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Greece Wedding Photographers, Athens, Preveza, Thessaloniki, Santorini

Greece wedding photographers in Athens, Preveza, Thessaloniki, Santorini, Patrai, Iraklion, Larissa, Piraeus, Peristerion and all across Greece.
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Local Greece Wedding Photographers

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Nik Pekridis Photography | Santorini Greece wedding photographer Nik Pekridis Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +30 6972896857
Address: Mantinias 33, Thessaloniki, Macedonia 54644, Greece
Home Location: Santorini, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Athens, Chalkidiki
Description: Native to Greece, Nik is a 3rd generation wedding photographer. Nik grew up immersed in the many ways one can find beauty by enhancing the positives of the subject in his or her surroundings.
Style: I categorise myself mostly as an editorial and fashion photographer, who likes the romance and feelings of happiness at weddings. I take posed and candid shots, with a ratio of 80-20 in fashion shots.
Starting Price: €1700
Thanasis Papadopoulos - ap photography | Greek Islands, Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer Thanasis Papadopoulos - ap photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 00306944851861
Home Location: Greek Islands wedding photographer
Also Serving: Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus
Description: Athanasios Papadopoulos is an award-winning “Destination Wedding Photographer”. His images are characterized by an impeccable aestheticism and technical perfection. He is available on wedding assignments worldwide.
Style: Athanasios has been awarded the degree «Master in Photography» from London Guildhall University. He is representative in the approach of the “Wedding Photojournalism” and the “Creative Directed Wedding Portraits”.
Starting Price: €1200
Alexis Koumaditis Photography | Larissa, Greece wedding photographer Alexis Koumaditis Photography
website | email | details-gallery | 2410618457 / 6945135735
Address: Mandilara 3, 41222 Larissa, Greece
Home Location: Larissa, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Europe
Description: Alexis Koumaditis lives in Greece. He is a Destination Wedding Photographer with photojournalistic style, minimal posing and direction.
Style: Natural, simple, elegant and memorable! Capturing the most real moments with a clean, simple, and minimal style. A mix of contemporary style with love for photojournalism.
Starting Price: €1700
Vagelis Giotopoulos | Ioannina, Greece wedding photographer V&A Giotopoulos Studio Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +306978200002, +302682300841
Home Location: Ioannina, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Everywhere in Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Albania, Russia, UK, Spain, Instanbul
Description: Wedding and Portraiture Photography Studio Services. Delivering full archive on disk but preparing amazing high quality albums or canvas prints as well.
Style: Photojournalistic style mostly, but love wedding landscape as well.
Starting Price: €2000
Anastasios Filopoulos Photography | Athens, Greece wedding photographer Anastasios Filopoulos Photography
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | 0030 6945490139
Home Location: Athens, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: For me wedding photography is all about aspiring to capture a delicate and unique view of the sentiments and intensity of moments that arise on a couple’s special day.
Style: I am always there next to the couple as long as I need so as to be there and click the right moment, the right emotion and feelings!
Starting Price: £1500
Nikos P. Gogas | Thessaloniki Greece wedding photographer Nikos P. Gogas
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +6977445584
Home Location: Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Worldwide. Travel is my passion.
Description: Often I look at the shadows the light magically draws on the white stairs of the houses in Mykonos or the beams of sun lighting the sea in Santorini, and then I think, “Yes I have the best job in the world.”
Style: Editorial photojournalistic and art portrait
Starting Price: $2000
ioannis ioakeimidis | panic eye | Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer panic eye
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 00302310459905
Address: Fanariou 30, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria 55133, Greece
Home Location: Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Our creative team specializes in depicting all memorable moments of your life. We attend all kinds of social events: weddings, baptisms, receptions etc. and we offer a fresh, open-minded perspective.
Style: Wedding documentary photography
Starting Price: €1300
Eleftherios Pimenidis | Pimenidis Photography | Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer Pimenidis Photography
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | +30 6930396868
Address: Friksou Papaxristidi 120, Eleftheroupoli, Kavala 64100, Greece
Home Location: Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide Destination Wedding Photography, Specialised at Santorini, Italy, Spain, France !
