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Real Wedding | The Great Synagogue Of Florence | Castello Di Vincigliata | Florence Wedding Photographer Edoardo Agresti
Posted by Edoardo Agresti Photographer[s] on August 18th 2010 · Comments (1)

The Great Synagogue of Florence or Tempio Maggiore is considered, rightly, one of the most beautiful in Europe. In August it was the site of a beautiful Jewish wedding with a beautiful couple from England. Everything went according to the tradition, the groom had not seen his bride for a full week before the ceremony. For outdoor photos the photographer, Edoardo Agresti, brought the...

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Real Wedding | Historic Town Hall Wuppertal | Düsseldorf Wedding Photographer Yvonne Zemke
Posted by Yvonne Zemke on August 18th 2010 · Comments (2)

Sometimes photographer’s dreams come true. I’ve always hoped to shoot an Orthodox ceremony and this year Dany and Goran fulfilled my desire. Both of them were so natural, relaxed and adorable in every way. I loved her dress and the way Dany wore it. It was definitely her dress! Goran was the most handsome groom I’ve ever seen. Together they were breathtaking.

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Real Wedding | Patronato Panama Viejo | Panama Wedding Photographer Ruben Parra
Posted by Ruben Parra Studio on August 8th 2010 · Comments (5)

The wedding was held at one of the most beautiful Panama venues: the old ruins at Patronato Panama Viejo. The guests came from all over the world since the bride and groom has lived in many countries around the globe. The atmosphere was very classy with a touch of mystery (old ruins) the weather was perfect , it was a fantastic wedding destination.

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Real Wedding | Florianopolis, SC, Brazil | By Florianopolis Wedding Photographer Fabricio Sousa
Posted by Fabricio Sousa Fotografia De Casamento E Família on August 8th 2010 · Comments (0)

It was a cloudy day in a historical place right on Santo Antonio’s beach, Florianopolis. The church is Azorean architecture, simple and beautiful. For a few friends and family it was an emotional ceremony and reception. Good speeches and a lot of emotion. I felt chill down my spine to be the only one who was capturing the scenes that day. All the coverage was shot withou...

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Real Wedding | The Highlands, Newberry Estate, Dallas, PA | By Scranton Wedding Photographer Jeff Dietz
Posted by Jeff Dietz Photography on August 8th 2010 · Comments (1)

This was a beautiful wedding with Jennie and Drew Foy in Dallas, PA. The couple are actually from the Philadelphia area which is where I photographed their engagement session. The ceremony was a traditional catholic ceremony in Shavertown PA. Following the ceremony we went to a private farm residence where we had their photo session. We then finished the night at The Highlands at...

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Real Wedding | Castle Of Lonato Del Garda | Brescia Italy Wedding Photographer Veronica Masserdotti
Posted by Maison Di Veronica Masserdotti on July 28th 2010 · Comments (0)

A 40’s style wedding at the castle of Lonato del Garda in Brescia, Italy.

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Real Wedding | Thessaloniki, Greece | Wedding Photographer Nik Pekridis
Posted by Nik Pekridis Photography on July 25th 2010 · Comments (0)

A lovable couple from New York. In fact, Marina is Greek but has lived in New York for almost a decade. They are both musicians and they decided to get married in Thessaloniki. We did a few getting ready shots and after that we went to some popular locations around Thessaloniki for to take a variety of pictures before the ceremony.

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Real Wedding | Château La Baumetane, Provence | By Marseille Wedding Photographer Eric Fabrer
Posted by Eric Fabrer Photography on July 25th 2010 · Comments (0)

Elodie and Marc live near Paris, but they preferred to get married in Provence, the birthplace of Marc. As background, they had a beautiful sun, and the magnificent Calanques that flow into the Mediterranean sea. A perfect setting to capture the immensity of their love …

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Real Wedding | Bad Dürkheim, Germany | Nuremberg Wedding Photographer Katja Schünemann
Posted by Katja Schünemann Photography on July 9th 2010 · Comments (0)

That was my perfect start into this years wedding season. Taciana and Ingo got married in the church of Bad Dürkheim. Since Taciana is a native Brazilian, guests from around the world were invited. New York, Tokyo, Rio, from all directions family and friends came together to celebrate. The reception was at the estate of the Gebrueder Meurer in Großkarlbach on the Germa...

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Real Wedding | Città Del Vasto | Italy Wedding Photographer Gianluca Adovasio
Posted by Gianluca Adovasio Photographer on July 8th 2010 · Comments (2)

A beautiful wedding in Italian Città del Vasto.

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