Real Wedding | Royal Hall | Moscow Wedding Photographer Aleksey Getmanenko
Posted by TimeFormat on April 22nd 2012 · Comments (1)

It was a day of continuous surprises. The surprises were not just for guests, but also for the newlyweds. My assistant and I changed the tradition of the meeting. Instead of waiting for her fiance, Olesya she came to him while we distracted his attention. When he saw her, he did not believe his eyes and his delight knew no bounds. And it was only the beginning.

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Real Wedding | Tenis Clube, Santa Rita | Dracena, Brasil Wedding Photographer Ricardo Cintra
Posted by Ricardo Cintra Fotografia on April 22nd 2012 · Comments (2)

Todo casamento é preparado com muito tempo de antecedência para que tudo saia perfeito!! E assim foi o casamento de Carol e Ernesto. Uma cerimônia linda e uma festa maravilhosa. Inesquecível!! Muita gente bonita, produção e decoração impecável!! Os noivos estavam radiantes, curtiram cada minuto dessa festa que estava...

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Real Wedding | Summer Place, Johannesburg | Treviso, Italy Wedding Photographer Eigirdas Scinskas
Posted by WHITE Fashion Photographer on April 22nd 2012 · Comments (1)

This was an international destination wedding in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was really a lovely day with bride Vanessa and groom Amit – such a happy and inspired couple! Moreover we started the day with the groom and his best friends with a photo session in the city…an we went to hhhmmm…how to say..not the safest part of the city, so it was interesting but a ...

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Pre-Wedding Portraits | Vienna Landmarks | Prague Wedding Photographer Kurt Vinion
Posted by American Styled Fine Art Weddings By Kurt Vinion on April 18th 2012 · Comments (9)

Moon Ley & Bharat are fans of architecture and of course with this being their first time in Vienna we wanted to really mix things up a bit and show them a large variety of famous Viennese landmarks. We decided to start our day off in a casual and fun way at Prater, which is a well known haunt in Vienna with its giant Ferris Wheel (Riesenrad) that was erected in 1897 and has bee...

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Real Wedding | Palais Royale | Toronto Wedding Photographer Mario Caputa
Posted by Avangard Photography on April 18th 2012 · Comments (2)

Mark and Tracy shared their wedding vows and their first steps together as husband and wife at the beautiful Palais Royale – one of Toronto’s most fab wedding venue locations. Steeped in tradition, Palais Royale used to be a very popular dance hall in Toronto in the 1940?s but over the years it lost it’s appeal. Fortunately since 2006 Palais Royale has been current...

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Madrid Wedding Photographer AiS Fotografos | ISPWP Member Spotlight
Posted by AiS Fotografos on April 15th 2012 · Comments (5)

For today’s ISPWP member spotlight, we feature Madrid wedding photographers Alec and Leticia of AiS Fotografos.

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Real Wedding | Hotel Cortijo Soto Real | Barcelona Wedding Photographer Anaís Gandiaga
Posted by Anaís Gandiaga on April 15th 2012 · Comments (8)

This couple is French. They had a very cosmopolitan wedding: they planned to marry in Seville (Spain), because part of the bride’s family is Spanish. On the other hand, she contacted me from New York, where she was based before the wedding. The ceremony was held in a Catholic church, Iglesia Santa María de Gracia, and it was performed both in Spanish and French. The re...

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Real Wedding | Dana Villas, Santorini | Athens Wedding Photographer Anna Roussos
Posted by Anna Roussos Fine Art Photography on April 7th 2012 · Comments (2)

Anna and Anton had a dream to get married abroad, being just together without anyone else somewhere on the top of the world… and of course >> here comes Santorini!!! They came to Greece from Moscow, Russia and the wedding ceremony was planned on their second day in Greece!! Pretty fast, but it just shows how relaxed they were, no stress, no worries… I met the...

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Real Wedding | La Bastide De Puget | Provence, France Wedding Photographer Eric Fabrer
Posted by Eric Fabrer Photography on April 6th 2012 · Comments (2)

A very special rendez-vous in the south of France: I see weddings as ribbons that encircle the warm bonds between a couple and their loved ones into a bouquet of shared joys and special memories. One such memory I was privileged to capture on film, was the wedding of Marine & Matthieu, two former classmates who found love, years after graduating. Theirs is a world-wind rom...

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Real Wedding | Villa Giona, Verona | Milan Wedding Photographer Franco Milani
Posted by Franco Milani Photographer on April 4th 2012 · Comments (1)

Katryn and Carl had a very fun wedding at Villa Giona, Verona. Ten minutes from the center of Verona and Lake Garda, it is one of the most prestigious, historical mansions of the Valpolicella.

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