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Jesse and Moira La Plante are husband and wife wedding photographers who have been shooting weddings since 2008. Located in Boulder, Colorado, the duo works primarily in the Rocky Mountains, but travels all over the country and abroad to shoot weddings.


J. La Plante Photo submitted the following posts to the ISPWP Blog


Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Where do I even begin to sing the praises of these two incredible, genuinely fabulous and insanely talented artists???  I guess starting with the fact that I have been a professional wedding photographer for the last 16 years might add some weight to what I'm about to say, as I understand both photography and wedding days in a way that 99% of their clients do not.  I really do KNOW how hard it is to photograph a wedding.  I know how stressful it can be.  I know how impossible it is to please everyone.  So, add to all of that that the pressure of photographing for another professional wedding photographer in a room literally chock full of wedding professionals turned guests, and you have a situation on your hands that is not for the faint of heart! 

I met Moira at a wedding professional networking event and was immediately drawn to her.  I could tell right away that she was intelligent and genuinely interested in making a real connection with me.  When I met Jesse a short time later, it was the same thing.  We clicked immediately as well.  When I found out they were leading an upcoming photography workshop, I decided to go as a way to reignite some creativity in my own work. Over the course of the class, I sat there listening to them talk about their philosophies on life and work, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  These were the two I wanted to photograph MY wedding.  It was a decision I has been struggling with for months.  I mean, seriously.  How the hell does a wedding photographer with the perfectionist tendencies that I am constantly recovering from, such as myself, choose a photographer out of the MANY photographers I know and love anyway???

Of course, they had to say yes to me/us first.  Which thankfully they did!  We even picked our date around their availability!  (Really, it’s true.) And from the get go as their clients, they made us feel so special and important.  They had the most amazing ideas for our engagement/alt session and ultimately we landed on going all the way to Utah to the Salt Flats. It was such an unexpected adventure and incredible bonding opportunity for us all.  And the photos they took of us are truly EPIC. I mean, really.  They went above and beyond anything I would have expected...

The wedding day itself was a gorgeous whirlwind and I cant imagine two more lovely or calming forces than we had in both Jesse and Moira. They were everywhere and nowhere all at once.  They captured the intense emotion from start to finish in a way that is truly beyond belief. They captured the SPIRIT of our wedding day with grace and a flow that is seriously next level.  These are not just photos.  They are works of art. The story they tell will be one that my husband and I, and our families, and generations to come will be able to relive with such texture and depth, it brings me to tears. Again.

Jesse and Moira, from the bottom of our hearts and from the depths of our souls, THANK YOU.  Thank you for working so hard for us.  Thank you for being who you are as humans and as artists and as professionals.  Thank you for pouring yourselves 1000% into our day and giving us back this incredible moment in time in a way that we will be able to hold onto forever.  We are infinitely grateful to you both and you are officially stuck with us as your friends, literally, forever. We LOVE YOU GUYS!"

~Frances & Bryce

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Bottom line up front: the quality of their work speaks for itself. If you want traditional, boring, trite wedding pictures that look like everything you’ve ever seen before in a stock photo frame insert, then please go with anyone else. But if you want your wedding photos to reflect the unique magic and excitement of YOUR big day, then your decision to hire Jesse and Moira will be one of the best decisions of your life (before you commit to your “I do’s” that is 😉).

Like any significant investment, it’s always important to “shop around” before deciding on which company best suits your vision, style, tastes, and budget. If you’ve made it to this review, you need look no further. If the amazing color, creativity, and quality of their stunning photography on their website isn’t enough to blow your mind, just know that Moira and Jesse are two of the most personable, friendly, helpful, BRILLIANT artists with whom we have ever had the privilege to work. Of any part of the wedding, it’s the photographers who capture the moments, trap with energy and sentiment of the occasion in a timeless frame, and make the memories last a lifetime and beyond. So, of course you want to get it right! Well, I can sincerely avow that you can only go wrong by NOT choosing to work with these two! They are an exceptional team that makes your most important day even more vivid and amazing that you could possibly remember. Their finished product comes alive before you and you feel like you are there in midst of it all once again! In breath-taking detail, they take advantage of every pixel in the environment, scenery, and ambiance to encapsulate a unique essence that simply cannot--and will not--ever be replicated for any wedding again! And while you are stressing about your next move, they are an invisible hand by your side, guiding you effortlessly through the day—and transforming all of those present adventures and anxieties into future memories and astonishing works of art that you are going to treasure and share and relive for the rest of your lives!!"

