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Real Wedding | Togakushi Shrine | Tokyo Wedding Photographer Tomoko Nakagawa
Posted by EasterEgg on May 9th 2014

One of the most prominent Shrines in Japan; Togakushi Shrine is surrounded by the quite silent forest in Nagano. Its history traces back to over two thousand years. The couple decided to have their wedding here because they were so impressed with the fascinating atmosphere around this shrine. The wedding ceremony and celebration was held with their family as special guests at thi...

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Real Wedding | The Tsurugaoka Hachimangu | Tokyo Wedding Photographer Tomoko Nakagawa
Posted by EasterEgg on May 8th 2014

Tsurugaoka-Hachimangu at Kamakura ; it’s one of the most prominent shrines. Many couples from all of Japan get married here, this couple also did. Their warm wedding party was crowded with a lot of their precious guests even though it was pretty windy and rainy day.

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Real Wedding | Panama City, Panama | Panama Wedding Photographer Ruben Parra
Posted by RUBEN PARRA STUDIO on May 7th 2014

Under a majestic tree ´corotú´ in a 5 star resort the Panamanian Pacific coast Valerie and Miguel exchanged vows in a dream fair theme, colorful wedding full of surprises.

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Real Wedding | Park View, Hong Kong | Parkview Wedding Photographer SiuMing Fung
Posted by SiuMing.Photo on May 7th 2014

A Chinese wedding ceremony in the morning and banquet and registration ceremony in western style at the evening, is what you usually found in Hong Kong. The most difference is the venue to hold the banquet, could provide a place for couple shooting. At Hong Kong Parkview, there are many rooms that decorated into various themes that the photographer could not stop pressing the shutte...

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Real Wedding | Rome, Italy | Prague Wedding Photographer Artur Jakutsevich
Posted by Artur Jakutsevich Destination Wedding Photographer on April 17th 2014

What do I like about wedding and engagement photography? I like meeting new people, since I can’t live without new faces and emotions captured by my camera. Originally I come from Belarus, the country where it is not so easy to meet people from different countries and continents travelling for pre or post wedding events. Therefore, when I moved to Prague and then to Rome, wher...

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Real Wedding | Liechtenstein Palace, Vienna | Paris Wedding Photographer Fred Marigaux
Posted by FRED MARIGAUX on February 25th 2014

When a couple makes you feel instantly “part of the family”, there is no doubt that all along the D-day you will feel extra motivated & never tired. This is exactly what happened to me with Cornelia & Ramzi, from Washington DC, whom I met for the first time on their wedding day in Vienna on July 28th, 2012. A lovely ceremony was held at SERVITENKIRCHE church f...

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Real Wedding | Madonna Di Costantinopoli | Umbria, Italy Wedding Photographer Andrea Tappo
Posted by Andrea & Federica on November 23rd 2013

The bride says: Our wedding planner is a friend of Emanuele and she is amazing! We didn’t have to so a thing. Our venue was the first one she took us to and we chose it right away. She also introduced us to our fabulous photographer Andrea Tappo, who is so professional and easy to work with, she brought us different invitations, flowers and bombonieres to choose from. She mad...

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Real Wedding | Slovenia | Dubrovnik Wedding Photographer Zvonimir Kusec
Posted by One Day Studio Wedding Photography & Cinematography on November 22nd 2013

We recently spent a wonderful day at the wedding in Slovenia. The bride and the groom were very relaxed, calm with love bursting out of them. Although the day was shrouded in clouds and rain, that only made it even more special and unique. And this is how it works in Slovenia.

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Real Wedding | Auberge Du Fleckenstein In Kutzenhausen | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Dominik Peter
Posted by Dp Hochzeitsfotograf on November 17th 2013

This wedding in north-eastern France was a real blast for us. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere is the small and wonderful village Kutzenhausen. Jessica and Jean-Michel got married in the old town hall of Kutzenhausen and the wedding reception took place at the Auberge du Fleckenstein, a gorgeous traditional Alsace restaurant. Because it had been raining nearly the whole day, we t...

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Real Wedding | Maison Quinta Da Colina | João Pessoa, Brazil Wedding Photographer Julio Vasconcelos
Posted by Julio Vasconcelos - Studio Fotográfico on November 17th 2013

A unique and magical wedding, with the right pinch of sophistication and glamour. Sonaly and Rennan were together for 6 years before a sudden break up. Living apart for about 4 years from then, Rennan was engaged to someone else and so was Sonaly. But one day, after a casual meeting, they realized that they just couldn’t live without each other. They immediately broke up the...

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