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Real Wedding | Portugal | Lisboa Wedding Photographer Fábio Azanha

Posted by Fábio Azanha Photography on December 24th 2014 · Comments (0)

Francine and James are both British but they had their destination wedding in Portugal due to Francine´s Portuguese background from her mother´s side. Most of the wedding guests came from different parts of Europe to witness the couple tie the knot. The ceremony took place in an ornate, gorgeous Memória Church in Lisbon, and it had an extra special touch to it as ...

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Real Wedding | Ávila | Spain Wedding Photographer Denis Cherim

Posted by Denis Cherim Photography on December 23rd 2014 · Comments (0)

When Isabel and Quique met they knew instantly that they were made one for each other. They decided to celebrate their wedding in Avila, in the Quique´s family house. They had a very romantic and elegant wedding. Every one enjoyed their happiness and love.

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Real Wedding | Venice, Italy | Venice Wedding Photographer Marine Fonteyne

Posted by Fonteyne Art & Photos on December 19th 2014 · Comments (0)

A fairy tale in Venice! Gabriella and Alex, a couple that I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph, carry such a rich baggage from so many different cultures that I call them the “Global Trotter’s Couple “. She’s Italo – Brazilian and he’s Greek-Swiss. A couple that is always interested in having new experiences, and when travelling, likes...

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Real Wedding | Alice Campbell Alumni Center, Illinois | Illinois Wedding Photographer Mark Romine

Posted by Mark Romine Photography on December 16th 2014 · Comments (2)

Originally Liz and Lee had planned to have a lovely outside wedding on the terrace of the Alice Campbell Alumni Center building. But the weather decided not to cooperate and a torrential downpour began about fifteen minutes before the ceremony was to start. This was one of those, it rained ‘cats and dogs’ storms. Wisely, about an hour before the ceremony began Liz called...

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Dummy On Dec. 15

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Test Real Wedding By Dev

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Toris Chrisa Wedding

Posted by Victor IT Services on November 20th 2014 · Comments (0)

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Real Wedding | Lake Como, Italy | Milan Wedding Photographer Cristiano Ostinelli

Posted by Cristiano Ostinelli Studio on November 2nd 2014 · Comments (3)

An original wedding, fun, fabulous, with the theme of the circus and the 1950s. A gorgeous couple, Celeste, swing singer, and Mirko, a collector of 1950’s American cars. An unusual and extraordinary location, the art of the circus, the colors, the feast, the emotions. This is the kind of wedding that I would always love to take pictures. - Cristiano Ostinelli

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Real Wedding | Austria | Vienna Wedding Photographer Jan Plachy

Posted by Plachyphotography on September 16th 2014 · Comments (1)

James called me 6 months before wedding and told me that will be great if I could capture their wedding. They loved our images. Wedding destination was Schloss Leopoldskron in Salzburg. Great place, great people.

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Real Wedding | Israel | Israel Wedding Photographer Shmuel Diamond

Posted by Shmuel Diamond Photography Ltd on September 16th 2014 · Comments (1)

A religious Jewish wedding in Israel, just outside of Jerusalem. Beautiful wedding ceremony and people were great!

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