~Andy & Mate

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"I researched many photographers online before settling on 4 to reach out to. Moira responded immediately, and set up a time for a phone call. She spent about 45 minutes talking to me just trying to learn more about my fiance and I, how we met, and what we were looking for in our wedding photos. By the end of that call, I felt like she really knew us. But I had to get the fiance on board, as I had done all the research to this point on my own. He looked at all the portfolios I presented to him, but when he saw Jesse and Moira's work, he stopped and literally said "Wow. You can really see the emotion in these photos, and feel it." That coming from him was HUGE! Next we met them for a beer and to get to know them a bit more. At the end of that, we were reassured that these were the people we wanted photographing our wedding. All our friends had told us that one vendor to definitely NOT skimp on for your wedding is the photographer. Jesse and Moira were worth every penny and then some. We picked them because we didn't want a bazillion forced, posed, or basic portrait images. They got some of the most unique shots I have ever seen. All of our friends and family who have viewed the photos said they were the best wedding photos they've ever seen. Half the time on wedding day I didn't even know where they were, because they blended in so well and have major photography ninja skills. They also have an insane ability to capture both the beauty of the environment (both inside and outside), as well as the spirit of the people, without one being at the expense of the other. And on top of all of that, they are just wonderful, mellow, awesome human beings. I am so grateful we chose to have them as our photographers, and so grateful for their amazing craft. I won't ever be getting married again, so I won't have cause to use them for another wedding :-) But YOU can, and you should!"
~Kristin & Gannon

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"I'm not the type of bride that was looking for your typical wedding or engagement photos in the hay fields or romantically posed photos. But since that is what's popular, photographers with that style saturate the market. So that made finding a wedding photographer whose style I liked, very difficult. My style is unique, I love bold, bright colors and things that really make you go "WOW". I myself am not artistic and leave that work to the professionals. I knew the photographer that we got was going to need to have a crap ton of creativity with crazy ideas up their sleeve to deliver what I was looking for. It took me a while but I finally narrowed it down to 2 or 3 photographers. One of which's portfolio had exactly what I was looking for. That was J. La Plante Photography. I spoke with the other photographers and J. La Plante was the highest price but their portfolio was all out whereas the others had some photos that were all out and some were just meh IMO. After debating for a week or so, I decided to spend the money and reel the budget in elsewhere. At the very last minute, we decided to do engagement pictures with them as well. My availability was super limited but we made it work and trekked out to Moab, UT to Arches National Park to meet up with Jesse and Moira. We stopped at a few different locations within the park and they took some candid shots and posed shots. We basically spent all day with them getting night shots as well. It was super fun getting to know them better throughout the day and we ended up grabbing dinner and drinks with them afterwards at a dive bar that had a horribly fun atmosphere. We got 70 photos back about 3 weeks after our session. And let me tell you... WOW. That's the response I got from absolutely every person who saw the photos. Jesse had said that he was going through a blue stage (I'm thinking Picasso's blue period). He was exactly right! The photos looked phenomenal with the deep blue sky and bright orange arches. 

Fast forward a few months, Moira called to chat about the wedding day timeline and our expectations for the day. She had a timeline of her own and I had nothing in particular planned except the ceremony at 4:30. I can't even verbalize how grateful I was that she had a timeline. It was the standard for the entire wedding day. My homework after the call was to get a list of all of the family photos that I wanted with a list of names for each family member. I have a blended family, so that's a lot of people. Come wedding day, Moira and Jesse were so patient with our gigantic family and getting everyone together and organized efficiently. 

