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Real Wedding | Winter Garden Theatre | Toronto Wedding Photographer Isis Photography
Posted by Isis Photography on October 22nd 2011

Love is Love. It was a recurring theme though out the speeches and it was obvious for all to see at the wedding that this was true. Jason and Paul’s wedding was one we had been anticipating since booking it last year. It was our first gay wedding which meant that we were both excited and nervous at the same time this being our first gay wedding. As it turned out Jason, Paul an...

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Real Wedding | Schloss Schadau | Zürich Wedding Photographer Matthew Anderson
Posted by Matthew Anderson Photography on October 21st 2011

Christine and Philippe’s wedding at the Schloss Schadau in Thun, Switzerland was absolutely awesome to photograph. The couple’s event brought together family from two continents in an amazing location which many consider to be one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland. The famous Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau mountains loomed on the horizon as Christine and Philip...

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Real Wedding | Cinque Terra | Naples Wedding Photographer Francesco De Tito
Posted by DETITO PHOTOGRAPHY on October 15th 2011

I really enjoyed photographing Heather and Wes wedding. They are such an incredible couple; so warm and kind and funny and their love for each other was in the air.

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Real Wedding | Busdorfkirche | Paderborn Wedding Photographer Anastasia Folman
Posted by A.F. Photography on October 15th 2011

Ana, Andrew and I had already met at the engagement portrait session. They are a very likeable couple filled with humor and love. Now it was finally time for the wedding, held at the Busdorfkirche in Paderborn. We were able to use the surrounding area and the cloister for the bride and groom portraits as well as the group photos. The bride and groom had the great advantage of ...

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Real Wedding | Quinta Mazatlan | Dallas Wedding Photographer Pedro Damian Arevalo
Posted by Pedro Damian on October 15th 2011

A wedding filled with emotions and moments in a beautiful mansion surrounded by nature and belongs to the history of the valley Texas.

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Real Wedding | Sunny Beach Hotel, Afytos, Greece | Thessaloniki Wedding Photographer Nik Pekridis
Posted by Nik Pekridis Photography on October 10th 2011

A guy, a girl, love, summer in Greece and a little bit of romance, emotion, and a good mood. Combine all of these things with a good wedding photographer and you get perfect images for your wedding. Enjoy!

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Real Wedding | Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto | Ottawa Wedding Photographer Juan Manuel Garcia
Posted by Avenida Garcia on October 10th 2011

Steve and Cassie’s beautiful wedding at Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto, Canada.

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Real Wedding | Leicester Botanical Gardens | London Wedding Photographer Martins Kikulis
Posted by Martins Kikulis Photography on October 10th 2011

Vincent and Susanna had a very small and lovely wedding day which took place in Leicester, England. They got married in church in an emotional ceremony and then had a small reception with cake and speeches. We then headed to Leicester Botanical Gardens to have a short newlywed photo-session.

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Real Wedding | Palazzo Della Signoria, Florence | Tuscany Wedding Photographer Alessandro Baglioni
Posted by Alessandro Baglioni Photographer on October 2nd 2011

A romantic rainy wedding in Florence.

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Real Engagement | Komazawa Olympic Park & Shibuya Crossing | Tokyo Wedding Photographer Tomoko Nakagawa
Posted by EasterEgg on October 1st 2011

This was an engagement session at some very well known Tokyo landmarks. We had a big earthquake on March 11 this year. But Japan is fine. Please see!!

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