ISPWP Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest First Time Winner Awards
Posted by Admin on March 17th 2020

We love to recognize ISPWP members who have won their very first ISPWP Contest Award! To congratulate them, and to inspire others who are still trying to win their first award, the ISPWP gives special recognition to these First Time winners!  All First Time winners were entered into a drawing for three of them to win one free year of ISPWP membership! For the ISPWP Winter...

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Giulia & Alessandro, A Intimate Wedding In Tuscany
Posted by Alessio Nobili Photographer on March 8th 2020

La storia di questi splendidi ragazzi parte da lontanissimo, tantissimi anni di fidanzamento celebrati in una splendida giornata di fine dicembre 2019. La mia “amicizia” con Alessandro risale a qualche anno fa, quando ancora più che un amico era il mio professore di supplenza per economia aziendale alle scuole superiori. Da lì la nostra conoscenza e infat...

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ISPWP Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Results
Posted by Admin on March 7th 2020

The ISPWP is proud to announce the results of the Winter 2020 Wedding Photography Contest. Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you to all of the members who entered the contest and to the judges who worked long hours to review all of the entries! (Photo by Lei Liu, Shenyang, China wedding photographer) ...

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Berkeley Church Wedding - Simone And Angelo
Posted by Diego And Liza Photography on March 6th 2020

There wasn’t a single dull moment at Simone and Angelo’s Berkeley Church wedding – the whole day was overflowing with friendship, laughter, and love. Simone and Angelo were always surrounded by their closest friends and family, who kept them laughing and smiling from early morning to the end of the party. The boys, childhood friends, were cracking jokes and mercile...

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Lakes And Legends Wedding | Erin & Leanna
Posted by Penny Photographics on March 5th 2020

Tell us your story! How did you meet? Who asked who out? We knew each other as kids. Our dads worked together and were good friends. Our families spent time together- camping and fishing even spent some holidays together. We lost touch for almost 15 years and reconnected on Facebook. It all started with a "wink" and a compliment to my profile pic. I asked Leanna if sh...

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Real Wedding - Treviso, Italy - Matteo Braghetta
Posted by Matteo Braghetta Wedding Photographer on March 4th 2020

The civil wedding of Ilaria and Matteo in Treviso, in the magnificent setting of Palazzo Rinaldi, in the city center. At the end of an exciting ceremony, we went through the streets of Treviso for a first photo shoot. The spouses celebrated their wedding with friends and relatives at the wonderful Villa Tiepolo Passi. A wedding venue near Treviso that makes everything magica...

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Real Wedding - Cape Town - Christelle Rall
Posted by Christelle Rall on March 3rd 2020

This sweet couple got married at one of Cape Towns most iconic wedding venue, the Twelve Apostles Hotel.  It is known for its magnificant views - of both the mountains and Indian ocean.  The couple decided on an ocean view ceremony with an intimate number of guests.  It was a heartfelt wedding celebration with lots of laughter, tears and joy.  

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Real Wedding At Villa Verde, Puerto Vallarta - Photographer & VIdeographer
Posted by Julien Leveau - Wedding Photography on February 27th 2020

Jamie is a british citizen from London and Jeramie is from the US. Both are fan of Madonna and both are crazy in love with one another. They made us the owner to capture their wedding with both photography & video and we could not be prouder to have assisted to such an event. Their union took place in Puerto Vallarta, this romantic city located on the Pacific Coast of Mexico....

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Real Wedding - San Miguel De Allende - Claudio Piédrola
Posted by Claudio Piédrola Photographer on February 27th 2020

What a sensational destination wedding right at the heart of Guanajuato's San Miguel de Allende .

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Wedding Photo's That You Are Proud Of - Gabriel Scharis - Weddingstudios
Posted by WeddingStudios on February 27th 2020

VIEW MY WORKING METHOD AND GET CONVINCED Experience the valuable moments of one of the best days of your life again with beautiful wedding photography. As a wedding photographer, I’ll capture your wedding in photos full of love. Pure, spontaneous and intimate. A tear going down dad’s cheek when he sees his daughter in her beautiful dress for the first time or t...

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