Prince Edward County Winery And Secret Beach Engagement Photos - Emily And Jon
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on June 28th 2020

Prince Edward County Engagement Shoot Oh how we missed shooting! How we missed meeting our couples! It’s so good to be back, and there was no better way to restart the wedding season than with a romantic Prince Edward County engagement shoot featuring the cutest couple, Emily and Jon. It’s always a little funny to me when we first meet a couple and we hear one of them...

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Beautiful Rustic Wedding In North Germany
Posted by Alexa Geibel on June 27th 2020

In the summer 2019 I had an honor to create life lasting dramatic cinematic fine art during a very beautiful wedding of an amazing couple Jana and Daniel. Prior to the wedding we had a couple photoshoot with them in Neumünster and got to know each other better. I find it always very important to have a click and connection with the couples that I work with. Only this way I can ...

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ISPWP Spring 2020 Wedding Photography Contest Results
Posted by Admin on June 11th 2020

The ISPWP is proud to announce the results of the Spring 2020 Wedding Photography Contest. Congratulations to all of the award winners! Thank you to all of the members who entered the contest and to the judges who worked long hours to review all of the entries! (Photo by Kemran Shiraliev, Moscow, Russia wedding photographer) ...

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The Eglinton Grand Wedding - Natalie And Stephen
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on May 26th 2020

The Eglinton Grand Wedding Diego and I have been burning through Netflix shows these past couple of months. With all the craziness happening around the world now, we’ve found ourselves not only with an abundance of free time, but also minimal desire to venture outside, even for a walk around the block. A couple of weeks ago, we started watching Hollywood, a Netflix miniseri...

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Ancaster Mill Winter Wedding - Alana & Daniel
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on May 25th 2020

Ancaster Mill Wedding Many of our family and friends are often surprised to hear that Diego and I work year-round shooting weddings. There is an assumption that the wedding season in Canada begins in the Spring and that we have the entire winter to relax and enjoy some time off. Most just cannot fathom standing outdoors in the frigid Canadian weather, posing for photos, wearing,...

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The Best Couple I Sheena + Sudeep I Hi-Q Weddings ® I Chennai , INDIA
Posted by Hi-Q Photographers Pvt Ltd on May 21st 2020

The Best Couple Ever    I    Sheena + Sudeep     I      Hi-Q Weddings ®    I      Chennai , INDIA

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Madsen’s Greenhouse Wedding - Rachel And Joe
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on May 19th 2020

Madsen’s Greenhouse Wedding It’s phenomenal how just a few personal touches can completely transform a wedding. While we were at Madsen’s Greenhouse just recently to capture a Winter wedding, Rachel and Joe`s March wedding at Madsen`s Greenhouse was definitely so unique and so special - their playful spirits and their deep love for their dog, Tobi, was evident i...

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Destination Wedding - Fattoria E Villa Di Rignana - Tuscany, Italy - Duesudue
Posted by Duesudue on May 18th 2020

Fattoria e Villa di Rignana is a wonderful place located a few kilometers from Florence on the Chianti hills. It is a place full of charm and very romantic, one of the best location in Italy to get married. Hannah and Gianluca's wedding took place on a rainy day, but despite the weather it was a really fantastic day. Hannah and Gianluca live in Germany, but have chosen to do a d...

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Vietnamese Wedding - Donna & Daneil
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on May 15th 2020

Vietnamese Wedding I don’t think Diego and I have laughed at a wedding as much as we did at Donna and Daneil’s Vietnamese wedding at the Shangri-La Banquet Hall in Markham. Their fun-loving nature, combined with a phenomenally supportive, and highly entertaining, bridal party, made the whole wedding an absolute blast. By the end of the night, despite a 15 hour day, it...

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Dale & Lauren
Posted by Christelle Rall on May 11th 2020

The couple got married on a private nature reserve, Monega Lodge that is situated in the African bushveld. Their wedding day will be remembered with so much joy and laughs. After a heart felt ceremony with beautiful worship and emotional moments, the couple enjoyed a few solitary moments in the wild. They enjoyed a private picnic with some close encounters with a crocodile and a hip...

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