Description: My concern is to follow the rapid development of photography, to renew – as I do – my equipment with the most modern, to combine my 25 years experiences with my passion for work – to ensure the best result for my client.
Style: I try to capture the true soul of the people; expressed by stolen glances, tearful smiles, and personal moments, in doing so, the pictures help to create an artwork that combines a surreal beauty with a modern realism.
Starting Price: €1700
Anna Roussos Fine Art Photography | Athens, Greece wedding photographer Anna Roussos Fine Art Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +30 6946 365 552
Home Location: Athens, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Greek Islands, France, UK, Italy
Description: Wedding Photographer with fine art approach. Seeing "beautiful" and creating "beautiful" is what I enjoy the most in my job.
Style: fine art
Starting Price: €2000
El Grego Wedding Photography | Athens, Greece wedding photographer El Grego Wedding Photography
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | +55 21 3169-3552
Home Location: Athens, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Description: My photography style is documentary. I do not do a simple "photo-record", I capture moments that will be remembered at all of your life. Immortalize these moments requires a different look.
Style: Wedding photojournalist photography – Free style
Starting Price: $2500
Photoarte | Andreas Tzimos | Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer Photoarte
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 00306972070155
Address: Alexi Minoti 40, Kozani 50100 Greece
Home Location: Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Wedding,pre-wedding and post-wedding photography and videography. Baby photography and videography. We also cover any other social event (birthdays, parties, etc).
Style: Documentary and photojournalistic style. Fresh and modern point of view, high-quality artistic aesthetics.
Starting Price: €1500
Theodosis Georgiadis | Another Studio | Thessaloniki Greece wedding photographer anotherstudio
website | email | details-gallery | 00306945438845
Address: nik. foka 12, Thessaloniki 54621, Greece
Home Location: Thessaloniki, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: anotherstudio offers high quality photographic and video wedding services.
Style: We love catching your emotion and creating memories.
Starting Price: €1200
Magdalene Kourti Photography | Rhodes, Greece wedding photographer Magdalene Kourti Photography
website | blogemail | details-gallery | +30-6973702843
Home Location: Rhodes, Greece wedding photography
Also Serving: Cyprus, Europe, Asia
Description: I am a photographic storyteller. I love being an observer of real life!
Style: My style is contemporary and photojournalistic. My typical clientele consists of couples that look for something different on their wedding day, photos that capture feelings.
Starting Price: €1800
Vangelis Beltzenitis Photography | Santorini, Greece wedding photographer Vangelis Photography
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | +306974123730
Address: Fira, Santorini, Cyclades 41335, Greece
Home Location: Santorini, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Mykonos, Crete, Athens, Greek Islands
Description: I adore capturing the joy and the poignancy of the day, having as my ultimate goal to create unique photos that my couples will admire for the rest of their lives.
Style: I would describe my personal style as creative documentary and editorial style wedding photography.
Starting Price: €2000
allREDy | Sotiris Tsakanikas | Patras, Greece wedding photographer allREDy
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | 0030 2610276276
Home Location: Patras, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Fine art wedding and portrait photographer.
Style: I am an editorial style, storytelling wedding photographer. My moto is: "Live your moments and I'll do the rest."
Starting Price: €2000
Elias Kordelakos Photography | Athens, Greece wedding photographer Elias Kordelakos Photography
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | +30 697 680 6800
Home Location: Athens, Greece wedding photographer
Also Serving: Italy
Description: Wedding photography storyteller. I use pictures to tell stories. I like to think of myself as an observer of life. I was always fascinated with things happening around me, all the small details that added up to the big picture.
Style: My style is mostly influenced by photojournalism. I like to stay un-noticed so I can capture original emotions and feelings. The ones that you find in a wedding!
Starting Price: €1500
More Greek wedding photographers coming soon!

