What Questions Should You Ask Your Destination Wedding Photographer?

Posted by Admin on December 3rd 2017

As wedding costs increase, more couples are seeking destination weddings to spend their wedding budget. Because destination weddings tend to have plans for several days, couples get to spend time with the people they love over several days, rather than just over several hours. Destination weddings tend to be much less formal, but they have different logistical problems than the “black-tie ballroom in a country club wedding.” If you’re seeking a photographer for your destination wedding, there are two ways to approach finding one.

You Can Look for a Local Photographer in the Wedding Location

ISPWP has a comprehensive international list of photographers. Anyone on the list you can be sure of regarding competency, professionalism, and dedication to their craft. While you will probably not meet the photographer until a few days before your wedding or perhaps even the day of; you will have the opportunity to look through their galleries and speak with them before the wedding day. By hiring locally, you likely won’t have to worry about travel delays or work permits from the area which can be a big plus.

You Can Hire a Photographer in Your Area to Travel

Many photographers love traveling for destination weddings. Even if most of their work is in a metro area, they may welcome being able to work in other areas. You will have the advantage of meeting them in person to see if you enjoy working together, and you may also be able to schedule an engagement session with them before the wedding. If you decide to hire someone in your area, here are some questions to ask:

How Do You Handle Travel Costs? 
Some photographers will build their costs for travel in their quote; others will charge a base price and then bill after the wedding for travel costs.

Do You Secure a Work Permit? 
Imagine the nightmare of your photographer being turned away at customs. No matter where a professional is working, they need to have the right to work there from the country you are in. Talk with your photographer to ensure a work permit is obtained.

What Happens if Weather or Travel Delays Happen? 
Most photographers travel to the location at least one day before your event, so if there are delays, they have time to reschedule travel plans. However, there have been times when mother nature has other ideas, and travel is impossible. Make sure you understand the terms written into your contract on travel and any refunds you are entitled to.

If you’re seeking a professional wedding photographer for your destination wedding, check the ISPWP directory to find one in the area you live in or one near your wedding destination!

Photo by Francesco Gravina, Puglia, Italy wedding photographer

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