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Real Wedding | Champ De Mars Tour Eiffel | Paris Wedding Photographer Jacques Mateos
Posted by Jacques Mateos on January 27th 2013

Alyssa and Cyrus came from Vancouver, Canada, with their parents and friends to have a very intimate wedding in Paris. Alyssa fell in love with Paris a few years ago when she was a student and it was obvious that one day she would come back to get married here. Her beautiful and simple dress come from Delphine Manivet, known for her unique vintage and bohemian style. They rented ...

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Real Wedding | Nut Cracker Country Retreat | Johannesburg Wedding Photographer Jaco Viljoen
Posted by Jaco Viljoen Photography on January 26th 2013

Parys plays host to some of the most beautiful wedding venues in South Africa. But when you combine the beauty of nature and a fun loving couple you can only expect to take awesome photographs.

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Real Wedding | Le Courtil, Geneva | By Madrid Wedding Photographer Alec Seeger
Posted by AiS Fotografos on January 26th 2013

Rebecca and Matthias had a very intimate wedding next to Lake Leman close to Geneva, Switzerland. Although it was a small wedding people had traveled from all corners of the world: Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe. It was a simple morning ceremony, filled with prayer and rejoicing, followed by a wedding breakfast brimming with laughter, songs and dancing. It was a joy and an ho...

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Real Wedding | Michigan Shores Club | Chicago Wedding Photographer Amanda Reseburg
Posted by Type A Images on December 21st 2012

Kelly and Michael’s wedding is up there with probably one of my all-time favorites. Every single detail and nuance of the day was perfection, from the amazing weather and seasonal color to Kelly’s impeccable detail taste. They tied the knot at the quaint St. Francis Xavier Church and celebrated later at the incomparable Michigan Shores Club.

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Real Wedding | Camp Angelos | Portland Wedding Photographer Fritz Liedtke
Posted by Fritz Photography on December 21st 2012

Having photographed weddings off and on for over 25 years, we thought we’d seen most types of weddings. Now and then somebody throws us a crazy, unorthodox, alternative curveball, and that’s a ton of fun. But not Nick and Elena. They threw us a beautiful, orthodox, traditional curveball: a full-on Greek wedding, right here in Portland, Oregon! From the traditional Gre...

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Bath Abbey Wedding | Wedding Photographer Bath Abbey Rich Howman
Posted by Rich Howman Photography on December 21st 2012

When it comes to photographing weddings at epic venues, they don’t get too much grander than a Bath Abbey wedding in the world heritage city of Bath in Somerset, England. Jenny and Mark tied the knot before leaving through the amazing, ancient carved West Door and heading to Parade Gardens for drinks, group photographs and a creative photo shoot. Unfortunately the weat...

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Real Wedding | McGill University Birks Heritage Chapel | Montreal Wedding Photographer Brian Limoyo
Posted by Brian Limoyo Photography on December 1st 2012

Lai and Christopher, native Montrealers, both attended Concordia University’s Liberal Arts College with about 98 of their peers. They agree that during the program perhaps only ten words were exchanged between them! Off they went, in separate ways, for many years. Attending a reunion in March 2009, they happened to sit together. To their mutual surprise, (and that of their ...

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Real Wedding | Hotel Arista, Naperville | Chicago Wedding Photographer Jason Kaczorowski
Posted by Jason Kaczorowski Photography on December 1st 2012

Danielle and Scott’s willingness to take risks, allowing me to carve ample time to develop a timeline to create beautiful artistic portraits, permitting me the freedom to explore casual posing and genuinely being in love and engaging with their family and friends made for such an enjoyable day and incredible photography. Danielle and Scott chose the Hotel Arista, located in...

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Real Wedding | Relais Badia Di Campoleone, Castelluccio | Tuscany Wedding Photographer Andrea Corsi
Posted by Andrea Corsi Photographer on November 23rd 2012

It was a wonderful wedding, 1920’s style and Linn and Tommy were very nice. The wedding organisation was perfect. A very special thanks to my colleague and friend Daniele Vertelli.

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Real Wedding | Eurostars Madrid Tower | Madrid Wedding Photographer Denis Cherim
Posted by Denis Cherim Photography on November 21st 2012

The wedding of Marta and Pablo in Madrid.

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