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Real Wedding | Japan | Japan Wedding Photographer EasterEgg Bridal Photo Service
Posted by EasterEgg on July 15th 2014

The other day, a wedding party was celebrated in a modern hotel at Asakusa Japan. During the party all guests happily had been surrounded with romantic music as a BGM selected by bride and groom. Unexpectedly, they also had fun watching beautiful sunset at Asakusa that is one of the most popular sights in Japan. photos ©EasterEgg Bridal Photo Service

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Real Wedding | Frankfurt, Germany | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Johannes Fenn
Posted by Johannes Fenn Wedding Photography on July 15th 2014

The ceremony took place on a landing stage at the lake, on a sandy beach. This location gave all of us vacation feelings even during cloudy weather. Also during the preparation we had a blast, especially during the afternoon party and the party with soul- and rock rhythms until late at night. Even as a wedding photographer that hops every week to two weddings this was an outstand...

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Real Wedding | Jiazhou, China | China Wedding Photographer Zhiqiang Ma
Posted by Matthew Wedding on July 15th 2014

May is a pleasant seaon for a wedding.And Jiazhou International Hotel is also a good place to hold a wedding. There are plenty of seats for the guests to rest after their arrival.So I think they made their decision brightly to choose it to hold their wedding. The wedding of Yi and Jiayan is one of my favourite weddings that I took apart in this year.And I feel so lucky that I cou...

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Real Wedding | Mexico | Mexico Wedding Photographer Rahul Khona
Posted by F5 Photography on July 15th 2014

Suneera and Faizal decided to take their family and closest friends to Mexico, for 3 days of partying to celebrate their love for one another at the beautiful Azul Fives resort, Playa Del Carmen. However, 2 days before the wedding, the tropical rain started, and it didn’t stop, until the day after their wedding, plans were changed, venue’s were shuffled, but it was clear...

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Real Wedding | Rundales Garden House, Latvia | Latvia Wedding Photographer Gatis Locmelis
Posted by Gatis Locmelis Photography on July 15th 2014

Ilute and Girts chose the theme of the wedding the colour blueberry. Hence – blueberry wedding. The bride owns her own wedding planning business and that’s why she was in charge of all the details in her wedding. The dress was made by: photos ©Gatis Locmelis

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Real Wedding | Manor House Chlewiska, Poland | Poland Wedding Photographer Monika Stachura
Posted by Monika Stachura Fotografia on July 15th 2014

Amazing and beautiful wedding of two incredible people – Pamela & Pawel. I was always looking at foreign wedding photographers websites and envy that they could photograph outdoor weddings. Due to Polish law regulations it wasn’t easy to organize outdoor wedding here. Luckily those regulations have changed now and many couple are getting married in beautiful scene...

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Real Wedding | Pirenópolis, Brasília | Brasília Wedding Photographer Fabio Oliveira
Posted by Fabio Oliveira on July 15th 2014

A Destination Wedding in a historic town in the interior of Brazil.

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Real Wedding | San Francisco | San Francisco Wedding Photographer JJ Chen
Posted by JJ Chen Photography on July 15th 2014

We didn’t expect we will have snow for the wedding! As a San Francisco wedding photographer, it’s my first time to capture a wedding story with snow, it’s too rare for us! North Lake Tahoe Lodge at Lake Tahoe is a lovely venue located at the top of mountain. We had unexpected joy and excitements for this wedding! Beautiful couple Gin & Aeron has great passio...

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Real Wedding | Isola Bella, Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Riccardo Bestetti
Posted by Riccardo Bestetti Photographer on July 15th 2014

Nicole and Andy, the county of Surrey Uk, have chosen the lake maggiore to crown their dream. The warm day starts at the hotel splendid in baveno close to Stresa, with preparations of the bride. Then track with a private boat to the island beautiful and his church for the beautiful ceremony. Two steps within the gardens of the palace and then to the party with all our friends...

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Real Wedding | Paros Greece | World Wide Wedding Photographer Ronen Boidek
Posted by Ronen Boidek on July 8th 2014

An amazing wedding of Tamar and Vasilis in Paors Greece, my first time in Greece, but defently, will go back to this amazing Island. The wedding was full of joy, great food, great music, the atmosphere was something to remember(!) Tamar and Vasilis, thank you for choosing me, to be the photographer at your wedding!!! photos ©Ronen Boidek

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