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Sri Lankan Traditional Wedding - Kanchanamala & Janish
Posted by Native Tribe Studios on May 10th 2018

Surrounded by a multinational retinue, Kanchanamala tied the knot with Janish in Colombo Sri Lanka. The girls were simply amazing and gorgeous. And so were the groomsmen. Their party night was nothing but non stop dancing powered by Black by Ranil. Kanchanamala & Janish, we love you guys and thank you for making us a part of your big day. Its our honor! You can call us or whatsa...

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Christian Wedding - Eshan & Gayathree
Posted by Native Tribe Studios on May 10th 2018

Eshan, when you called us and requested our presence in your gala wedding, we were honestly were more excited than Gayathri getting married to you :-) We loved your beach mass which was 200% perfect. Thank you for having us. Our team was never ever treated well than you guys did (we kept the printed name plate :-) ) Eshan you gave an inspiration to many couples you and us meet - whi...

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Real Wedding - Cap Ferret, Bassin D'Arcachon, France - Gardères & Dohmen Photography
Posted by Gardères & Dohmen Photography on April 26th 2018

Aurore and Frank, a french-german couple, decided to get married in Cap Ferret on the Bassin d'Arcachon in one of the most wonderful venue in France : the Cabane Bartherotte. It was an uncertain september weather in the south of France. The ceremony took place on the sand, naked feet, close to the water, with an unexpected sunbeam. Then the cocktail has been served on the ...

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Real Wedding - Villa Ronchi - Irene Ortega Photographer
Posted by Irene Ortega Photographer on April 19th 2018

Every wedding is always different, but Monica and Luca have created something really special, something out of the order, a real show !!  Because they are so, ironic, funny, they love to laugh and have fun, and what's more beautiful ?? Fantastic Boogie Woogie dancers, comedy shows, songs, and a groom really do everything !!  He sang, danced, played the guitar and...

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Miracle Wedding In Tulum, Mexico By Jonathan Cossu Photographer
Posted by Cossu Photography on April 4th 2018

After having their previous wedding venues wiped out by major hurricanes and because they decided to never give up, Maggie & Derek finally had their Miracle Wedding in Tulum, Mexico with a blue sky and the people they love!! These two fell in love at a concert and after 8 years together, they were excited to have their beach destination wedding in a tropical setting. Lit...

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Wedding At The Baltimore Country Club By Dennis Drenner
Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on April 2nd 2018

A few Saturdays ago in buccolic Sparks, Maryland, an small group of people spilled out of an old stone church along with a handsome young couple. If you had been driving by, you might have thought to yourself, "Oh, look, another summer wedding."   But something extraordinary had just happened. Bridget and Luis had just been married in the same church -- and by...

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Villa Eliana Wedding Photography - Sorrento Wedding Photographer
Posted by Martin Dabek Photography on March 28th 2018

Stunning Amalfi Coast wedding at Villa Eliana in Sorrento Rebecca and Jamie got married in May at the beautiful Villa Eliana, which is a stunning villa near Sorrento. They had their ceremony at the same venue as the reception, which was the perfect setting. They chose Sorrento, because it’s where they got engaged and it’s so meaningful to them. They had an outdoor wed...

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Emanuele E Valentina - Castello Tafuri - Andrea Materia
Posted by Andrea Materia on March 21st 2018

Reportage Wedding

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Real Wedding - Villa ReNoir - Irene Ortega Photographer
Posted by Irene Ortega Photographer on March 19th 2018

One of those marriages that remains in your heart, where emotions and love have been the protagonists. A very sweet bride, Alessandra, who has never stopped crying for joy throughout the day !! A dream location, Villa ReNoir, which has created a truly engaging entertainment. An innovative cutting of the cake inside the pool. A very hot day in which all the guests and spouses in ttha...

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Zuzanka & Martin
Posted by Helen Jankovic Kovac on March 15th 2018

beautiful sunny day and gorgeous lively young people what more do you want?

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