Does Photography Style Matter When Choosing A Wedding Photographer?

Posted by Admin on December 28th 2017

Searching around on photographers’ websites you might see these words when they are describing the style of their photography:

For many engaged couples, this can be confusing! What’s the best fit for you and your wedding day photography needs?

Pay More Attention to the Photos than the Buzzwords
The old saying still holds true; art is subjective. What one person calls documentary, another will call candid. If you love the look of the photos, then ask the photographer what they would call it and why. You’ll soon learn that each photographer will probably have a different interpretation of what that means in their work, and in the kind of photos they love to create. You may think of yourself a pretty hip and out-of-the-box couple, but then find yourselves drawn to a “traditional and timeless” photo. That’s ok! It’s the result that matters to you, not what it’s labeled in the photography world. 

Pay Attention to the Content of the Photos
Looking through the galleries of the photographers you are considering, pay attention to what they are showing. Lots of candid photos and very few details photos? If so, then "details" may not be a focus in their photography style. While most photographers do a blend of several styles, some do not. If you’re expecting a lot of creative ring shots from a photographer, but you’ve never seen one in their portfolio, then you might be sorely disappointed when they miss them or don’t capture the artistic look you want. While ring shots may be trending now in some markets, it wasn’t a photo that photographers often took even a few years ago.

Be sure to look through at least 2 complete weddings to get a feel for the kinds of shots a photographer takes. If you enjoy looking through the photos, and if you can imagine yourself in the images, that's a good indication that you may be a good fit!

ISPWP has an extensive list of wedding photographers with varying styles from all over the world. We accept a wide range of photographers, based on their level of skill and expertise, not on the style that they photograph. Many different parts of the country and the world have various traditions in photographic style. Choose the right photographer for you in our directory of qualified photographers on ISPWP.

(Photo by Jorge Romero, Guadalajara, Mexico wedding photographer)

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