Should You Give Your Photographer A Photo Checklist?

Posted by Admin on December 8th 2017

Many sites on the internet will provide plenty of inspiration for your wedding photos. Part of the fun of wedding planning is looking through beautiful photos and looking forward to your photos of lasting memories of the day. Or, maybe you’ve had friends or family members get married in recent years, and you’ve loved some of their photos. So, should you give your photographer a “Must Have” list of photos from your wedding day?

Our advice is: “Talk to your photographer.” Different photographers will have different preferences, but generally we believe most photographers would agree with the following guidelines:

Lists for Formal Family Photos: YES

Formals, which compose the posed portrait session part of the day are usually done either before the ceremony or afterward before the reception, though timelines do vary from wedding to wedding. These groupings of moms, dad, and your extended family are important to most people. The number of groupings done is different for every area of the country and can also be dictated by traditions in the culture. Having a list for your photographer of important people you want to be photographed during the formals is helpful, so nothing is missed on the busy wedding day. It’s important to discuss this list with your photographer so he/she can give you a reasonable timeframe for the number of pictures you desire. 

List of Bridal Party Photos: YES and NO

If you’ve invited the most important people in your life to stand up in your wedding, it only makes sense you want them in photos! And of course, you’re going to want photos of your new spouse and you together. However along with the posed photos, be open to your photographer’s ideas for more exciting photos and locations. Remember, you hired them not only to document the day but for their artistic eye as well!

Detail Photos: NO, with possible exceptions

Every wedding photographer knows to take photos of the cake and the flowers. However, they may not know that the pin you have under the bouquet belongs to your grandmother. Be sure to tell them about any crucial details that you want to be covered but also trust that they have an experienced eye for wedding details.

Candid Photos of Guests: NO

Candids aren’t candid if they are planned. Trust your photographer to work their magic so that you get some amazing “in the moment” photos and don’t try to orchestrate things that do not happen organically. That being said, sometimes you want to make sure some particular people are captured. Your photographer probably does not know your Great Aunt Margaret flew over 2,000 miles for your wedding, so if you want a special picture with her, be sure to bring her over to your photographer for a picture of you together!

Agree? Disagree? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Photo by Mauro Cantelmi, Dezine by Mauro, Melbourne, Australia & New York, USA 

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