Other photographers who provide wedding photography in Greece

Marco Miglianti | Tuscany Italy wedding photographer Marco Miglianti
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 393474206629
Address: Via Tevere 25/33, Grosseto, Tuscany 58100 Italy
Home Location: Tuscany wedding photography
Also Serving: All destinations in Italy (especially Tuscany, Maremma, Chianti, Val D'Orcia, Florence, Siena, Rome and Orvieto) and the finest destinations worldwide.
Description: I capture the simplicity of emotions to tell the genuine tale of your wedding.
Style: Fresh and spontaneous photojournalism with a creative touch.
Starting Price: €1800
Claire Morgan Photography | Vienna Austria Wedding Photographer Claire Morgan Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 436802120827
Home Location: Vienna, Austria Wedding Photography
Also Serving: Salzburg, Kitzbühel, Germany, Budapest, Prague, Mallorca, Italy, Greece
Description: Claire Morgan is known as someone who expresses true art in their work. She draws on the traditions of reportage and portraiture in her distinctive artistic style, quietly capturing the moments and emotions throughout the day.
Style: Artistic Wedding Photography from the heart.
Starting Price: €3000
Jez Dickson Photography | London, England, United Kingdom UK wedding photographer Jez Dickson Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +44 (0) 1245-602500
Home Location: London, England wedding photographer
Also Serving: International
Description: Mainly documentary with a splash of relaxed couple shots. Simple, timeless images.
Style: I shoot what I see but I like to think I see what I shoot.
Starting Price: £1800
maison di veronica masserdotti | Brescia wedding photographer maison di veronica masserdotti
website | email | details-gallery | +39-030-48021
Address: Via Manzoni 16/c, Brescia, Lombardy 25126, Italy
Home Location: Brescia wedding photographer
Also Serving: Europe
Description: I love taking photos of true moments, spontaneous acts, emotions, face expressions, details. I don’t like artificial or pre-built images.
Style: I love clean, essential and elegant photography. If the colour is not the protagonist of the picture, I prefer black and white.
Starting Price: €1600
Kai Gebel | K A I G E B E L P H O T O G R A P H Y | Frankfurt Germany wedding photographer K A I G E B E L P H O T O G R A P H Y
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 4062579699448
Address: Ernsthoeferstrasse 30, Seeheim-Jugenheim, Hessen, 64342 Germany
Home Location: Frankfurt, Germany wedding photographer
Also Serving: Vienna, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and in general worldwide.
Description: Besides weddings I shoot fashion for Levi Strauss & Co, Dockers San Francisco and other fashion companies.
Style: In general I am on the photojournalistic side of life!
Starting Price: €2750
Marek Lukacko | Alena & Marek Lukacko | Presov Slovakia Wedding Photographer Alena & Marek Lukacko
website | email | details-gallery | 421908364038
Home Location: Presov, Slovakia wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Alena & Marek are a husband and wife team who love shooting weddings. Based in Slovakia. Available Internationally.
Style: Our style is a modern, fresh, mix of fashion photography and photojournalism.
Starting Price: €1500
Rafa Ibáñez Photographer | Monterrey Mexico Wedding Photographer Rafa Ibáñez Photographer
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 12105872174
Home Location: Monterrey wedding photographer
Also Serving: Riviera Maya, The Caribbean and worldwide destinations.
Description: I am a destination wedding photographer based in Mexico, available to shoot wedding worldwide.
Style: I go for a timeless look, natural and spontaneous, but elegant and classy.
Starting Price: $3500
Franco Milani Photographer | Milan, Italy wedding photographer Franco Milani Photographer
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +39 3392257530
Address: via Manzoni, 47, Dalmine, 24044 Italy
Home Location: Milan wedding photographer
Also Serving: Venice, Garda Lake, Como Lake, Italy, Amalfi coast, Rome, Tuscany, Florence, Sicily
Description: Franco Milani displays great expertise in his art, achieved through over 20 years of wedding photography. His work is a passion with him. His narrative style aims at telling through pictures a moment in one’s life, without interfering with reality going by.
