Your Wedding Photography Package: What Questions Should You Ask Before You Book?

Posted by Admin on January 19th 2018

If you’ve recently started planning a wedding and are looking for photographers, you might have noticed that photographers may have vastly different price lists. Continuing your search, you may find even more discrepancies in packages and pricing as you interview potential photographers. Comparing photography packages isn’t as easy as putting everything in a spreadsheet and assigning a line item to each service. Since photography is both an art and a luxury service, it’s crucial that you understand what exactly is included in your photography package. Here are some questions to ask.

1. Can I See an Example of the Products Included in This Package? 
If you are interviewing a photographer and they have an album included in a package, they should be able to show you a sample of the album that is similar to what you can expect. Since some albums have different page types or cover materials offered you may not see a replica, but you should be able to get a good idea of the final product. The same goes for everything else included in the package such as flash drives, prints, etc. 

2. Will You Create a Custom Package? 
If you don’t see exactly what you want, it’s entirely acceptable to ask the photographer if they will do a custom package.  It should be noted that custom does not mean lower cost. If you want additional albums, extra time on the day or a second (or third!) photographer for more coverage, then let them know what you are looking for. Most photographers can accommodate custom requests and can provide you with pricing details. 

3. If We Want More Hours on the Day, When Do We Have to Pay? 
Pay attention to the time frame that is included in your coverage. “All day” coverage does not usually mean 24 hours! If you need more time that the package provides for, then find out in advance what the charges are for additional hours and when you need to pay. Some photographers will require payment on the day; others will bill you after the event.

4. Are There Restrictions on My Digital Files? 
Assuming you are receiving your digital files from your wedding, you are typically granted the rights to reproduce the photos. However, that may be limited only to the bridal couple and not friends and family. Make sure that you understand what the limitations of the release of the files are, including how large you can print the files.

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Photo by Marius Dragan, AMDragan Photography, New York wedding photographer

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