Leah & Charles | Boda En El Valle Sagrado - Cusco
Posted by Jamil Valle Wedding Photography on July 13th 2018

Hablemos claro, hablemos de fotos significativas. Leah y Charles vivieron en una comunidad andina del Valle Sagrado hace años y el sueño de ellos siempre fue casarse en dicho lugar rodeado de grandes y mágicas montañas. Pasó el tiempo y ellos volvieron a San Francisco, USA, donde actualmente viven. Luego Dios les dio una gran bendición, ...

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A.J. Photography, LLC Saint Louis, Missouri
Posted by Andrew Joseph Photography on June 28th 2018

My interest in photography goes back to my childhood. My first memories of photography date back to using a Polaroid camera to capture photos of friends in elementary school. In my early 20’s, I took a job as a live in nanny in Washington, D.C and Nantucket, MA. The massive history landscape in Washington and unbelievable scenery in Nantucket drove me to purchase my first &ldq...

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Real Engagement Shoot At Green Mount Cemetery In Baltimore
Posted by Dennis Drenner Photographs on June 21st 2018

It might seem strange to do an engagement shoot at Green Mount Cemetery, but it's actually one of Baltimore's hidden gems. It's a supremely beautiful and peaceful spot in the midst of the urban chaos, and I was really happy when Sam and Jen wanted to do their photos there. I actually hadn't visited since high school (700 or so years ago) so it was good to get back.&n...

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Let’s Talk About Portraits On Your Wedding Day
Posted by Admin on June 9th 2018

Having wedding portraits made on your wedding day has been a staple since the late 1800’s and continues to be a time-honored tradition today. However, the way photographers take portraits and the amount of time allocated for portraits has changed quite a bit. From 1880 to about 1960, weddings were much shorter affairs that consisted of a ceremony, a portrait session, and then ...

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ISPWP Wedding Photography Contest Advice And Critiques By Katrin Küllenberg
Posted by Admin on June 8th 2018

Judging a wedding photography contest, such as the ISPWP, always means a big challenge because after the results are announced there will usually be some controversion why some images got awarded and others not. I think it is a good idea to have the judges comment on some photos and explain why they seemed special compared to the rest. Of course, there were four judges, each with...

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ISPWP Spring 2018 Wedding Photography Contest Results
Posted by Admin on June 5th 2018

The ISPWP is proud to announce the results of the Spring 2018 Contest. Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you to all of the members who entered the contest and to the judges who worked long hours to review all of the entries! (Photo by Pasquale Minniti) ...

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Interview With ISPWP Top 10 Contest Winner Julien Laurent Georges
Posted by Admin on June 3rd 2018

Storytelling has always come naturally to Julien Laurent George, and telling stories with his camera at weddings was a natural progression for him from his first love of fashion photography. In his portfolio, you’ll find a range of emotional work from the sublime and solemn moments of the bride getting ready to hilarious behind the scenes moments at weddings. Julien was awa...

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Shocked By The Price Differences In Wedding Photographers? Here’s Why.
Posted by Admin on May 30th 2018

If you’ve ever shopped for a large purchase such as a car or a house you probably understand that there are going to be significant variations in price. However, when it comes to wedding photography, a comment we hear a lot is that people are confused by the price differences between photographers. How is it that some wedding photographers can charge hundreds and even thousand...

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Does It Matter If Your Wedding Photographer Uses Film Or Digital?
Posted by Admin on May 28th 2018

Though it may sound strange to think about it, we’re now entering an age where digital photography is all that soon-to-be-married couples have ever known. Long gone are the days of wedding photographers dropping film off at the lab on Mondays and letting the lab do all the work! Film Photography Film has begun to make a bit of a renaissance in the wedding photography world...

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - Linda Berretty
Posted by Linda Berretty on May 28th 2018

How did you get your start and why did you chose wedding photography as a career? I fell in love with wedding photography after getting married myself. But I still was a biomedical scientist then and photography was just a hobby. Due to circumstances I once shot a wedding and it turned out to be a great success. My goal is to capture that magical feeling of a wedding day with all...

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