Style: Elegance, discretion, taste, spontaneity, lightness and feeling are the main aspects which embrace his photographic style.
Starting Price: €1500
Franck Boutonnet Photography | Paris, France Wedding Photographer Franck Boutonnet Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 0033 (0)633 020 151
Home Location: Paris, France Wedding Photographer
Also Serving: French Riviera, Provence, Worldwide
Description: Franck is a French international wedding photographer, ranked as the 2008 Photographer of the Year with the Wedding Photojournalist Association. The Italian luxury bridal magazine ‘Just Married’ named Franck as one of the world’s best wedding photographers.
Style: Documentary approach with a strong personal vision
Starting Price: €3000
Bartosz Jastal Photography | Katowice, Poland wedding photographer Bartosz Jastal Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 48513125200
Home Location: Katowice, Poland wedding photographer
Also Serving: Italy, UK, Greece, Spain, France, Germany, US, Worldwide!
Description: Photography is my passion and for last few years has also been my profession. For me the most important subjects in wedding photography are moments, emotions and light.
Style: Combination of photojournalistic, documentary, story telling style with creativity during extraordinary wedding portrait sessions.
Starting Price: €1800
Damian Dudek | Dudek Photography | Toronto, Ontario wedding photographer Dudek Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (519)320-9220
Home Location: Toronto wedding photographer
Also Serving: London, Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, Hamilton, and International Weddings.
Description: Dudek Photography thrives on going to new places and doing new things in order to turn wedding photos into artwork.
Style: A mix of candid coverage with modern and artistic creative portraiture.
Starting Price: $2675 CAD
Benni Wolf | Benni Wolf Photography | Frankfurt, Germany wedding photography Benni Wolf Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +49 6258 5598089
Address: Emanuel-Merck-Str. 99, Gernsheim 64579, Germany
Home Location: Frankfurt wedding photographer
Also Serving: All cities, all countries, all destinations worldwide!
Description: I love documentary wedding photography that is emotional and aesthetical. I love dramatic and artistic wedding portraits. benniwolf - modern wedding photography for couples with Style!
Style: My photography style is emotional, dramatic and aesthetical
Starting Price: €2200
Julian Meehan Photography | Melbourne Victoria Australia wedding photographer Julian Meehan Photography
website | email | details-gallery | 613 1300123167
Home Location: Melbourne, Australia wedding photographer
Also Serving: Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast. Available for travel worldwide.
Description: I love creating images of people and I love creating images that people love even more.
Style: I am really a romantic at heart - so my images are romantic and passionate but the artist in me makes them dramatic and dynamic.
Starting Price: 2450 AUD
Martins Kikulis Photography | Bristol, UK wedding photographer Martins Kikulis Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +44 (0) 7955 244 533
Home Location: Bristol, London, UK wedding photographer
Also Serving: Covering worldwide destinations - France, Italy, Spain, Greece, all of Europe, Australia, USA etc.
Description: Martins Kikulis is an international award-winning wedding photojournalist - ready to photograph your wedding anywhere in the world!
Style: A fusion of fine art and artistic photojournalism! Telling the story of your day in a natural, timeless manner - no directing, arranging or interfering... Only the finest photography for you to cherish forever!
Starting Price: £1400
Holly Jones Photography | Atlanta, Georgia wedding photographer Holly Jones Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (404) 518-3080
Home Location: Atlanta, Georgia wedding photographer
Also Serving: North Carolina, Florida, Savannah, Hilton Head, Germany, Morocco, Nationwide & International
Description: With degrees in fine art & photography, Holly blends styles to create images that are unexpected, fresh, modern and engaging with personal one on one attention throughout the photographer-client relationship.
Style: Artistic, Stylish & Modern Photography for the Contemporary Bride.
