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Real Weddings | Maryland Club | Baltimore Wedding Photographer Dennis Drenner

Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on April 14th 2010 · Comments (0)

Rachel and Miles got married on a perfect October day in the historical center of downtown Baltimore. Their church, the First Unitarian of Baltimore, was built in 1817 and the Maryland Club, where they held their reception, has been a swanky meeting place for the Baltimore elite since 1857. Photographing a wedding in such setting with such a beautiful couple as Rachel and Miles w...

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Real Weddings | Bear Cafe, Woodstock | New York Wedding Photographer Radmila Ladyzhinskaya

Posted by Sunflowers Studios Photography on April 14th 2010 · Comments (0)

This was such an interesting wedding! I am happy that I had an opportunity to shoot such a fun wedding! The bride and groom were so much fun! Stacey and Ken had a very interesting vintage idea for their wedding. It came out great, Stacey looked like a movie star from the 20’s, Ken looked very fancy with his tux and leather shoes, (not to forget his amazing guitar skills). T...

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Real Weddings | Napoli Italy Wedding Photographer Francesco De Tito | Danielle And Michael

Posted by DETITO PHOTOGRAPHY on April 10th 2010 · Comments (3)

The gorgeous landscapes were the perfect frame for every photo, and their willingness to literally do anything for the camera made this one of our favourite weddings – brimming with emotion and a tropical lushness that was more than any of us expected.

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Real Weddings | Hellenic Centre, London, Ontario | Toronto Wedding Photographer Mariusz Lasocha

Posted by Hephoto on April 10th 2010 · Comments (1)

Tatiana and Greg have been wonderful clients ever since I have met them. The wedding took place in London Ontario and was it very relaxed and down to earth event. It was a wonderful fall day, starting the usual at the groom’s house. We worked with the boys for about an hour with shots of them getting ready. We then took some great images of Tatiana and her bridesmaids at a hot...

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Real Weddings | Dwór Szczepanskich | Katowice, Poland Wedding Photographer Adam Ludwik

Posted by Adam Ludwik Photography on April 10th 2010 · Comments (1)

This is an extraordinary and unique story, just like its characters: Agata and Alfonso. She is Polish – beautiful, delicate, subtle and sensitive. He is Italian – handsome, gallant, caring and temperamental. Why this story? Well, because it begins quite ordinary and ends incredibly. When I arrived at the bride’s home, where wedding preparations took place, it was a...

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Holga Wedding | Newton White Mansion, Mitchellville, MD | Washington DC Wedding Photographer Erin Antognoli | Vanessa And Jesse

Posted by Erin Antognoli on April 7th 2010 · Comments (8)

I’ve been a wedding photographer for nearly a decade, and have been an exhibiting artist for even longer than that. So when I decided to combine the two aspects of image making, it seemed logical… to me. No one was really sure what a wedding photographed entirely with a Holga camera would look like, but having used Holgas for my personal artwork for several years prior ...

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Real Weddings | Tuscany Italy | By Tuscany Wedding Photographer Marco Miglianti | Nicola E Patrizia

Posted by Marco Miglianti on March 28th 2010 · Comments (2)

Nicola e Patrizia

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Real Weddings | Museo Del Arte Moderno, Cartagena, Colombia | Baltimore Wedding Photographer Dennis Drenner | Maria Teresa And Raj

Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on March 21st 2010 · Comments (0)

I was very excited at the opportunity to photograph this wedding in Cartagena. Colombia is like a second home to me. I have spent years traveling around the country and it where I met my wife (who is from a town near Cartagena). Maria Teresa, the bride, is a Colombian who now lives in Washington, DC and the groom Raj is Indian. In order to honor both of their traditions, they had...

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Real Weddings | Schloss Stammheim, Florstadt | Düsseldorf Wedding Photographer Yvonne Zemke | Anke And Franc

Posted by Yvonne Zemke on March 18th 2010 · Comments (5)

Anke and Franc worked wonders in the few weeks before their wedding. After finding out that their original choice of venue was no longer an option just six weeks before their big day, Anke and Franc had to rearrange just about everything in just a short amount of time: the venues for the ceremony and party, music, car… Instead of their original “romantic castle” t...

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Real Weddings | Morris Museum, Morristown NJ | Montana Wedding Photographer Lauren Grabelle | Kristen & Pete

Posted by Lauren Grabelle Photography on March 13th 2010 · Comments (0)

Kristen and Pete

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