Brazil Wedding Photographer Vinicius Matos | La Foto | ISPWP Spotlight Interview

Posted by Vinicius Matos on December 19th 2009 路 Comments (1)

Thanks for the interview Vinicius. If anyone has questions for Vinicius, go ahead and leave them in the comments below.

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Are You Scheduling Enough Time For Your Wedding Photography?

Posted by FunkyTown Photography on December 19th 2009 路 Comments (2)

Planning the Timing of Your Photography on Your Wedding Day

Many couples are overwhelmed with creating a schedule for their wedding day that allows a balance between spending time on preparations, greeting their guests and having their photos taken. It can be especially difficult for couples to figure out wedding photography packages based on hours.


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Denver Wedding Photographer Kern-Photo | ISPWP Spotlight Interview

Posted by Kern-Photo on December 17th 2009 路 Comments (5)

Denver wedding photographer R. J. Kern recently placed 5th overall in the ISPWP Fall 2009 Wedding Photography Contest. In this ISPWP interview we find out all sorts of interesting information about R. J., including a unique lighting technique he uses, and how his dogs Dash and Stella g...

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Real Weddings | Villa Bellaria Tamba | Ravenna Wedding Photographer Massimo Fiorentini | Luca & Patrizia

Posted by PHOTOMF on December 14th 2009 路 Comments (0)

Luca e Patrizia 2 ragazzi simpatici e disponibili come tutti i parenti e gli invitati hanno dato vita a una giornata memorabile.

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Real Weddings | The Waterview | New York Wedding Photographer Radmila Ladyzhinskaya | Natalia And Daniil

Posted by Sunflowers Studios Photography on December 13th 2009 路 Comments (1)

It was such a pleasure working with this couple. They had an a nice family. It was great that they knew the style that we work in, and they awaited the time we would start working in such matter. There were little people at the wedding, only close relatives and friends. Yet, it was a very happy wedding. At the wedding venue, I absolutely loved the huge chandelier that we used for...

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The Secret Life Of Wedding Photographers

Posted by ISPWP Admin on December 7th 2009 路 Comments (6)

What do Wedding Photographers Really Do?

It comes up a lot. Usually when I’m standing in the buffet line for dinner, or when there’s a slow time during the day when I’m not taking pictures.

“So you’re the photographer?”

“Yessir, I am, and I absolutely love it.”

“Well I don’t doubt ...

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Real Weddings | Casa Santo Domingo, La Antigua, Guatemala | Vancouver Wedding Photographer Christina Craft | Maria & Stephen

Posted by FunkyTown Photography on December 3rd 2009 路 Comments (8)

la Antigua, Guatemala is one of the oldest cities in Central & South America, dating back to 1524 and its Spanish colonial architecture and scenic mountains are now the backdrop of some of the most beautiful weddings in the world. Maria & Stephen hosted close to 400 guests – half of them flying in from all over the USA. Maria’s family is originally from la Ant...

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Real Weddings | Paty & Fersen | By Riviera Maya Mexico Wedding Photographer Fer Juaristi

Posted by Ferjuaristi Photographer on November 29th 2009 路 Comments (1)

At every event I go to I’m always a bit nervous, but I was even more nervous than usual at the wedding of Paty & Fersen because Paty is a professional wedding planner at Experta en Bodas. It all had to come out perfectly, and thank God everyone was cool! Here are some of my favorite pictures of the day.

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Real Weddings | Villa Castellaccia, Grosseto, Italy | Elisabetta & Cristian | By Florence Wedding Photographer Alessandro Baglioni

Posted by Alessandro Baglioni Photographer on November 28th 2009 路 Comments (0)

Elisabetta and Cristian were a wonderful couple to work with. For the ceremony they choose a civil ceremony at the town hall of Grosseto. I took some photos at Piazza Dante, a beautiful place in the heart of the city and at the wine bar “Bollicine e Passione“, a place with a special fascination with its color and its soft lights.

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Real Weddings | New York, Lubavitcher Yeshiva | Mushka And Yanky | By Sunflowers Studios, New York Photographer

Posted by Sunflowers Studios Photography on November 15th 2009 路 Comments (4)

This was an Orthodox Jewish wedding. They have their own specifics. It was a very beautiful couple! The bride (kallah) and the groom (chasson) do not see each other a week before the wedding, so there is no traditional photo shoot. They also did not have a photo shoot in a park. During the wedding ceremony, they are not allowed to sit and party together, they only meet at the end...

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