Make A Weather Back Up Plan For Your Wedding Photos

Posted by Admin on November 21st 2017

Everyone dreams of having beautiful photos outside on their wedding day. What do you do if mother nature has other plans and the weather is scheduled to be inclement on your wedding day?

Discuss Plan B with Your Photographer
You might take some solace in knowing that you’re not the only couple who has had rain, snow or wind on your wedding day. A seasoned experienced photographer will often have worked in many different conditions and will have suggestions for you on alternative indoor locations for photos. Some locations may require getting permission to photograph in, and some may also require permits. Think ahead and get the permission and pay for the permits ahead of time. This “insurance” may help ease your mind.

Stop Refreshing your Weather App a Month Before the Wedding
There’s only so much you can control, and worrying about the unknown is a stress you don’t need. While it’s great to have a Plan B in case the weather conditions are not optimal, obsessing about it and worrying won’t help. If you have an outdoor wedding, your venue may have procedures in place regarding how they handle moving the ceremony site. Site changes usually happen the week of the wedding when the weather patterns are more clearly defined. At that time, you can put Plan B into action with your photographer as well.

Embrace the Unknown
Some of the most beautiful and unusual wedding photos were taken in not-so-perfect conditions. Talk to your photographer about the kinds of conditions they can photograph in; after all, they have thousands of dollars of gear that they need to protect from the elements. In some cases, some carefully placed umbrellas or building structures can provide enough shelter for them to work from. Some of the photos you never expected from your wedding may become your favorites!

ISPWP wedding photographers are experienced professionals. Through rain and sleet and snow (and lots of other crazy weather situations), they keep their cool and produce fantastic images for their clients. Click through some recent contest galleries for inspiration.

Photo by Lu Minifeel, Minifeel Photography, Taipei, Taiwan

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