10 Questions With Cristiano Ostinelli, ISPWP 2017 Wedding Photographer Of The Year

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Cristiano Ostinelli is a long time ISPWP member, who has consistently performed well in our quarterly photo contests, with multiple wins as "Photographer of the Quarter."

In 2017, he reached the pinnacle of the ISPWP by becoming the 2017 ISPWP Photographer of the Year.  We asked him a few questions about his work, and we selected a few of his amazing images that helped him win so consistently in 2017.

1. Tell us about your background and history. How did you get your start as a wedding photographer? 
I started 20 years ago to be a wedding photographer. A studio close to my hometown called me for some help as a second shooter. I have been shooting weddings ever since.

2. How long have you been a photographer and how many weddings have you shot?
I have been a photographer for 25 years and over that time I would guess I have shot more than 1000 weddings, that’s a lot!

3. What are your favorite cities and locations to shoot a wedding?
I love my country, Italy, and my home region, Lake Como. I will shoot anywhere in the world, but there is no place as beautiful as home.

4. How would you describe your style of photography?
I like to say that is a mix between photojournalism and glamour poses. I love to show the reality and the craziness of weddings through my images.

5. Have other photographers inspired you? Who are they, and how did they influence your work?
There are a lot of wedding photographers and photojournalists who inspire me. I have always believed it is very important to expose yourself to all forms of art such as photography, cinema, painting, etc. By immersing yourself in all forms of art, you will expand your own artistic abilities.

6. To what do you attribute your great success? What has been your key to performing well in so many photography contests around the world?
I always work with a lot of passion, and I always look for the perfect photo. For me and for my customers, my style is constantly evolving, I always try to do something new and creative at every wedding. Also, for me, photo contests such as the ISPWP contest provide a lot of motivation to do always better.

7. What advice would you give to other photographers who are trying to improve?
I would recommend they participate in the photography contests with humility and honesty. Always try new ways and techniques, and work around your own personal style. 

8. What other kinds of photography do you do besides weddings?
I’m also a photojournalist, many of my stories have been published in many important international magazines.

9. How do you view the future of wedding photography? 
The wedding photography industry has grown up a lot in the last few years, in quality, professionalism, and with more of an international scope. Also, the internet itself gave our profession a new importance and status that we never had before, so for me the future can only get better.

10. How do you prepare before shooting an important wedding? Do you have any guiding thoughts or principles on how you will work with the couple?
I always use great concentration for every type of wedding, small or big, using a lot of creativity. I prefer to improvise from wedding to wedding, people are always different so it is impossible for me to follow any one rule. You need to react to the unique situation in front of you.

See more of Cristiano's work on his website.

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