The day before the wedding, we ran into them while they were scouting and chatted about a few ideas so they had a good rundown of plans for the wedding day. On the day of the wedding, Moira and Jesse were involved right from the beginning, with hair and makeup at 10 freaking AM. As the day went on, I got more anxious (due to the stupid small things like when do I get the microphone from the DJ and blah blah stuff) and Jesse and Moira powered on, even through my anxiety. They got some amazing shots of the ceremony, followed by the extensive family shots and then the reception began. They hung around the dance floor and got great shots of everyone dancing and having a great time. It has been amazing looking at them and being able to feel like I was able to experience everything that the people in the photos are experiencing even though I was off doing something else. At the end of the night, we took some couple shots in a few other places and then said goodbye. 

We got our full wedding suite of 800+ photos 4 weeks after our wedding. I am in love with all of the photos. They were able to capture our day so accurately and beautifully. We aren't the most photogenic people and are defintely the type who look awkward posing. Jesse and Moira were able to get us to look natural and coherent. I hope to be able to work with them in the future, maybe at a 10 year anniversary party."

~Eden & Cade

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"There are very few things in life where you want the best photographer and your wedding is one of them! We didn't want same old same old boring group photos we wanted a photographer who thought outside the box, who got to know us and our personalities and what made us happy and laugh! Luckily we found J. La Plante Photo when our friends used them at their wedding. We were blown away by those photos and we were then blown away again by our photos. I don't think words can describe just how amazingly cool these photos are! EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE has said the same thing about our photos... that they captured the amazingness of the night! Not only that, but their website is so easy to use making the download and sharing of photos so much easier! And to top all of this off, these two people (Moira and Jesse) are just lovely, kind, smart, sweet, and easy to work with."
~Shelby & Brian

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"When I tell you my husband doesn't like pictures, I mean I MAYBE get one picture out of him. Two pictures? That's out of the question. Enter J. La Plante Photo. Jesse and Moira make taking pictures FUN! After our Alt session, my (now) husband could not wait to see them again for wedding photos and fun. 

Not only do their pictures and talent blow everyone else out of the water, but they are genuinely awesome people who make taking pictures relaxing and entertaining at the same time. My family and friends cannot get enough of them and their pictures, nor can we obviously! They are so unique and captured us and our loved ones so perfectly. 

I mean it when I say they are the absolute best, hands down, nothing even comes close. The insane shots and memories you will get from them are something you will cherish forever. 

Wedding pictures are a big deal, and having the right photographers can make or break your day. Our wedding would not have been the same without Jesse and Moira, and I could never thank them enough for being who they are as individuals and as a team, and for utilizing their extreme and unique talent to give us the most epic pictures. 

If you are lucky enough to book them, rest assured you are in fantastic hands and your wedding events will be one for the books!"

~Ashley & Mitch

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"First, these pictures defy hyperbole. They are beyond stunning and some are so wonderful and personal and we will forever treasure them. The rest are works of art that should probably hang in a gallery and we will also forever treasure. We cannot express how lucky we are that you both agreed to be our photographers--we had high expectations, and even so you blew us away. Thank you a thousand times."
~M & L

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"By far, hands down, no question our favorite vendor we used at our wedding!! Jesse and Moira are not only spectacular photographers with the most unique perspective and "voice" as photographers but they are great people. So easy to work with, personable yet professional. They were the people I was least worried about throughout our wedding day. They always come with new, innovative ideas to really capture what makes your relationship unique. You will NOT get generic wedding photos, but gorgeous and epic moments coupled with the smallest details. They were always on point with communication, letting us know timelines, when to expect our photos to be ready etc. which was so refreshing. They are so thoughtful about their process and make every effort to capture everything you want while also remaining as much "in the background" as possible. I would recommend them to anyone!!"
~Kirsten & Mike

