Avoid Wedding Photo Horror Stories: Why Hiring The Right Photographer Matters!

Posted by Admin on May 22nd 2018

It’s every newly married couple’s nightmare, finding out that they won't be receiving any professional photographs from their wedding. If you’ve spent time reading wedding blogs or reviews on the internet you’ve probably come across a few of these sad stories where the photographer failed to show up on the big day, or that for some reason or another the photos did not turn out or were lost. It might leave you wondering: Does this sort of thing happen a lot? Let’s go through some of the most common reasons that wedding photo horror stories happen.

Don't Hire a Well-Meaning Amateur
We often hear regretful stories where the “photographer” was a friend with a nice camera. Anyone with a good camera can take a great photo occasionally, but to take photos consistently in a high-pressure, no repeat situation like a wedding takes more than luck. Wedding photographers are paid to make beautiful images week after week, with no time socializing with friends or taking time out to dance or eat appetizers. A friend with a nice camera does not have the skills of a professional wedding photographer and may feel that if they get a few photos that will be enough. But will it be? Ask yourself if you trust your friend to get all the essential photos on the day, and if something goes wrong if they have back up equipment and the experience to know how to troubleshoot on the fly.

Have an Emergency Plan in the Contract
The hired photographer failed to show up on the wedding day. When you hire a professional photographer, it should be addressed in their contract what happens if they are unable to be at your wedding. Most photographers have a wide network of other professionals that they work with who will help out in emergency situations. Professionals take their job very seriously! If you are working with a photographer who does not have a backup plan that they have detailed in their contract, then buyer beware. Never give a photographer a deposit without having a contract!

Know How Your Files are Safeguarded
The wedding photos were “lost” or “didn’t turn out.” Technology is imperfect, and there have been occasions when even the most seasoned photographer loses images because of electronic glitches. However, losing an entire wedding is rare, as most professionals have back up compact flash cards in their cameras (essentially duplicating your photos across two cards just to prevent this scenario). Professional photographers also have a rigorous backup process in place for the photos after the wedding as well as careful methods of safeguarding your images. Don't be afraid to ask your photographer how your images will be copied and backed up for safe-keeping.

Hire an Experienced Professional Member of the ISPWP
One of the requirements of becoming an ISPWP photographer is that the applicant has experience photographing weddings, but also that they have a “record in good standing.” We accept only those photographers that are passionate about the art and the business of wedding photography! To find a qualified wedding photographer professional near you, check our photographer directory.

Photo by Arol Horkavy, Austin, Texas wedding photographer

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