When Is The Best Time To Do Formal Wedding Portraits?
Posted by Admin on September 30th 2017

When you get engaged, it’s normal to immediately think of all the fun parts of a wedding. The planning, the buying of gowns and tuxes, seeing everyone you love on the wedding day and getting back great photos that capture the day from your photographer. What you might not have given as much thought to is how much time you will need to invest on the wedding day to get those pho...

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Poinsett Hotel Wedding - Greenville South Carolina - Matthew Pautz Photography
Posted by Matthew Pautz Photography on September 29th 2017

The Poinsett hotel in Greenville SC has a lot of history behind it.  As a stable fixture sitting right on Main Stree Greenville since the 1920s, this hotel makes for an amazing wedding venue.  Greenville SC Wedding Photographers have long known how beautiful of a setting the Poinsett makes for a wedding, and as a result it stays booked up for the majority of the year. ...

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Wedding At Bird Point - Anchorage Alaska
Posted by Matthew Pautz Photography on September 29th 2017

Britny and Evan decided to have their destination wedding in Alaska, outside Anchorage at Bird Point to be exact.  Bird Point is a beautiful spot that overlooks some of the more unique alaskan landscape while still being very accessible due to how close it is to Anchorage itself.  It is amazing to think about, but this location is actually right off the highway, about 30 m...

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A Wedding In Sorrento Italy With Adamo Morgese, Italian Wedding Photographer
Posted by Adamo Morgese Wedding Photographer on September 27th 2017

Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast is a perfect location for a weeding! As wedding photographer in Italy  Sorrento is been my favorite location so far.   The ceremony location is a beautiful historical palace with an immense garden, which you can visit. One end part of it faces the ocean and there you can have drinks after the ceremony. The reception was at “...

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Real Wedding Château De Valfons The L Photographie France Sauve
Posted by Leslie Perret Photographe on September 25th 2017

A French wedding at the Château de Valfons, elegance and purity were the key words on this day. This wedding on the theme of Provence, highlights the magnificent products of the region, such as wine and oil. This marvelous wedding venue has a swimming pool and an incredible mountain view, so the photographer has an ideal panorama for the photos.    

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How Many Family And Bridal Party Photos You Need?
Posted by Admin on September 23rd 2017

One of the most significant things about a wedding celebration is that it’s one of the few times in your life that nearly everyone you love and care for will be in one place. This is an amazing thing when you think about it! When an event like a wedding happens, it’s not surprising that you want to be sure to get as many photos as you can of friends, family, and honored ...

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Italy Destination Wedding
Posted by Nino Lombardo on September 19th 2017

Getting married on Lake Como in Italy is a real dream to be realized! The photographic service of the Wedding on Lake Como in Fariba and Fredrik focused on Villa Pizzo. I started the photographic story of this exclusive wedding from the bride's preparations. I was from the hairdresser and I took the decisive moments for the wedding hairstyle of the bride and some friends. I was...

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The #1 Way To Look Flawless In Your Wedding Photos
Posted by Admin on September 19th 2017

Do you ever worry about what you will look like in your wedding photos? It’s a common concern, and being in front of the camera is nerve-wracking for most people. Unless you’ve spent a significant time being photographed in your life, it’s quite common to feel self-conscious when the lens is pointing at you. Here are some tips from ISPWP for how to look great in yo...

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When Wedding Photos Go Wrong; How An Experienced Photographer Can Save The Day
Posted by Admin on September 12th 2017

When you hire a professional wedding photographer, you’re hiring more than someone with a good camera and a photographic eye. While of course being a great photographer is part of the job, there are components of the day you may not have considered that are also important. These components are the real difference between someone who is trained to be a wedding photographer and ...

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Real Wedding - Millennium Park - Salt Studio. Leonova Olga
Posted by Salt Studio, Leonova Olga on September 6th 2017

The wedding of Rimma and Alexandra took place in the exclusive suburban settlement of Millennium Park. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this secluded area –with fantastically luxurious interiors and landscapes – inspired our photographer to create unusual images. The incredibly elegant wedding in white and red tones was filled with piquant wedding sho...

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