The Do’s And Don’ts Of Sharing Photo Inspiration With Your Wedding Photographer

Posted by Admin on September 5th 2017

When you are newly engaged, it’s exciting to pour through magazines and the internet for photo inspiration for your wedding. Now it’s easier than ever to bookmark or “pin” photos to send to your photographer to show them what you love. For your photographer, this can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you do it. Here are some guidelines on how sharing your photo inspiration can be helpful or hurtful to the relationship you have with your wedding photographer prior to your wedding.

Do: Be Descriptive
When you send photos, try to describe what it is you like about the photo. Is it the pose? The location? The lighting? The colors? How does the photo make you feel? Simply saying: “I love this photo!” doesn’t convey any information your photographer can use. The more information you can give the photographer on why you like the photo, the better!

Don’t: Be Unrealistic
If you’re getting married at sunrise on a beach, it won’t make sense to send inspirational dramatic night shots in an urban setting to your photographer. Make sure the photos you send are similar to the conditions and locations that may be present at the time you get married.

Do: Wait to Send the Inspiration Photos Until Closer to Your Wedding
It’s not unusual for your style and taste to change a bit as your wedding palette and décor are defined. Before you go over the photos with your photographer, weed out any photos that don’t make sense, are different than the style of your wedding, or are in locations that won’t be available to you on your wedding day. Send only the best of the best!

Don’t: Send Photos that are Not Consistent with your Photographer’s Style
If you hired a photographer for their very journalistic and “hands-off, fly-on-the-wall” style and you send them pages of carefully posed photos for inspiration, it sends a mixed message and can strain the relationship before the wedding. Imagine if you were a cake baker and a client started sending you photos of their favorite pies to make for their wedding. Sure, you could probably make pies, but would they be the best pies? No, because you don’t specialize in pies! Be mindful of the fact that photography is an art, and put your trust in the artist to create photos for you that they specialize in.

Do: Look through your photographer’s own online images.
Presumably you did this before hiring him/her, and if you truly love their style of photography, then pick out your favorites! Many photographers post current weddings on their website, blog, or social media accounts, so revisit their site and social media accounts from time to time. If you find images they took that you really like, let them know! Not only will they be glad you like their photos, but every photographer can emphasize different aspects of their own style to fit a particular client. Your photographer will have a better idea of the types of images you are looking for, and you will have confidence that your photographer can create similar images for you.

Don’t: Feel Like You Need To Do This At All
Despite what the wedding magazines say, many photographers report that only a small percentage of their clients actually take the time to share photos with them. As long as you have done your due diligence in hiring your wedding photographer (check online portfolio, review full weddings and albums, etc.) then you should relax knowing that you are hiring a talented and experienced professional, and look forward to seeing your own unique and wonderful images!

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Photo by: Adam Johnson | ARJ Photography | Cheshire, United Kingdom

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