Three Common Concerns About Your Wedding Day Photos

Posted by Admin on February 8th 2018

Wedding photographers deal with more than just taking photos on a wedding day. Because they are often with you for the most extended amount of time than other vendors on your wedding day, they get an insiders view into the most intimate parts of the day. Being let into the circle of trust allows the photographer to create those photos that make you tear up when you see them such as Mom helping put on the veil, or the moment the Groom first glimpses the bride. These are the photos that people treasure, and the photos that photographers love capturing.

Because of the intimate access of the wedding photographer throughout the day, some clients have expressed a variety of concerns and worries, which are totally understandable. If any of the following items would be a concern for you, please discuss it with your photographer before the wedding.

Photos During the Getting Ready Process
During this emotionally charged part of the day, you and your bridesmaids may be getting ready in one location. If you would like this part of the day photographed, then talk to your photographer to find out how these photos are typically captured. For example, if you have a male photographer, he can step out for a moment while the girls dress and come back in just as your dress is being zipped up. It’s essential to capture the important moments, but it’s also vital that you feel comfortable!

Sensitive Family Issues
Weddings are a time when families and friends come together, but it doesn’t always mean everyone is on their best behavior. If there are issues with certain people being next to each other in the same photo, or other similar uncomfortable family situations, then tell your photographer ahead of time. It’s better that they understand any tricky family dynamics, so they can help you manage them. Another idea is to have a family member who is aware of the conflicts to be in charge of gathering people together for the group photos and making sure conflicts are avoided.

Concerns About Your Appearance
Do you feel self-conscious about your profile? Worried that your high heels will make you appear taller than your groom? Let your photographer know! Professional wedding photographers deal with making people look great at weddings week in and week out, and they want to know what you are worried about. They would much rather help you understand how they manage concerns than have you say nothing and then be upset. When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you need to be as transparent as possible with them so that you receive the best photos possible. Don’t be embarrassed to talk to them; it’s very likely that yours is not the first concern they have heard. Photographers who have experience will know how to use different angles and techniques to minimize these types of concerns.

ISPWP Photographers have the experience and talent to address all of these concerns and many more. They’ll help you feel comfortable that you’ve chosen a professional who is dedicated to capturing your day beautifully. Check for an ISPWP Photographer in your area here.

(Photo by Gerardo Ojeda)

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