Posted by Emotion And Motion on October 25th 2018

  Amalia and Jaime decided to get married in Mexico because they wanted an exotic place, and they chose the province of Yucatán, exactly: Mérida. A wedding in style, with style but quite different. Beginning with that a rapper sang at the ceremony, yes, a rapper; without forgetting the style of the bride and most of the guests, all with great style, all impecca...

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Real Wedding - Ktima-kalipso - Athens Wedding Photographer Constantinos Anagnostou
Posted by Constantinos Anagnostou Photography on October 8th 2018

A Romantic Wedding in Athens  Xhulio & Geovanna is a beloved couple! the groom is from Greece and the bride was born in Mexico. Few guests but the emotion is great!

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Real Wedding - Siculiana, Sicily - Nino Lombardo Wedding Photographer
Posted by Nino Lombardo on September 27th 2018

A photographer for a luxury wedding in Sicily is a photographer for a love wedding in Siculiana. A photo shoot in Sicily for a detailed and accurate wedding. The photographer captured the beautiful wedding dress that wrapped Clauda with important lace The groom with his elegant bow tie and co-star in the Siculiana photo shoot. The Sanctuary of Siculiana was decorated with unus...

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ISPWP Summer 2018 Wedding Photography Contest Results
Posted by Admin on September 1st 2018

The ISPWP is proud to announce the results of the Summer 2018 Contest. Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you to all of the members who entered the contest and to the judges who worked long hours to review all of the entries! (Photo by Fabio Mirulla) ...

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Wedding Albums For The Parents - The Perfect Thank You Gift From The Bride & Groom
Posted by Admin on August 31st 2018

Sponsored post by nPhoto “Don’t forget about the grandparents for photo products. They’re important too!” I came across this comment recently on a popular, reputable community exclusively for professional photographers. Good advice, but what about the parents? Don’t forget about them! They are an extremely important part of the wedding, and wedding p...

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Peabody Library Wedding In Baltimore, Maryland
Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on August 30th 2018

I was delighted to hear German being spoken at Sarah and Patrick's wedding. It recalled pleasant memories of my university days studying in Mannheim and hanging out with David Hasselhoff in Berlin (Ok that last bit is a stretch, but we were there at the same time!). I learned that the groom's family is from Germany.  The German word for wedding is "Hochzeit"...

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Basque Country Wedding Photographer: Hotel Marqués De Riscal, Elciego, Álava, Spain - James Sturcke
Posted by James Sturcke Photographer on August 17th 2018

Yesterday I showed images from Linda & Nate’s wedding at Hotel Marqués de Riscal to a film maker who’d seen me at work.  “Ah,” he said, “Now I understand why you spent so much time on the ground.” It’s true! I spend a large chunk of my time at a wedding crouching close to the floor. The knees of my trousers ar...

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Charlotte And Jeremie - Moorea, Tahiti
Posted by Svphotograph on August 16th 2018

This couple take a year to travel the world. Arrived at the middle of their trip, they get married in the little island of Moorea, in French Polynesia. Their family from France came to join them and celebrate this event ! It was their first time there too, as the couple. They choose a wedding planner and Photographers from the island to help them to organize the wedding and we...

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ISPWP Interviews Daniel Dumbrava, Targoviste, Romania Wedding Photographer
Posted by Admin on August 13th 2018

The ISPWP recently reached out to some of the top contest winners of the ISPWP Spring 2018 Wedding Photography Contest. We wanted to find out more about them and their thoughts on photography, weddings, and what makes them tick.  Here is our interview with Daniel Dumbrava, a Targoviste, Romania wedding photographer. Here is how he describes himself: "We believe in a ...

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My Spotlight - Antonio Mise (CROATIA)
Posted by Antonio Mise Photography on August 6th 2018

1. How did you get your start and why did you chose wedding photography as a career? Everything started accidentally, I started as videographer, doing news footages for local Tv station. I was constantly in contact with regular people. Soon after people wanted to hire me to shoot their wedding. I switched to photography almost 10 years ago. But I'll never forget those days, I l...

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