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Real Wedding | South Africa| South Africa Wedding Photographer Darrell Fraser
Posted by Darrell Fraser Photography on July 15th 2014

We normally enjoy the start of summer this time of the year, but the weather turned misrably cold on Saturday morning. But despite it being wet and the coldest I have ever been, this was truely such a stunning wedding. The venue is in Mpumalanga, Chrissiesmeer – Florence Guest Farm – and owned by Nico and Ane who started the farm on a shoestring in 1989.

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Real Wedding | Toronto, Ontario | Toronto Wedding Photographer Scott Williams
Posted by Scott Williams Photographer on July 15th 2014

Evelyn + Wayne had both their ceremony and reception at 99 Sudbury, which is a really cool, open concept wedding venue in downtown Toronto. Evelyn & Wayne lived in Vancouver for the past couple years where they met while working as chefs but they’re now going to be opening their own restaurant in Toronto! All though they had over 150 guests at the wedding, who travelled...

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Real Wedding | Capri, Italy | Italy Wedding Photographer Eigirdas Scinskas
Posted by WHITE Fashion Photographer on July 15th 2014

WEDDINGS in CAPRI is always amazing! Because it is very beautiful, spectacular and just perfect location! Actually we are very happy when we are booked for wedding day in Capri, Italy, it is always pleasure to be there, so inspiring and speechless views around! Lot of italians say that Capri is too posh and VIP, yes it is, but there is good feeling of that! This wedding was so beaut...

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Real Wedding | Warsaw, Poland | Warsaw Wedding Photographer Pawel Slowik
Posted by Paweł Słowik Fotografia on July 15th 2014

Unique wedding from Poland.

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Real Wedding | China | China Wedding Photographer Jenff Chan
Posted by Jenff Photography on July 15th 2014

One pair of very loving bride and groom, who met in Beijing, fell in love. And previous wedding different, they’ve got a daughter for one year old, and participated in their wedding, the wedding scene as they sent a diamond ring. photos ©Jenff Chan

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Real Wedding | Wilmington, Delaware | Delaware Wedding Photographer Dan Salvo
Posted by Dazzle Photography on July 15th 2014

Hannah and Anthony’s beautiful beach wedding was fun, relaxed, and filled with little kid fun – a wonderful family celebration. photos ©Dan Salvo

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Real Wedding | Portland, Oregon | Oregon Wedding Photographer Fritz Liedtke
Posted by Fritz Photography on July 15th 2014

A few years ago, I was asked by designer Fuchsia Lin to photograph a series of amazing dresses she’d completed. Fuchsia asked Oregon Ballet Theater dancer Grace Shibley to model for us, and we had a great time working together. Not only is Grace a beautiful young lady, and an amazing dancer, but she truly is a delight to work with. She does her name justice. Fast forward to...

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Real Wedding | Taiwan | Taiwan Wedding Photographer Vincent Duaw
Posted by Trust Photography on July 15th 2014

The first to come back to Guam wedding, Ocean is very clear, there is no local industry, no fishing boats, Bred marine ecosystem is very rich in natural beauty how to shoot both people feel comfortable,4/9, we have angel wings church weddings, The wedding, the couple admitted that period atmosphere, great people moving, even took five years, but also the whole body gooseb...

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Real Wedding | Japan | Japan Wedding Photographer EasterEgg Bridal Photo Service
Posted by EasterEgg on July 15th 2014

The other day, a wedding party was celebrated in a modern hotel at Asakusa Japan. During the party all guests happily had been surrounded with romantic music as a BGM selected by bride and groom. Unexpectedly, they also had fun watching beautiful sunset at Asakusa that is one of the most popular sights in Japan. photos ©EasterEgg Bridal Photo Service

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Real Wedding | Frankfurt, Germany | Frankfurt Wedding Photographer Johannes Fenn
Posted by Johannes Fenn Wedding Photography on July 15th 2014

The ceremony took place on a landing stage at the lake, on a sandy beach. This location gave all of us vacation feelings even during cloudy weather. Also during the preparation we had a blast, especially during the afternoon party and the party with soul- and rock rhythms until late at night. Even as a wedding photographer that hops every week to two weddings this was an outstand...

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