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Real Wedding | Casa Nova, Bahia, Brazil | Braga, Portugal And Brazil Wedding Photographer Aldo Bernardis
Posted by Aldo Bernardis Fotografe on July 11th 2013

The marriage of John and Juliana was held in Casa Nova, Bahia, Brazil, in a beautiful ceremony and full of emotion. The couple spent a honeymoon in Europe where I could follow them and shoot a post – very beautiful wedding in several cities. Cheers to the couple JC & JU!

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Real Wedding | The Medici Villa | Florence, Italy Wedding Photographer Eigirdas Scinskas
Posted by WHITE Fashion Photographer on July 11th 2013

The couple is from Sri Lanka, who currently live in Sydney, Australia, but love to travel and explore new places have choose Italy as their destination wedding place. The beautiful Medici family villa near Florence became home to them and all their guest from Australia for one week. We had an amazing two days with this stylish couple! The weather in Florence wasn’t beautiful e...

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Real Wedding | St. Petersburg Summer Palace | Moscow, St. Petersburg Wedding Photographer Anatoliy Bityukov
Posted by Anatoliy Bityukov on May 27th 2013

This was a wedding of well-known people in Russia, the groom was the goalkeeper of the FC Zenith, the Bride was a DJ of a popular radio station. It was a very beautiful wedding, with a fine couple, remarkable children, a little excitement, a sea of positive emotions and a very beautiful banquet room. Everything was magnificent for this wedding! More photos from this wedding can be s...

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Real Wedding | Naxos Island, Greece | Kozani Wedding Photographer Theodoros Chliapas
Posted by Theodoros Chliapas on May 27th 2013

Paul and Amanda have traveled to many places but Naxos Island in Greece always held a special place in their hearts, so they decided to marry in a rocky beach in Naxos with their family and friends from Canada. I still can remember their lovely son Aidan screaming “Yay!”

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Real Wedding | Korona Karkonoszy Mansion, Poland | Brno, Czech Republic Wedding Photographer Tomas Dolejsi
Posted by Lukas Konvicka & Tomas Dolejsi | Wedding Photographers on May 22nd 2013

I met Stella and Marcin during our pre-wedding photoshoot in London, United Kingdom. Their destination wedding in Poland was absolutely gorgeous. The ceremony was held in the very nice church in Sosnowka (a town on the Czech-Polish frontier). It was a very amazing experience for me because there was no first kiss during the ceremony. The venue took place at the wonderful Korona K...

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Real Wedding | Hotel Villa Italia | Mallorca Wedding Photographer Sandra Mañas Garcia
Posted by Sandra Manas Photography on May 21st 2013

Maxine and Nick married at a romantic and intimate ceremony in the Church of Port d´Andraitx, Mallorca. Maxine wore a stunning crystal embroidered dress and Nick a black tuxedo, so they both looked like a million dollars. The theme colors of the wedding were white and pink, like the bouquet of orchids from the bride. After the ceremony the couple and guests walked together alo...

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Real Pre-Wedding | Tour Eiffel, Paris | Prague Wedding Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Posted by Artur Jakutsevich Destination Wedding Photographer on May 21st 2013

Pre wedding in Paris Alvin and Tong Tong came to Paris from Singapore to have some gorgeous pre-wedding photos in the capital of lovers. It was their first visit to Europe, therefore I had honor to introduce European traditions and culture to this lovely Asian couple. Frankly speaking I was a bit excited about this project. But with every chat in Skype we had, I got more and m...

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Real Wedding | Chadeau De Canon, Mezidon-Canon | Brussels Wedding Photographer Ivo Popov
Posted by Ivo Popov Photography on May 17th 2013

This was one of the most amazing destination weddings i have ever shot! We had a beautiful weather and the reception was at the magnificent Chateau de Canon in Mezidon-Canon, France. The groom, Jesse Bonanno, a very good singer wrote the song for the first dance. So nice! The church ceremony was held in the city of Le Havre. I am truly honoured that they chose me to be their wedding...

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Real Wedding | Westfields Golf Club, Clifton VA | Baltimore Wedding Photographer Dennis Drenner
Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on May 17th 2013

Stephanie and Billy were married on a perfect October day at the Centreville United Methodist Church with a reception at the Westfields Golf Club. The pastor was a family friend, which made the ceremony particularly special. At the reception, Stephanie and Billy showed off some impressive dance moves (Stephanie used to dance professionally).

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Real Wedding | Ukai Toriyama | Tokyo Wedding Photographer Tomoko Nakagawa
Posted by EasterEgg on May 17th 2013

The wedding was celebrated in the beautiful woods at the base of Mt. Takao (countryside of Tokyo). During the fantastic party it was a wonderful time for the bride and groom who were smoothed with a lot of smiles and unforgettable meals, sweets and wine. Even though time will pass quickly for each in its own life, in all likelihood, it will be an unforgettable memory for everyone. I...

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