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We are Dom, Liam, Alex and Matt, a family team of documentary wedding photographers, filmmakers, moment hunters and storytellers. We search for the in-between and thrive in the unexpected. We are documentarians and natural-light ninjas, capturing the moment naturally without staging and leaving you free to embrace every second of your day.

We’ve never captured a wedding like yours before and we never will again. After 10 years of capturing beautiful unique weddings across the UK and Europe we never tire of the beauty and excitement of a couple’s big day, nor the thrill of capturing that one perfect moment in time.

Live, dance, laugh, love… these are the moments, these are the memories. This is our ethos.

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Dominique Shaw, London UK

"I’m not sure how to explain how or why we choose Dom and Liam from York Place Studios – we actually booked them in before we even had a firm date or venue. There was just something about the way they captured lots of little moments and you can actually feel the spirit of the weddings they photograph coming out of the screen.

Apart from 1 skype catch up about 2 weeks prior we hadn’t ever actually spoken to or met them – all communication was done via email. When they turned up on the day it felt like old friends had arrived – they managed to put me at ease instantly. My dad summed them both up perfectly – they managed to always be around but at no point were they intrusive or in the way.

They stayed with us from 9am through til 1am and it was touch and go as to whether they’d make it home due to another flurry of snow. Their dedication went to the max when Dom asked me at one point if there were any spare mattresses they could sleep on if they couldn’t get home!" - Sarah & Richard

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