Backyard Wedding - Brittany And Stefano
Posted by Diego And Liza Photography on December 11th 2020

Backyard Wedding - Beeton, ON Like most couples getting married in 2020, Brittany and Stefano had a very different vision for what their wedding would look. They were planning a banquet hall wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance to celebrate their big day, but then the pandemic hit and plans had to change. While many couples chose to postpone their wedding, Brittany and S...

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Abandoned Barber Mill Engagement Photos - Jenn And Arvin
Posted by Diego And Liza Photography on December 10th 2020

Abandoned Barber Paper Mill Engagement Session Shooting at an abandoned location of some sorts has been on the bucket list for Diego and I for quite some time. There is just something so eery and fun at the same time about abandoned locations - maybe it’s all the colourful graffiti that often covers the walls of abandoned places, or the bursts of light that come through the...

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Rouge National Urban Park Engagement Photos - Christina And Travis
Posted by Diego And Liza Photography on December 7th 2020

Rouge National Urban Park Engagement Session One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that you get to discover your own city and its surroundings. There are so many hidden gems around, so many parks and historic locations that we’d have never heard of if it weren’t for our awesome couples. Just last month, Christina and Travis introduced us to Rouge Nationa...

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Wes Anderson Inspired Pandemic Wedding
Posted by Ajem Stories : Fine-art Weddings on December 4th 2020

Marta and Maciek got married in September 2020 and due to Covid19 regulations and their health problems, they could not organize a typical wedding reception. They decided to have a regular ceremony at the church, but right after the wedding, go straight for a romantic walk and burgers. They could not greet and hug their guests, but they got a little surprise from them when they saw ...

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Socially Distanced Fort Erie Wedding - Jassica And Steven
Posted by Diego And Liza Photography on December 4th 2020

Socially Distanced Fort Erie Wedding Jassica and Steven are one of many couples who decided to postpone their wedding celebrations until next year because of the pandemic, but they were not ready to completely give up on their wedding plans for this year just yet. They decided to go a head and get married in a beautiful, albeit socially distanced, church ceremony in Fort Erie. Ja...

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ISPWP Fall 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Results
Posted by Admin on December 3rd 2020

The ISPWP is proud to announce the results of the Fall 2020 Wedding Photography Contest. Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you to all of the members who entered the contest and to the judges who worked long hours to review all of the entries! (Photo by Lei Liu, Shenyang, China wedding photographer) ...

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How To Save The Hörnum-Ode?
Posted by Roman Matejov Photography on December 2nd 2020

When I had the idea for this title, the year was 2016. I didn't realize that there will be so many storms and winds that are so difficult to maintain on our island of Sylt. The Hörnum-Odde is part of the island in the south of the island. The storm surge in mid-November 2015 had devastating consequences for the Hörnum-Odde. There were serious demolitions over a short d...

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ISPWP Summer 2020 Wedding Photography Contest First Time Winner Awards
Posted by Admin on November 13th 2020

We love to recognize ISPWP members who have won their very first ISPWP Contest Award! To congratulate them, and to inspire others who are still trying to win their first award, the ISPWP gives special recognition to these First Time winners! All First Time winners were entered into a random drawing for three of them to win one free year of ISPWP membership! For the ISPWP Summe...

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2020.10.10 Qingdao Duan
Posted by Leader on November 2nd 2020

It was a sunny day. Our protagonist set out from the hotel, drove his motorcycle and took his beloved to a lawn facing the sea and held a touching wedding ceremony.

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Wedding At Ca' Sagredo Hotel By CB Photographers Studio
Posted by CB Photographers Studio on October 27th 2020

I Really Love this Couple full of life and in love more than ever. Being their wedding photographer in Venice at Ca' Sagredo Hotel was an amazing experience! That's why we do our job with passion and dedication! The Light in the Ceremony Room was unique. I am pleased to share some pictures taken during their Destination Wedding.

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