The #1 Way To Look Flawless In Your Wedding Photos

Posted by Admin on September 19th 2017

Do you ever worry about what you will look like in your wedding photos? It’s a common concern, and being in front of the camera is nerve-wracking for most people. Unless you’ve spent a significant time being photographed in your life, it’s quite common to feel self-conscious when the lens is pointing at you. Here are some tips from ISPWP for how to look great in your wedding photos without looking awkward or stiff.

Plan an Engagement Session. 
This session will help you become more comfortable with the camera and can help you understand how your photographer works. It can also be helpful to your photographer because they will be able to get a sense of how you interact as a couple. If you are very nervous, tell your photographer. With careful posing and direction, they can make you feel more comfortable and appear more natural in the photos. After a few hundred photos and multiple locations, you'll definitely learn to relax in front of the camera.

Don’t Try New Hairstyles or Makeup on Your Wedding Day. 
On your wedding day, you want to look beautiful, but make sure you are not trying something new that may make you feel uncomfortable. Invest in a trial run with hair and makeup to be sure you like the results before the big day.

Plan for the Unexpected. 
Tight time schedules make for stressful wedding days. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time at the salon, getting dressed and enough time for photos. If time is at a premium between the wedding and reception, discuss the option of a “first look” with your photographer. It may ease your pre-ceremony nerves and allow you more time to mingle with the guests at the cocktail hour.

This sounds simple, but it’s really the best advice. It’s the number one way to look flawless in your wedding photos. Trust your photographer and let your emotions come through. Don’t force a fake smile, simply think about how happy your spouse makes you and the smile will come naturally! Years from now you want to look at the pictures and remember the feelings!

Finding a photographer that you can feel comfortable with is easy with the ISPWP. Browse through the portfolios of wedding photographers in your area knowing that you are hiring one of the best of the best!

Photo by Dumitru Monor

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