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Look no further... Jesse and Moira were the most professional, talented, creative, honest, confident, compassionate, laid back and overall incredible team we could have ever imagined. We met them after finding our favorite photos - theirs - of our venue (Copper Mountain, CO) and they completely out did our expectations. The preview shots we've received so far are stunning, unique, creative, and reflective of the most important moments of our day. They captured the heart of what felt like fleeting moments and highlighted so much of the beauty throughout the day. They are talented and professional beyond measure - but these are also world class humans. From first meeting to goodbye on the night of and every email and phone call in-between they were genuine, honest, helpful, and compassionate. My wife found Moira particularly comforting to her as a bride who was not used to being photographed, providing patient and experienced advice. Jesse's passion for what he does is evident and his creativity and thoughtfulness let you know that your photos will be pieces of art. We built our day-of team around their suggestions and were blown away."
~Melisa & Sam

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"I don’t know how to do justice to these two incredibly talented and genuine people.

From the start I knew I wanted something other than the traditional, posed, and somewhat cheesy photos that you usually see from weddings. When I came across J. La Plante, I was instantly enamoured with the photos on their website. They got back to me within a day and availability and my (now) husband and I actually changed our wedding date so that we could work with them. We are so glad that we did, it was the absolute best decision for our wedding! We Skyped with Moira and Jesse, got along instantly, and put our blind faith in them to do what they do best. All of the photos, from getting dressed to the ceremony and our couples shots are gorgeous, I only wish we had more. They also came up with the idea for a water balloon fight at the wedding, and it was not only so much fun for us and our guests, but we got some stunning photos as a result.

If you’re looking for amazing photos shot by equally amazing people, you cannot go wrong with J. La Plante. Jesse and Moira, thank you so much, John and I are nothing short of grateful, and are looking forward to seeing y’all soon when we’re in Denver!"

~Aekta & John

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

“Our story it isn't a perfect fairy tale wedding story. However, our photographers’ craftsmanship tells a different story. Jesse and Moira are BEYOND amazing photographers. They're amazing people. Jesse and Moira flew into Boston several days beforehand, easing any fears I had of them not becoming familiar with the area and venue. They surveyed the land and took a walk around our 90 acre farm to find 'prime shooting locations'. The duo needed very little attention from me, and were independent on the morning of the wedding, professionally navigating their way around the property and through guests. I was a barrel of emotions on our wedding day in August. Jesse and Moira were there for us every step of the way. In the morning, despite the pouring rain, Moira kept me happy and calm while she clicked away at the details and kept my bridesmaids and I moving (it's easy to get sidetracked when there's a bunch of women in your tiny apartment) and Jesse captured all of the special moments with 'the boys.’ When things seemed to go awry, I found myself turning to Moira and asking for her advice. She handled each scenario I brought to her with professionalism and grace. As the day went on and a handful of alarming events took place (including but not limited to an ambulance arriving for a family member), Jesse and Moira became beacons for solace. They kept us smiling and moving, and ensured they captured beautiful moments we didn't even know were happening. At one point, while we were walking in the rain, I turned to Jesse and Moira and I told them that I didn't know if I could've done the day without them. Now, as I peruse our gorgeous wedding album, I still feel the same way. They captured the fairy tale wedding we didn't even quite realize we were having. Your wedding day is going to be complex and full of surprises (hopefully all good!)... there is no question on whom I recommend to take this journey with you and your to-be. Perfect team, perfect photos.”
~Lindsey & Jake

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"The photos speak for themselves. If you've found J. La Plante, then you're done. Stop looking for photographers. You already found them. These are the greatest photos we've ever seen. First of all, Moira and Jesse are a delight, and have been so fun to work with. We booked them before we even had a venue or a wedding date because we wanted to work with them so badly. We booked an alt session first, and had a great time. They had a crazy idea involving trampolines and holi powder, and we were like cool cool let's do this. Um, it was the best. Go to their blog and find them.

