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Real Wedding | Park Plaza | Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Jan Garcia

Posted by Jan Garcia Photography on February 14th 2011 · Comments (8)

This was one of those weddings that I’ll remember for a long time. An amazing couple…so in love. A perfect venue that provided such memorable scenes. An emotional and touching ceremony. A great party for their friends and family. A beautiful celebration all around. It was an honor to capture these great memories. This is Gina and Albert’s wedding.

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Real Wedding | Lahontan Golf Club | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer Johnstone Studios

Posted by Johnstone Studios on February 13th 2011 · Comments (1)

The couple were married at the exclusive and private Lahontan Golf Club in Lake Tahoe, California. In summer one can find weddings at Lake Tahoe all over, but to have the opportunity to photograph at this private club was truly enjoyable. The day dawned warm and bright, and ended with a beautiful summer rain shower and rainbow during the outdoor reception. The bride and groom hav...

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Real Wedding | Coul House Hotel, Scottish Highlands | London Wedding Photographer Janis Ratnieks

Posted by Janis Ratnieks Wedding Photography on February 13th 2011 · Comments (5)

This was a nice small wedding in Scottish Highlands, I was so lucky I could get them out in the hills for a nice photoshoot.

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Real Wedding | St. Magleby Kirke, Dragør, Denmark | By Copenhagen Wedding Photographer

Posted by Trustrup-Foto on February 6th 2011 · Comments (2)

I was the photographer of a beautiful wedding last summer that I want to share with you. The wedding took place in a beautiful old Danish church, just outside Denmark’s capital Copenhagen. When the ceremony in the beautiful church ended, we went to do portraits in a small town called Dragør. Dragør is a beautiful town with many old houses, small streets and a ver...

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Real Wedding | Auberge Northfork, Chichester, Quebec | Kingston, Ontario Wedding Photographer Garrett Elliott

Posted by Garrett Elliott Photography on February 6th 2011 · Comments (3)

It’s always great when everything about a wedding represents the couple perfectly. All day long while shooting I kept hearing guests say, “This is totally them! This is perfect!” Angie and Rob were totally laid back and the country chic atmosphere at Auberge Northfork was an awesome setting. Their intimate ceremony overlooked the hills behind the newly renovated Pl...

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Real Wedding | Butterfly Gap Retreat | Knoxville Wedding Photographer Katherine Birkbeck

Posted by Katherine Birkbeck Photography on February 6th 2011 · Comments (3)

During the holidays I always have the privilege of photographing just a few weddings but the ones I do photograph seem to shine as bright as the Christmas lights surrounding them. Though the sky may be full of clouds and the weather a little cold and dreary I was delighted to know that Kayla and Chris were the perfect contrast to the frightful weather. Kayla’s smile was bright...

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Real Wedding | Stone House At Sterling Ridge, Warren, NJ | New York Wedding Photographer Emin Kuliyev

Posted by Emin Wedding Photography on January 30th 2011 · Comments (3)

The wedding couple were thrilled, and their energy, spirit, and fun was inspiring to be around.

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Real Wedding | Hyatt Hotel, Seattle | By Washington Wedding Photographer Victor Zerga

Posted by Victor Zerga Photographer on January 30th 2011 · Comments (0)

A fun couple, who were up for an energetic portrait session around the Pike Street Market in Seattle!

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Real Wedding | Hotel Artemide, Rome | Italy Wedding Photographer Sandro Gismondi

Posted by Sandro Gismondi Wedding Photographer on January 29th 2011 · Comments (1)

Once upon a time there was an enchanting bride to be from Chicago who fell in love with a handsome pilot. They arrived in the magical city of Rome on a splendid sunny day during the Christmas period to pledge their love to one another. As they joyfully crossed the border into the land of marriage she wore a dress that was as beautiful as her smile: it had pockets to keep her hand...

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Real Wedding | Islington Town Hall, London | Katowice, Poland Wedding Photographer Adam Ludwik

Posted by Adam Ludwik Photography on January 22nd 2011 · Comments (4)

Choonsin & Kenny

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