How Wedding Day Timelines Can Affect Your Wedding Photos

Posted by Admin on November 28th 2017

You’ve probably heard friends who have been recently married say that their wedding day went by in a blur. After months of preparation, the day is upon you, and it really does go by quickly. For this reason, professional wedding photographers rely on wedding timelines to work out the schedule for their clients to be sure that there is sufficient time for wedding photos on the day.

Going over your wedding schedule with your photographer is so important because there could be many things you haven’t taken into consideration. Remember, they do this week in and week out, and they’ve seen schedules go right, and go very wrong! Your photographer is just as concerned as you are about the timeline to make sure they can provide the best photos possible, so they would be happy to consult with you on the schedule!

Here are just a few things your wedding photographer will take into account when scheduling your wedding photos:

- When you want a photographer to be present before the ceremony for the “getting ready” photos
- How long your ceremony will be
- Planning the formal family photos needed after the ceremony
- Planning the photos with the bridal party
- Selecting good locations with the bride and groom for photos after the ceremony
- Schedule logistics such as the time needed for travel between locations, and how people will be getting there
- Making sure sure you have plenty of time do to photos and that you are at your reception in a timely manner

Here is a typical scenario we have seen that may have been avoided by consulting on the timeline with your photographer:

- The ceremony is a 15-minute drive from the reception, so the couple allows 20 minutes
- The bus is late, one bridesmaid is missing, and nobody knows who’s supposed to take the floral from the altar so by the time everyone is rounded up the bus leaves 20 minutes later than expected
- The bus takes 25 minutes to get there because of traffic
- When they arrive, the bride needs her gown to be bustled, (something she forgot about) and that takes 15 minutes
- The photographer wants to take the couple out for the sunset photos they wanted, but the catering manager wants them to be seated because dinner starts in 15 minutes and toasts are about to start

The 20 minutes the couple allowed for turned into over an hour, and by this time the cocktail hour is over and dinner has almost begun. This exactly the kind of stress you do not want on your wedding day! Take time to go over your day from start to finish with your wedding photographer to help reduce scheduling issues.

ISPWP Photographers are professional wedding photographers who know the ins and outs of wedding days and will help you navigate your wedding day timeline. After all, you and your photographer have the same goal: to have amazing photos from your day!

Photo by JD Land, Two15 Photography, Philadelphia, PA

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