Before the wedding date, we met to talk about the types of photos we wanted (I should mention that we met at a cat cafe, which was the best). We received a timeline so we knew when we had to be ready. They were also so helpful on our wedding day. They told us where to go and when, so it was stress-free. They were champions at fielding requests from guests and made sure that we had the kind of photos we wanted. If you've got weird relatives making ludicrous requests, they can handle them like pros. They're 100% on your team.

I literally want to print every picture that we received in our gallery. Everyone keeps talking about how awesome the photos are and that they've never seen anything like them. Reader, you also have not seen photos like these before. Book J. La Plante before someone else gets them before you."

~Melissa & Justin

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Stop looking for a wedding photographer. Just stop. I can tell you that you won’t regret hiring Moira and Jesse with J. La Plante. Not only are they talented photographers, they are wonderful people. Moira made me feel so at ease while she was photographing us in the bridal cabin and my husband said how much he enjoyed spending time with Jesse while getting ready with the boys. Throughout the night they were nothing but helpful and courteous. Upon receiving our final album we were blown away by the quality and shots taken. They were easy to correspond with and often checked in on us after hearing we postponed just to check on our mental health and well-being. Like I said they are just wonderful people who you will enjoy having at your special day! Two thumbs up and five stars all around."
~Maggie & Justin

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Choosing Jesse and Moira as our photographers was the best choice that we could've made. We knew that photos were going to be one of the most important things to take away from the wedding and we spent weeks looking at photographers only to be hit with the same issues. Most photographers either lacked quality, or were highly expensive with huge restrictions on photos or both. Not only did Jesse and Moira exceed our expectations, they helped ease a lot of stress and made the entire experience fun. The photos for our wedding came out better than we could have imagined and really showcased our unique and weird styles."
~Lindsey & Fernando

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Choosing Jesse and Moira as our photographers was probably one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. They are somehow both phenomenally talented and very chill: the perfect combo. I won’t linger on their artistic talent — their work speaks for itself — but I will say that they were 100% ALL IN for our wedding.

We were married up in the mountains in late May, and although we always knew the weather might be tricky, we weren’t quite expecting the foot of snow that ended up falling the day before. In the days leading up to the wedding, Moira and Jesse bought snow chains for their car, headed up to the mountains a day early to make sure they were close to our venue, and promised us they would WALK to our wedding if they had to (!!). And of course, our photos are literally The. Best. They captured our day more fully and authentically than I could have imagined. There’s not much more to say than that!

(Okay, one last note: We also did an engagement session/“alt session” with them the year before our wedding, where we went on a ridge hike up near 13,000 feet and generally had a fabulous time — and then also received the coolest, most genuine hiking photos that we’ll ever have. So, I definitely recommend that as well — they have some pretty fantastic adventure ideas.)"

~Emily & Luther

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"The only choice if you want an experience that is uniquely you. The only choice if you want unique, creative and timeless photos that capture *your* personality and *your* day. The photos are truly works of art, and their professionalism is unmatched. They are also wonderful people- both genuine and funny. 

Jesse and Moira are more than just photographers, they are artists. Their unique style captures every couple for who they (and their family/friends) truly are, while also capturing all the emotions of the day. We started off planning a large wedding and ended up eloping and they were with us every step of the way- literally (we hiked to our elopement). We were lucky enough to get to know Jesse and Moira beyond just our wedding day and their perspective on how they curate and evolve their style, in addition to their senses of humor, only add to the wonderful experience they curate. They are, hands down, the best."

