Real Wedding - San Sebastian, Spain - James Sturcke Photographer
Posted by James Sturcke Photographer on October 23rd 2017

One of the best things about being a wedding photographer is the sheer variety of marriages couples throw together. I shot one recently where only the couple, the registrar and me were present. Others, meanwhile, take place in full public view. Lianna and Salvador’s wedding in San Sebastian, Spain, was certainly in the latter camp. It was right on Zurriola beach in the centre ...

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How To Look Fabulous In Your Wedding Photos: Wedding Photographers Give Their Best Advice
Posted by Admin on October 20th 2017

When you’re searching online for advice on how to look great in wedding photos, you’ll probably find a lot of information on how to look your best by watching your diet, working out, and getting enough sleep. While this is all solid advice, we turned to our ISPWP photographers to find out what they feel really impacts how people think about their wedding photos. What do ...

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Real Wedding - Tulum Mexico | Asha & Fabian
Posted by Vladimir Liñán on October 20th 2017

Beautiful wedding that took place in the beautiful Tulum Mexico, people extraordianria, unique moments and a wonderful landscape.

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Do You Need To Feed Your Wedding Photographer? ISPWP Answers The Saucy Chicken Question.
Posted by Admin on October 15th 2017

There are so many things to consider when planning a wedding. One of the things that engaged couples are often concerned about is what the right etiquette is for feeding their wedding photographer. Should you feed your wedding photographer, or is it OK to assume they are responsible for their own food on your wedding day? Wedding Days are Long Days Unless you are having a very s...

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Real Wedding Château D'Estoublon The L Photographie France Fontvieille
Posted by Leslie Perret Photographe on October 12th 2017

This marriage took place in the magnificent region of PACA, the brides of Chinese nationality made the trip especially to make a ceremony and photos in France. The class and elegance of the place was very present and participated in the beauty of this wedding at the Château d'Estoublon.

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - The L Photographie - Leslie Perret
Posted by Leslie Perret Photographe on October 10th 2017

  How did you get your start and why did you chose wedding photography as a career? Since I have had this passion to be able to immortalize the important moments of a life. I waited for the age of 23 to dare to launch myself in photography. And by trying all the areas of photography I developed a true passion for wedding photography, to be witness to this day so wonderful...

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Los Cabos Wedding - Cabo Del Sol - Daniela Ortiz Photography
Posted by Daniela Ortiz Photography on October 3rd 2017

This wedding in Cabo was an absolute pleasure to shoot. This were one of the most relaxed bride & grooms I´ve had the pleasre to work with. Their day went as smooth as possible in a sunny Cabo weather. Having a Cabo Wedding is usually a chilled and one of a kind experience and this one was certainly not the exception. Ellie & Tyler chose Cabo for their beautifu...

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Real Wedding - Todos Santos - Daniela Ortiz Photography
Posted by Daniela Ortiz Photography on October 3rd 2017

Ruth & Peter chose Baja´s beautiful beach as their wedding venue. Just a couple of minutes away from the magical town of Todos Santos. Rancho Pescadero is the perfect place to celebrate with your loved ones for more than one day. The wedding was bright in every way. Ruth & Peter chose an intimate, colorful celebration that was impressively fun. Every wedding I&rsquo...

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When Is The Best Time To Do Formal Wedding Portraits?
Posted by Admin on September 30th 2017

When you get engaged, it’s normal to immediately think of all the fun parts of a wedding. The planning, the buying of gowns and tuxes, seeing everyone you love on the wedding day and getting back great photos that capture the day from your photographer. What you might not have given as much thought to is how much time you will need to invest on the wedding day to get those pho...

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Poinsett Hotel Wedding - Greenville South Carolina - Matthew Pautz Photography
Posted by Matthew Pautz Photography on September 29th 2017

The Poinsett hotel in Greenville SC has a lot of history behind it.  As a stable fixture sitting right on Main Stree Greenville since the 1920s, this hotel makes for an amazing wedding venue.  Greenville SC Wedding Photographers have long known how beautiful of a setting the Poinsett makes for a wedding, and as a result it stays booked up for the majority of the year. ...

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