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Real Weddings | Wilson-Vaughan Hostess House, Marion, IN | Christy Marks

Posted by McGreevy-Marks Photography on May 28th 2010 · Comments (0)

This was a gorgeous wedding on a typical Indiana winter day. The night before a huge snowstorm hit the state and since we were from out of town we left very early that morning taking it slow. Rain, snow, sleet, dark of night…we’ll be there. Claire and Nate are a wonderful couple and the emotion was evident throughout the day. The reception was at the historic Wilson-...

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Real Wedding | Surrey Golf Club, British Columbia | Wedding Photographer Audra Colpitts

Posted by Audra's Photography on May 28th 2010 · Comments (1)

On Tuesday, May 4 Shayne & Fang Fang were married in front of a few of their closest friends and family on White Rock Beach. It was one of those crazy days in the weather department. We had hail and rain in the morning and early afternoon, but there was a little pocket of sunshine right over the ceremony site which left us with blue skies and big puffy white clouds for the cerem...

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Real Weddings | Riva Di Chieri | Turin, Italy Wedding Photographer Edoardo Cravero

Posted by Edoardo Cravero Photographer on May 11th 2010 · Comments (1)

Beautiful wedding, beautiful location, beautiful couple.

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Real Weddings | Ahwanee Hotel, Yosemite Valley, CA | Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer Matt Theilen

Posted by Theilen Photography on May 11th 2010 · Comments (2)

We met Shawna and Grant one evening in the Spring of 2009. At first, it was to be a typical wedding “client” meeting and after 3 hours of talking, sharing and laughing–we were hooked. They were hooked on us and we were hooked on them! Even though they hadn’t set a date or location — we knew we were going to photograph their wedding wherever and whenever...

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Real Wedding | Lake Garda, Italy | Naples Wedding Photographer Francesco De Tito

Posted by DETITO PHOTOGRAPHY on May 11th 2010 · Comments (0)

Lake Garda is Italy’s largest and most popular lake. It features beautiful villages, medieval castles, and lakeside promenades which makes it an ideal spot for weddings.

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Real Weddings | London Marriott Grosvenor | London Wedding Photographer Adam Aziz

Posted by Snapz Photography on May 11th 2010 · Comments (0)

I had the pleasure of showcasing this amazing colourful Muslim wedding of Shohel & Shafia which was held at the Marriott London Grosvenor Square.

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Real Weddings | Fox Hollow, Long Island | New York Wedding Photographer Emin Kuliyev

Posted by Emin Wedding Photography on May 10th 2010 · Comments (1)

My best couple in 2010.

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Real Weddings | Israel Wedding Photographer Perel Alexander | Denis And Lena

Posted by PerelPhotography on May 7th 2010 · Comments (0)

I enjoyed working with Lena and Denis. The were very natural during the all photo session and it was very easy for me to take amazing pictures. For more pictures of that wedding go to my blog.

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Real Weddings | US Naval Academy, Annapolis | Baltimore Wedding Photographer Dennis Drenner

Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on May 1st 2010 · Comments (0)

Stephanie and David met in March 2007 at a wedding in Charlotte, North Carolina (she was the maid of honor and he was a groomsman) and sparks flew instantly and within a few days they had officially fallen in love. The next year of their lives was not an easy way to start a relationship. As an ex-Naval submarine officer Dave was always on the move, and soon got an offer to work o...

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Real Weddings | Melia Caribe Tropical Resort, Dominican Republic | Toronto Wedding Photographer Renaissance Studios

Posted by Renaissance Studios Photography on April 26th 2010 · Comments (4)

Trina & Jason’s Caribbean destination wedding – “Swept Away” in Punta Cana – just last month was the perfect celebration of family, love, and sun The Melia Caribe Tropical Resort is definitely one of a kind; quite possibly the largest resort we’ve ever seen (you actually have to take a train to get anywhere on the property!) With surprise g...

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