Starting Price: $2800
En Mutlu Günüm Photography | göktu? canbaba | Istanbul, Turkey wedding photographer En Mutlu Günüm Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +90 (0216 361 70 77) +90 0532 781 42 24
Address: Ali Nihat Tarlan Cad. Ada Apt. No:4/9 Bostanci /kadiköy, Istanbul, Turkey
Home Location: Istanbul, Turkey wedding photography
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: We are professional wedding/fashion photographers located in Istanbul/Turkey. We believe that the most important thing in wedding photojournalism is to capture the most natural and special moments.
Style: Wedding photojournalism and wedding art.
Starting Price: 2000$
Jennifer Lamy | Zenobia Studios | Providence, Rhode Island Wedding Photographer Zenobia Studios
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (401) 855-4856
Home Location: Providence, Rhode Island wedding photographer
Also Serving: International
Description: Not your average studio.
Style: Mine.
Starting Price: $4400
Du Wayne Photography | Cape Town, South Africa wedding photographer Du Wayne Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +27 83 411 0588
Home Location: Cape Town, South Africa wedding photographer
Also Serving: All cities, all countries, all destinations worldwide!
Description: Destination Wedding Photographer based in South Africa. Chosen for Junebug Best of the Best 2010. I I love working with people, helping them to make their day unforgettable and special.
Style: Fun, Romantic, Relaxed, Peaceful & Natural. Telling an unique story of the wedding, focusing on detail & moments. Love composition & black & white images.
Starting Price: 1800 USD / 14000 ZAR
Wolfgang Rada | orange-foto | Vienna, Austria Wedding Photographer orange-foto
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 0043 1 923 10 46
Home Location: Vienna, Austria Wedding Photography
Also Serving: UK, Netherlands, Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Romania, any international destination.
Description: You want your story told? Shed a tear while watching your wedding pictures? Discover all the big and small moments of your wedding you have not even noticed? So let me cover your big day.
Style: I will catch the atmosphere without being noticed but always give you a helping hand when needed. All natural light, bright and bold.
Starting Price: €3500
Irina Lackmann Photography | Munich, Germany wedding photographer Irina Lackmann Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +49(0)8731-3269526
Address: Bayernwerkstr. 49, Dingolfing, Bavaria 84130 Germany
Home Location: Munich, Germany wedding photographer
Also Serving: Austria, France, Italy, Great Britain, Spain, Greece, Africa and all
Description: Young, emotional and unforced photojournalistic wedding photography.
It is very important for her, to keep every single moment in pictures for you - even such one, you might not even notice!
Style: Jung, emotional and unforced photojournalistic wedding photography
Starting Price: €2090
George Natis Photography | Frankfurt, Germany wedding photographer George Natis Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +49 171 7595106
Address: Bad Sodener Str.24, Sulzbach 65843, Germany
Home Location: Frankfurt, Germany wedding photographer
Also Serving: Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, France, England, Slovakia and worldwide destinations.
Description: Capturing your day and story as it unfolds is my primary focus. However with a little direction I will let you shine on your important day of your life to retain memorable storytelling imagery in your album.
Style: Fashion and passion with a mixture of dramatic and editorial looks. Compelling, contemporary and striking.
Starting Price: €2000
Hande Karayaka Photography | Istanbul, Turkey wedding photographer Hande Karayaka Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +90(533)3914826
Address: Senlikkoy Mahallesi Ic Sokak 2/1, Florya 34153, Turkey
Home Location: Istanbul, Turkey wedding photography
Also Serving: Available Worldwide
Description: As a photojournalist, I tell the story of your wedding without poses. Just live your day and let me capture your moments in a natural and spontaneous way.
Style: Natural, spontaneous and emotional
Starting Price: $1500
Lukas Konvicka & Tomas Dolejsi | Wedding Photographers | Brno, Czech Republic Wedding Photographer Lukas Konvicka & Tomas Dolejsi | Wedding Photographers
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +420 777 555 831, +420 737 164 334
Home Location: Brno, Czech Republic wedding photographer
Also Serving: All Europe and worldwide
Description: Documentary wedding photography with emphasis on emotion and capturing your love story. With passion and honesty we create artistic wedding photos that you will love forever. Contact us and let us prove it to you.
