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Real Wedding | Germany | Germany Wedding Photographer Georgii Shugol
Posted by Shugol George Wedding Photography on January 2nd 2015

Beautiful winter wedding of Mary and Vasiliy, in St. Petersburg Russia. On the street it was – 20C degrees. It was cold, but love makes everything warmer. photos ©Georgii Shugol

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Real Wedding | Houston, Texas | Houston Wedding Photographer Philip Thomas
Posted by Philip Thomas Photography on December 31st 2014

From Ali, the bride: Khaled and I met at The Awty International School in Houston when we were 13 years old. His older sister and I played volleyball together in high school and she always told him that he should date me, but we were always just friends. We finally got together the summer between high school and college and have been together ever since – 10 years this month!...

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Real Wedding | Taiwan | Taiwan Wedding Photographer Marco Chen
Posted by Dreamworker Image on December 29th 2014

This is a Taiwan traditional wedding, because bride did not send any photo list to me, she only requested that I use lens to record the day. And afterwards create the photo memories of the day situations. photos ©Marco Chen

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Real Wedding | Lubartów, Poland | Poland Wedding Photographer Konrad Hudas
Posted by Konrad Hudas - Fotografia on December 29th 2014

Jolanta and Raphael, beautiful couple who had the opportunity to shoot in August. The pictures show the wedding in a Catholic church in Lubartowie – Polish wedding took place in a restaurant Wincentów. A few days after, the wedding photo session done in a very interesting place. This is an abandoned palace in the south- western part of Poland. I invite you to look at so...

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Real Wedding | Dublin, Ireland | Dublin Wedding Photographer Wanderley Massafelli
Posted by Massafelli Photography on December 29th 2014

This wedding took place at Leixlip Manor and Gardens, Kildare. I was covering weddings there twice however with Rachel and Tom the place seemed completely different to me. They brought some much colours to the venue, a lot of personal items spread around the hotel. I Knew Rachel wanted something quite vintage then I choose to go for wide apertures such as 1.8 which was in my 35mm mo...

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Real Wedding | Belgium | Belgium Wedding Photographer Philippe Swiggers
Posted by Philippe Swiggers Photography on December 24th 2014

Caroline and Jens got married in the beautiful surroundings of an ancient part of Louvain in Belgium. From beginning till the end this day was filled with emotions, tears, laughs and nothing but happy people. After a nice reception at the courtyard of the Faculty Club we took a walk in a park nearby to have our photoshoot. Couples who really love each other make it a whole lot ...

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Real Wedding | Portugal | Lisboa Wedding Photographer Fábio Azanha
Posted by Fábio Azanha Photography on December 24th 2014

Francine and James are both British but they had their destination wedding in Portugal due to Francine´s Portuguese background from her mother´s side. Most of the wedding guests came from different parts of Europe to witness the couple tie the knot. The ceremony took place in an ornate, gorgeous Memória Church in Lisbon, and it had an extra special touch to it as ...

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Real Wedding | Ávila | Spain Wedding Photographer Denis Cherim
Posted by Denis Cherim Photography on December 23rd 2014

When Isabel and Quique met they knew instantly that they were made one for each other. They decided to celebrate their wedding in Avila, in the Quique´s family house. They had a very romantic and elegant wedding. Every one enjoyed their happiness and love.

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Real Wedding | Venice, Italy | Venice Wedding Photographer Marine Fonteyne
Posted by Fonteyne Art & Photos on December 19th 2014

A fairy tale in Venice! Gabriella and Alex, a couple that I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph, carry such a rich baggage from so many different cultures that I call them the “Global Trotter’s Couple “. She’s Italo – Brazilian and he’s Greek-Swiss. A couple that is always interested in having new experiences, and when travelling, likes...

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Real Wedding | Alice Campbell Alumni Center, Illinois | Illinois Wedding Photographer Mark Romine
Posted by Mark Romine Photography on December 16th 2014

Originally Liz and Lee had planned to have a lovely outside wedding on the terrace of the Alice Campbell Alumni Center building. But the weather decided not to cooperate and a torrential downpour began about fifteen minutes before the ceremony was to start. This was one of those, it rained ‘cats and dogs’ storms. Wisely, about an hour before the ceremony began Liz called...

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