Kelso Conservation Area Fall Engagement Shoot - Marianne And Adam
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on January 18th 2021

Kelso Conservation Area Fall Engagement Shoot Guys, we discovered another gem of a location for engagement shoots! Kelso Conservation Area! Ahhhh we are so excited to share the photos!! Marianne and Adam chose Kelso Conservation Area for their fall engagement shoot and wow, was it amazing! We’ve actually shot at Kelso Conservation Area a couple of years back, and while we k...

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Best Wedding Photography Of 2020 - ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images
Posted by Admin on January 17th 2021

Best Wedding Photography Of 2020 – ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) holds a members-only wedding photography contest four times a year. Over the four quarterly contests in 2020 we awarded multiple First Place winners across various categories for the entire year. These have been judged as some ...

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Real Wedding Lake Maggiore - Italy
Posted by Duesudue on January 15th 2021

Lake Maggiore is a truly romantic and fantastic place to get married. It is probably one of the best places in Italy to get married. Lorenzo and Fabienne are a young couple, lovers of jazz, surfing and excellent cuisine. Their wedding reflected their passions! They get a lot of fun and all the the guestes seems very happy. Lake Maggiore Wedding  is a perfect ch...

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Posted by Roman Matejov Photography on January 15th 2021

Church wedding on the beach. Oh man, is there more? I think it's really cool to say yes under the open sky! Our island of Sylt is a fantastic place to get married in unusual places. A lighthouse or a ship are slowly becoming a standard, but not everyone has the courage to marry in church on the beach. First getting-ready in Severin * s in Keitum and then off to Wennigstedter Str...

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ISPWP Member Spotlight - Olga Leonova
Posted by Salt Studio, Leonova Olga on January 12th 2021

1. How did you get your start and why did you choose wedding photography as a career? When I was a teenager, at 14, I already took my first shots. I also went to the photo school, using cameras with photographic film, hiding in the darkroom (or bathroom, call it how you want), printing pictures. I also did some modeling and studied again in the professional photo studio.  ...

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2020 ISPWP Top 100 Wedding Photographers In The World
Posted by Admin on December 26th 2020

The ISPWP is proud to announce the 2020 Wedding Photographer of the Year, and the TOP 100 Wedding Photographers in the World. These year-end awards are based on the contest results from all four ISPWP contests during 2020. Each contest has four randomly chosen judges who score all image submissions. The images are judged anonymously and scored independently for the most unbiased ...

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Selene+Fabiano - Merano, Italy - Luca+Marta Gallizio Photography
Posted by Gallizio Wedding Photography on December 16th 2020

Wet bride is lucky bride!! If this  Italian saying is true our two spouses will be very lucky !!! ☺️ The wedding of Selene and Fabiano was an exceptional wedding, full of emotion, fun and rain. We want to take this opportunity to tell you about the much feared rain during the wedding day. It is one of the biggest nightmares of brides but looking at their photo shoo...

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Backyard Wedding - Brittany And Stefano
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on December 11th 2020

Backyard Wedding - Beeton, ON Like most couples getting married in 2020, Brittany and Stefano had a very different vision for what their wedding would look. They were planning a banquet hall wedding with hundreds of guests in attendance to celebrate their big day, but then the pandemic hit and plans had to change. While many couples chose to postpone their wedding, Brittany and S...

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Abandoned Barber Mill Engagement Photos - Jenn And Arvin
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on December 10th 2020

Abandoned Barber Paper Mill Engagement Session Shooting at an abandoned location of some sorts has been on the bucket list for Diego and I for quite some time. There is just something so eery and fun at the same time about abandoned locations - maybe it’s all the colourful graffiti that often covers the walls of abandoned places, or the bursts of light that come through the...

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Rouge National Urban Park Engagement Photos - Christina And Travis
Posted by Diego Moura Photography on December 7th 2020

Rouge National Urban Park Engagement Session One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that you get to discover your own city and its surroundings. There are so many hidden gems around, so many parks and historic locations that we’d have never heard of if it weren’t for our awesome couples. Just last month, Christina and Travis introduced us to Rouge Nationa...

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