Style: Spontaneous and natural looking photos full of emotion. Unobtrusive, candid and just joyful.
Starting Price: €1100
New Concept Photography | Predrag Lukovic | Belgrade Serbia Wedding Photographer New Concept Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +381607008650
Home Location: Belgrade, Serbia wedding photographer
Also Serving: Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Greece
Description: Newconcept is Artistic oriented studio which applies new methods and approach in wedding photography as well as in cinematography. Newconcept is studio based in Serbia/Europe with more than 5 years of experience.
Style: Improving old and implementing new views and methods in field of wedding photography and cinematography. Each project we do is unique in design which gives it higher art value.
Starting Price: €1000
Jan Valeta | Prague, Czech Republic Wedding Photographer Jan Veleta
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +420 605 704 748
Home Location: Prague, Czech Republic wedding photographer
Also Serving: Worldwide
Description: Let me document the moments of your special day, and my photographs will speak for themselves. Each picture will bring you back to that moment, with no forced posing, just relaxed style. I am looking forward to meeting you!
Style: Unique style, an eye for detail, simplicity, and capturing the moment.
Starting Price: €1200
Philippe Wiget Photography | Zurich, Switzerland wedding photographer Philippe Wiget Photography
website | blogemail | details-gallery | +41 44 515 45 55
Address: Emil-Oprecht-Strasse 3, Zurich 8050, Switzerland
Home Location: Zurich, Switzerland wedding photographer
Also Serving: Paris, New York, Mediterranean locations, worldwide destinations
Description: Philippe Wiget is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Switzerland, available worldwide.
Style: Philippe creates very personal and emotional photojournalistic wedding documentations and creative, artistic portraits that make love become visible.
Starting Price: 4400 CHF
Monika Stachura Fotografia | Warsaw, Poland wedding photographer Monika Stachura Fotografia
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +48 692 815 078
Home Location: Warsaw, Poland wedding photographer
Also Serving: Poland, Europe, US
Description: Experienced, work mostly in Warsaw, but travel around Poland and around the World.
Style: I concentrate on showing emotions and beautiful light in photography.
Starting Price: €1500
Andrea Kuehnis Photography | Zurich, Switzerland wedding photographer Andrea Kuehnis Photography
website | blogemail | details-gallery | +41 79 568 12 29
Home Location: Zurich, Switzerland wedding photography
Also Serving: Worldwide Destination Weddings
Description: Andrea is known for her sense for perfect moments and unique details. She has traveled worldwide to capture true emotions in a quietly, professional way.
Style: Capturing the Love and Emotions with an elegant but natural, soft and artistic style.
Starting Price: €2500
MORNINGWILD Photography | Megan Gielow | Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographer MORNINGWILD Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | (231) 206-0901
Home Location: Asheville, North Carolina wedding photographer
Also Serving: Charlotte, London, Paris, Barcelona, worldwide!
Description: It's an honor to capture the intimate moments, the quiet, unseen minutes, the loud happiness, the beautiful details, and the love that permeates the entire space.
Style: Photography should be fun...LOTS of fun. Genuine. Truly you. Not posing or faking moments. These are all real life, real couples, real people.
Starting Price: $3500
Andrey Druc | Washington DC Wedding Photographer Andrey Druc
website | email | details-gallery | +37379277555
Home Location: Washington DC wedding photographer
Also Serving: International destination weddings world wide
Description: I love people who are happy and have genuine feelings! Visit my website to learn more about how I shoot and about my pictures. Enjoy watching and be happy!
Style: Wedding photojournalism.
Starting Price: $3000
Gogo Kehayov | Sofia, Bulgaria wedding photographer Gogo Kehayov
website | email | details-gallery | +359 885 944 450
Home Location: Sofia, Bulgaria wedding photographer
Also Serving: Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Turkye, Israel, Switzerland, Germany
Description: Gogo Kehayov - artistic wedding photography
Style: My way to cover wedding is artistic photo reportage during the day. With one hour photo-session with more glamour approach.