~Laura & Connor

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Wow! Where to begin? J. La Plante (Jesse and Moira) are absolutely fantastic, as photographers and individuals! From the moment we saw their work, we knew we wanted to partner with them to capture our unique, non-traditional fantasy-inspired wedding. From the first consult to the day-of, they were truly spectacular. One of our hopes was to have photos that captured the magic and drama as though we were in a high-scale fantasy television show. AND THEY DELIVERED. The reasons to work with Jesse and Moira are endless - professional, speedy, organized, enthusiastic, collaborative, good-humored, and extremely talented. They captured the emotions and festivities of the day beautifully. Jesse and Moira kept us moving on schedule, wrangled the troops, provided essential impromptu pep talks, and achieved the most stunning wedding photos we (and many of our guests) have ever seen. We will be forever grateful to Jesse and Moira. 100% recommend working with J La Plante!"
~Narcissa & Bassil

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"There just aren’t enough words to possibly describe how phenomenal it was to work with Moira & Jesse La Plante. Besides being absolute masters of their craft, they are also wonderful individuals. They had us smiling & laughing throughout our special day. They have a magical way of finding the perfect angle, lighting, and background. They captured the most special moments of our wedding, both candidly & in portraits. We were blown away by the vibrancy & quality of our gallery, not to mention the attention to detail when it came to our wedding album consultation. They left no page unturned and made sure it was something we will cherish for a lifetime. I simply cannot recommend them enough to anyone who wants true professionals that go out of their way to create a customized photography experience."
~Shelley & Jonathan

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"If you have the privilege to hire Jesse & Moira, do it & consider yourself super lucky. We are incredibly grateful that we were able to work with them! Their portfolio speaks for itself in terms of knowing you’re in the best hands & will end up with phenomenal photos. Somehow even more impressive than that is how amazingly friendly, funny, & personable these two are. We chose them for their insane talent, but what I appreciated even more was their personalities & how seamlessly they fit right in and quickly felt like friends. (Which was comforting & awesome on a day that has the potential to be a bit overwhelming!) We knew we were going to have jaw droppingly gorgeous photos (based on their past work), but we weren’t sure what to expect or what it’d be like having them at our wedding. We wanted our day captured beautifully, but didn’t want to feel micromanaged or have organic moments interrupted to be posed. Jesse & Moira managed to be everywhere throughout the entire day to capture EVERY important thing, but in a way that was super comfortable and unobtrusive. (Our venue was a large outdoor property at high altitude with rough terrain…I actually have no idea how they covered the ground that they did! We never noticed them running around, but they must have been constantly on the move to capture everything that they did! Incredible!) They are exactly the people you want to have with you throughout your day, and the end result will blow you away! (Looking at our photos instantly brings me back to the wedding day & I get to re-live everything…including even things that I didn’t get to see firsthand on the day-of, which is pretty magical!) Can’t possibly recommend them enough!"
~Erin & Kevin

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"I came across a photo on Instagram about a year before our wedding and I was amazed with the artistic beauty that Jesse and Moira produce. I immediately knew we had to hire them as our photographers. Our photos are breathtaking and capture how we felt the day of our wedding. Many of our guests have said they want to get married again and hire Jesse and Moira. We give our highest recommendation to J. La Plante! You will be amazed with your pictures!"
~Eva & Joe 

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"Not only are Moira and Jesse wonderful and fun humans to work with, they are the most amazing wedding photographers ever. If you are looking for the usual flat lay and hundreds of posed photos, this couple might not be the way to go. BUT if you are looking for unique, bold, creative, and candid photos of you and all of your guests that truly capture the essence and energy of your wedding, then you have found the right folks.

We have received so many compliments on our wedding photos. Jesse and Moira were so professional, helpful, and by the end of the day, they were my dad's new favorite people."

~Jovanka & Alex

Jesse La Plante, Boulder, Colorado

"I cannot express how highly I recommend J. La Plante Photo! There is NO one I would trust more than this dynamite husband and wife team! The way Jesse and Moira were able to perfectly and beautifully capture our wedding day, is something I will cherish forever! Obviously, their work is beyond incredible. There are not enough words in the dictionary to describe how much I love the photos they took. Now let’s talk about how Jesse and Moira truly helped make the wedding day such a dream. They were incredible at keeping us all on track and getting every single photo I requested. They also went out of their way to check in on us (bride and groom) throughout the day. I truly felt like Moira was like my wedding day mom with a camera! If I could relive my wedding day again, I would just so I could hire them again!!!"
~Sheridan & Danny

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