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Real Wedding | Restaurant Fusion, Moscow | By Hamburg Wedding Photographer Alina Drobner
Posted by Alina Drobner | Creative And Wedding Photography on June 21st 2012

Eugenia and Mikhail are an extremely positive and harmonic couple. First of all, they wanted to celebrate their wedding with minimum stress. And second, they didn’t want to follow old traditions, therefore they decided to divide their wedding into two days: a registry and a celebration. On April 30th Eugenia and Mikhail got married in a very informal way! There was the civi...

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Real Wedding | Peacock Garden, Baclayon, Philippines | Los Angeles Wedding Photographers Brandon Wong + Katrina Santos
Posted by Brandon Wong Photography on June 21st 2012

Many of our clients are architects, designers, and even photographers. Shooting a creative professional’s weddings is an intimidating experience, mostly because they will notice the small details that most people don’t. So when award winning photographers Karen and Ed Atrero asked us to document their intimate ten year anniversary across the world, Katrina and I knew we ...

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Real Wedding | Quinta Do Casal Novo | Lisbon, Portugal Wedding Photographer Fábio Azanha
Posted by Fábio Azanha Photography on June 2nd 2012

It was another glorious Saturday afternoon when Ana Sofia and Bruno tied the knot. We were privileged to accompany Ana Sofia from the early morning at the intimacy of her home where she was getting ready. We then rushed to meet Bruno at the National Palace of Mafra, where the couple exchanged their vows at the stunning baroque-style Basilica, an important landmark of the town of Maf...

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Real Wedding | Schlosshotel Kronberg | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Dirk Weber
Posted by BRAUTRAUSCH on June 2nd 2012

Paula’s and Christoph’s wedding on the wonderful grounds of the historic Castle Hotel in Kronberg was a real pleasure. Perhaps it’s just thanks to Paula’s Brazilian roots, that the weather at her and Christoph’s wedding in Kronberg was really perfect and made a good job in cheering up the guests and giving great light for photography. But it was not ...

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Real Wedding | Villa Appia | Rome Wedding Photographer Sandro Gismondi
Posted by Sandro Gismondi Wedding Photographer on May 25th 2012

Stefano and Alessandra had a very fun wedding at Villa Appia, a wonderful place along the Appia Antica, the ancient Roman Way. There was plenty of emotion, smiles, and relaxing on a spring day. This was my first wedding of the year 2012.

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Real Wedding | Restaurant Lebed, Sofia, Bulgaria | Brussels Wedding Photographer Ivo Popov
Posted by Ivo Popov Photography on May 25th 2012

This was an international destination wedding in Sofia, Bulgaria with guests from all over the world. The couple came all the way from London to get married in a beautiful lake restaurant not far from the city. We’ve had an amazing day and one of the most epic wedding parties!

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Real Wedding | La Pirogue Resort, Mauritius | Moscow Wedding Photographer Mukhina Ekaterina
Posted by Purlitas on May 23rd 2012

The beautiful island of Mauritius and the lovely couple of Daria & Grigoriy made this album shine! The wedding took place at La Pirogue Resort, Flick en Flac, Mauritius. There were two days of shooting for this album. Fist day (the Wedding Day) I took photos together with my second photographer and friend Ksenia Ashihmina. Thank you so much Ksenia for you help! I stepped onto...

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Real Wedding | Fuzhou, China Wedding Photographer Hui Chen
Posted by Simplech on May 20th 2012

This was a beautiful wedding, simple but touching.

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Real Wedding | Maplewood Hall, Ancaster, Ontario | Toronto Wedding Photographer Danielle Rabbat
Posted by Rabbat Photography on May 15th 2012

Jennifer and James’ wedding took place on a glorious late August summer day, in the forest surrounding Maplewood Hall, in Ancaster, Ontario. James and the groomsmen were ready well before the ceremony began and they were eager to take lots of group photos, doing various activities like wielding ‘swords’ aka sticks, throwing leaves at each other and seeing who co...

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Real Wedding | Safisa Celebration House | Moscow Wedding Photographer Dmitry Fedotov
Posted by Dmitry & Victoria Fedotov Photography on May 15th 2012

This was a traditional Armenian Wedding, which took place in Moscow. Everything was very gorgeous and fabulous. By tradition, the groom’s mother dressed the bride with her jewelry. The ceremony took place in the largest Armenian church in Russia. The church was full of flowers – an unforgettable show – really touching. The reception was in one of the best and...

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