Starting Price: €1000
Victor Lax | Zaragoza, Spain wedding photographer Victor Lax
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +34 699366637
Home Location: Zaragoza, Spain wedding photographer
Also Serving: Europe
Description: Drawing from 10 years of experience in photo-journalism, Victor has been documenting weddings for over four years. Lax has a distinctive artistic style that reveals spontaneous expression and emotion.
Style: Documentary wedding photography
Starting Price: €2500
Olujr Photographr | Olu Akintorin | Chicago wedding photographer Olujr Photographr
website | email | details-gallery | (312) 884-1392
Home Location: Chicago wedding photographer
Also Serving: Atlanta
Description: Moments n' Stories
Style: Photojournalism | Portraits
Starting Price: $2600
Wedding Photography & Cinematography by Ilia Nesolenyy | Paris, France Wedding Photographer Wedding Photography & Cinematography by Ilia Nesolenyy
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +79219422504
Home Location: Paris, France Wedding Photographer
Also Serving: Italy, Greece, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic
Description: Wedding Photographer. I am available for work all over the world.
Style: Photography for lovers!
Starting Price: €400
Alex Cristurean I Hochzeitsfotograf | Vienna, Austria Wedding Photographer Alex Cristurean | Hochzeitsfotograf
website | email | details-gallery | +43 660 555 4857
Home Location: Vienna, Austria Wedding Photography
Also Serving: Germany, Italy, France, Mallorca, New York, and any international destination
Description: For me photography is getting out of my comfort zone. I'm obsessed with getting the best out of every moment and every wedding, no matter what situation comes my way. That's my promise to every client.
Style: I would describe my style as minimalistic, colorful, fun and sometimes dramatic, always looking for relevant moments and helping you to get the best out of your wedding portraits.
Starting Price: €1990
RAZMIK | Razmik Makdessian | Beirut Wedding Photographer RAZMIK
website | email | details-gallery | +961 3 768 564 , +374 95 868 564
Home Location: Beirut wedding photographer
Also Serving: Prague,Venice, Yerevan, Santorini , Europe & Middle East
Description: RAZMIK is known for covering the real and special moments of your wedding with a unique blend of emotions,elegance, and colors.
Style: Fine art wedding photojournalism.
Starting Price: €2000
Minshijue | Michael Chen | Shenzhen, China wedding photographer Minshijue
websiteblogemail | details-gallery | +86 13509634549
Address: Rm 2103,C Unit Hu Die Bao Building,KANG DA ER Residential Section, Buji Town,Longgang District, Shen Zhen, Guangdong 518112, China
Home Location: Shenzhen, China wedding photographer
Also Serving: Hong Kong
Description: I am a professional wedding photographer and travel prewedding photographer.
Style: Photos tell us beautiful stories between couples, relatives and friends.
Starting Price: 8000 RMB
Mandragora Studio | San Sebastian, Spain wedding photographer Mandragora Studio
website | blog | email | details-gallery | 943 111 841
Home Location: San Sebastian, Spain wedding photographer
Also Serving: Spain, Europe and worldwide
Description: International award winning team. Passion, emotions and rock and roll.
Style: Photojournalism and great portraits.
Starting Price: €2100
Dan Muresan Photography | Cluj-Napoca, Romania wedding photographer Dan Muresan Photography
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +40741451695
Home Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania wedding photographer
Also Serving: Austria; Belgium; Britain; Bulgaria; Croatia; Czech Republic; Denmark; England. Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy
Description: Artistic Wedding Photography
Style: Fashion Wedding Photography
Starting Price: €700
Marian Sterea | Constanta, Romania wedding photographer Marian Sterea
website | blog | email | details-gallery | +40723898529
Home Location: Constanta, Romania wedding photographer
Also Serving: United Arab Emirates
Description: I am a professional photographer, living in Constanta and I am very passionate about my work. I like perfection, so I always try the impossible to get the best shots.
Style: Wedding reportage, portrait, fashion.
Starting Price: €2200
More wedding photographers coming soon!
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