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Rhode Island Wedding Photographers, Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket

Rhode Island wedding photographers in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Coventry and all across Rhode Island.
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Local Rhode Island Wedding Photographers

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Jennifer Lamy | Zenobia Studios | Providence, Rhode Island Wedding Photographer Zenobia Studios
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (401) 855-4856
Home Location: Providence, Rhode Island wedding photographer
Also Serving: International
Description: Not your average studio.
Style: Mine.
Starting Price: $4400
More Rhode Island wedding photographers coming soon!

Other photographers who provide wedding photography in Rhode Island

Johnny Arguedas | Tico & Red | Boston Massachusetts wedding photographer Tico & Red
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (617)821-3018
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: New England, Cincinnati, Costa Rica, and Beyond
Description: Tico & Red is a husband and wife team that specializes in documentary wedding photography and handcrafted letterpress stationery.
Style: Authentic // Modern // Fun
Starting Price: $3900
Kate McElwee Photography | Boston wedding photographer Kate McElwee Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (206)734-9444
Home Location: Boston wedding photography
Also Serving: New England and destinations worldwide!
Description: I’m a Boston wedding photographer with a photojournalistic approach. I also love fun, candid portrait photography. My style is fresh, modern and emotional, with a little bit of goofball thrown in.
Style: Fresh, modern and emotional wedding photojournalism and kick-ass portraits.
Starting Price: $6000
Dennis Viera | Viera Photographics | Sonoma wedding photographer Viera Photographics
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (707) 934-4007
Home Location: Sonoma wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Viera Photographics is an award winning team of wedding photographers with over 30 years of collective experience.
Style: Stylish storytelling with raw emotion. We combine elements of wedding photojournalism and fashion with a cinematic sensibility.
Starting Price: $4800
Connie Miller | studio atticus | Boston wedding photographer studio atticus
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (617)784-2780
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: Documenting life and love in New England and beyond. I have a passport. Take me anywhere!
Description: I am an award winning artist that possesses a passion for storytelling and a ceaseless adoration for observing people in love.
Style: Image making that is imaginative, evocative, poetic, and documentary.
Starting Price: $4500
Mark Kopko Photography | New York wedding photographer Mark Kopko Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (631) 375-4900
Home Location: New York wedding photographer
Also Serving: Hamptons, Long Island and destinations world wide
Description: Mark is an accomplished photographer published in many local and international magazines. He photographed weddings and events in NYC, Hamptons, Bahamas, Bermuda, Poland, Italy and as far as Hanoi Vietnam.
Style: Wedding documentary. The goal is to capture moments, emotions and beauty of the wedding day.
Starting Price: $4100
Sherry Pickerell Photography | Southold, New York wedding photographer Sherry Pickerell Photography
website | blogemail | details-gallery | (631) 765-4679
Home Location: Southold, NY wedding photographer
Also Serving: Destinations worldwide
Description: I feel passionate about photographing my couples' day, the moments, the fun, the details, every special part of the day! It makes me happy to give every part of myself so that the day will be a wonderful memory.
Style: Unobtrusive, creative, fun, natural storytelling!
Starting Price: $3600
Lindsay Flanagan Photography | Boston wedding photographer Lindsay Flanagan Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (603) 505-1695
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: All of New England, including NH, Maine, Rhode Island and CT
Description: I take a photojournalistic approach while creating artistic portraits and capturing the important moments of your wedding day.
Style: Fresh, modern and fun photography capturing all the laughter and tears during one of the most important days of your life.
Starting Price: $3950
Nicole Chan Photography | Boston wedding photographer Nicole Chan Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (617) 823-8985
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: The world!
Description: Nicole believes in a creative documentary approach to wedding photography and cherishes images that depict authentic emotion, relationships and little moments.
Style: Photojournalistic, quirky, fun, vivid.
Starting Price: $4000
Amara Photo | Masao Okano | Boston wedding photographer Amara Photo
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (508) 688-2212
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: New England
Description: Visionaries of romantic and artistic wedding photography with a hint of modernity. We are a pair of creative documentary photographers who love to documents moments between people in love.
Style: Our style is romantic, artistic and unobtrusive. We thoughtfully document the day as it unfolds.
Starting Price: $3000
Walter van Dusen Photography & Co | Hartford wedding photographer Walter van Dusen Photography & Co
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | (860) 912-5270
Home Location: Hartford, Connecticut wedding photographer
Also Serving: Southeastern Connecticut
Description: Walter has set a goal for himself: see more at weddings. Go beyond what is just in front of him, look around and find the moments that no one anticipates he will see.
Style: Photographing weddings from an insider's point of view enables the capturing of fun, true, organic wedding day moments. I'm not just the photographer; I have a vested interest in telling your complete wedding story.
Starting Price: $2000
Kivalo Photography | Patricia Takacs | Biddeford, Maine wedding photographer Kivalo Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 207-749-6900
Home Location: Maine wedding photographer
Also Serving: Italy
Description: Fun, elegant, and meaningful wedding photography.
Style: Images that capture authentic love and relationships.
Starting Price: $3000
Jamie Ivins Photography | Boston wedding photographer Jamie Ivins Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (508) 473-7670
Home Location: Boston wedding photographer
Also Serving: Newport, RI
Description: Jamie Ivins is an internationally award winning photographer specializing in fun, creative storytelling through a combination of photojournalism and casually posed portraits.
Style: Modern, bold, photojournalism coupled with kick ass portraiture.
Starting Price: $3600
More wedding photographers coming soon!
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