Prince Edward County Winery And Secret Beach Engagement Photos - Emily And Jon

Posted by Diego Moura Photography on June 28th 2020

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jun 21, 2020 Emily & Jon

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Prince Edward County Engagement Shoot

Oh how we missed shooting! How we missed meeting our couples! It’s so good to be back, and there was no better way to restart the wedding season than with a romantic Prince Edward County engagement shoot featuring the cutest couple, Emily and Jon. It’s always a little funny to me when we first meet a couple and we hear one of them apologize in advance because they are “awkward” in front of the camera. Yep, it always takes a couple of moments to get used to the camera and to us running around you, but that’s all - it never lasts more than that. When we met Emily and Jon, we could immediately tell by their fun-loving personalities that this shoot was going to be a blast and they were going to rock it! And with the locations that they picked out, there was no way to go wrong.

Emily and Jon, like us, are from Toronto, but our hearts are with Prince Edward County. There is a certain charm to the County that’s no where else in Ontario. From the adorable towns and picturesque wineries to the secluded and sandy beaches, there are just so many unique and gorgeous spots to explore and discover. The beaches in Prince Edward County even offer stunning and unobstructed sunset views, something that’s very hard to find in Toronto. Emily and Jon actually got the idea for their shoot from Sandra and Anthony’s Prince Edward County engagement session - when they saw their breathtaking sunset lake photos, they knew they wanted their own.

By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery Engagement Photos

The first stop of Emily and Jon’s Prince Edward County engagement shoot was at the charming By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery, one of Prince Edward County’s original pioneer wineries. We were welcomed by none other than Vida, the winemaker of By Chadsey’s Cairns Winery. Vida’s hospitality and warmth as she invited us to explore the winery with Emily and Jon was the perfect start to the romantic winery engagement photos. The vineyard was lush and green, and the setting sun illuminated the leaves with a stunning golden glow, while the rustic barn and historic brick buildings perfectly captured the romantic spirit that makes everyone fall in love with Prince Edward County.

Prince Edward County Secret Beach Engagement Photos

Diego and I were particularly excited for the second stop of Emily and Jon’s engagement shoot because it is a secret beach that only locals know about. We’ve been to several beautiful beaches in Prince Edward County over the past few years, but we can definitely understand why the locals want to keep this spot secret for as long as possible. To make your way to the beach, you have to pass through a forested area that’s covered in little white and yellow blooms, and then once you step out onto the pebble beach, you are greeted by pristine blue water. And how perfect were Emily’s floral print dress and Jon’s navy-blue jacket for a romantic stroll through the woods followed by a champagne toast while watching the sun set over the lake? They looked stunning, happy, and oh so in love as they sipped their sparkling wine and snuggled on the beach. 

As the sun set and the beach emptied, the calm and clear water was just too inviting for Emily and Jon not to dip their feet in, which of course then resulted in lots of splashing and so much giggling. From their fun and carefree spirit to the stunning rainbow colours of the sunset sky, this was definitely the highlight of the day for us, but the shoot wasn’t quite over yet. As the sun set further and the colours of the sky intensified, it was the perfect time to take advantage of the unobstructed views of this secret Prince Edward County beach and the vibrant and rich colours of the sunset sky. Emily’s billowing dress as Jon twirled her was the final and perfect touch to creating magical silhouette photos, and the perfect end to a perfect evening capturing perfect memories for Emily and Jon.

Emily and Jon, we cannot thank you enough for sharing your evening with us and introducing us to these wonderful spots in Prince Edward County. With each visit, we just fall more and more in love with the County. We cannot wait to be back.

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Toronto, Ontario Wedding Photographer (647)530-3403 Jun 21, 2020 Emily & Jon

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