything that she has done for us All in all, Susanna is passionate about her work. It felt as if Susanna was family at our wedding and it seemed like she was truly enjoying being a part of it. She was friendly and accommodating and I would recommend her to anyone without a doubt!