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Real Wedding - Treviso, Italy - Matteo Braghetta
Posted by Matteo Braghetta Wedding Photographer on March 4th 2020

The civil wedding of Ilaria and Matteo in Treviso, in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Rinaldi, in the city center. At the end of an exciting ceremony, we went through the streets of Treviso for a first photo shoot. The spouses celebrated their wedding with friends and relatives at the wonderful Villa Tiepolo Passi. A wedding venue near Treviso that makes everything magica...

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Real Wedding - Cape Town - Christelle Rall
Posted by Christelle Rall on March 3rd 2020

This sweet couple got married at one of Cape Towns most iconic wedding venue, the Twelve Apostles Hotel.  It is known for its magnificant views - of both the mountains and Indian ocean.  The couple decided on an ocean view ceremony with an intimate number of guests.  It was a heartfelt wedding celebration with lots of laughter, tears and joy.  

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Real Wedding At Villa Verde, Puerto Vallarta - Photographer & VIdeographer
Posted by Julien Leveau - Wedding Photography on February 27th 2020

Jamie is a british citizen from London and Jeramie is from the US. Both are fan of Madonna and both are crazy in love with one another. They made us the owner to capture their wedding with both photography & video and we could not be prouder to have assisted to such an event. Their union took place in Puerto Vallarta, this romantic city located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico....

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Real Wedding - San Miguel De Allende - Claudio Piédrola
Posted by Claudio Piédrola Photographer on February 27th 2020

What a sensational destination wedding right at the heart of Guanajuato's San Miguel de Allende .

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Real Wedding - Amsterdam - Weddingstudios
Posted by WeddingStudios on February 27th 2020

An exclusive romantic wedding. At a beautiful and special location in Amsterdam. A wedding in which many pastel colors could be found during the day and in the evening gold and black made it a beautiful decor. This bridal couple has celebrated their day with dear friends and family. Special speeches were held, in short, a wedding that you must have seen.

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Real Wedding - Koetshuis Rotterdam - Weddingstudios
Posted by WeddingStudios on February 27th 2020

A romantic wedding in the Koetshuis in Rotterdam. A loving bridal couple who, together with friends and family, celebrated their wedding day in a very special way. They have spent a lot of time and attention on the decoration and colors of their wedding. They wanted their day to be recorded as spontaneously as possible and they succeeded. Starting your wedding in a hotel contributes...

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Real Wedding - Palermo, Italy - Nino Lombardo Photographer
Posted by Nino Lombardo on February 18th 2020

The photographer for big weddings in Palermo in Sicily. Luxury weddings in wonderful wedding locations in Palermo. The best photographer in western Sicily, winner of numerous awards from the best international wedding photographers associations. Nino Lombardo works for only one wedding exclusively per day, contact the photographer to find out if it is available for your wedding date...

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Andrey And Ksyusha / Cultural Foundation
Posted by Andrey Matrosov on February 14th 2020

A beautiful couple, beautiful locations, what else is needed for a beautiful and delicate wedding series. In photographs, the whole atmosphere of the wedding that reigned on this beautiful day!

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Pamela E Marlon
Posted by Erick Ractz on February 13th 2020

An incredible and intense wedding, with a lot of emotion and joy.

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Nikolay And Anna. Real Wedding
Posted by Andrey Matrosov on February 13th 2020

I will not write and tell a lot of words about the wedding day of Nicholas and Anna. I can only say it was very, very emotional! From the morning until the last minute of the day, the degree of emotions grew by leaps and bounds. I hope the photos will tell me better and show this unforgettable day for the guys and the whole team!

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