Does An Engagement Photo Session Improve Your Wedding Photos?
Posted by Admin on January 15th 2018 · Comments (1)

When you are considering hiring a wedding photographer, you may notice that engagement photos are often part of the packages that they offer. If you’ve never considered having engagement photos taken, you may wonder if they are a good idea or not. When photography started, it was mostly studio based because the equipment was heavy and bulky, and exposure times were long req...

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How Professional Wedding Photographers Handle Difficult And Dark Wedding Venues
Posted by Admin on January 11th 2018 · Comments (2)

If you have used even the most basic of cameras you know that light is essential to the photographic process. When the light strikes the sensor on a camera, an image is created. So how does this translate to your wedding photography? Do you have to have a big open venue with lots of natural light to have photos that aren’t too dark? How do photographers capture those beautiful...

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Should You Get A Wedding Album From Your Wedding Photographer?
Posted by Admin on January 8th 2018 · Comments (0)

Have you ever spent time looking through your parents’ wedding album? It can be so exciting to look through old photo albums, seeing people at different stages of their lives, and even people who are no longer with us.  Wedding albums and other photo albums are usually highly valued by families, and they are at the top of the list of things to save in an emergency situ...

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ISPWP 2017 Wedding Photographer Of The Year, And Top 100 Wedding Photographers In The World
Posted by Admin on December 29th 2017 · Comments (7)

The ISPWP is proud to announce the 2017 Wedding Photographer of the Year, and the TOP 100 Wedding Photographers in the World. These year end awards are based on the contest results from all four ISPWP contests during 2017. Congratulations to Cristiano Ostinelli and all of the other winners! ...

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Does Photography Style Matter When Choosing A Wedding Photographer?
Posted by Admin on December 28th 2017 · Comments (5)

Searching around on photographers’ websites you might see these words when they are describing the style of their photography: Documentary Journalistic Candid Stylized Classic Timeless Fashion-based Natural Light Modern For many engaged couples, this can be confusing! What’s the best fit for you and your wedding day photography needs? Pay Mo...

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Best Wedding Photography Of 2017 – ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images
Posted by Admin on December 21st 2017 · Comments (5)

Best Wedding Photography of 2017 – ISPWP 1st Place Contest Winning Images The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers (ISPWP) holds a members-only wedding photography contest four times a year. Each contest has 20 different categories, so over the four quarterly contests in 2017 we awarded 80 First Place winners for the entire year. When we say this i...

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Should You Give Your Photographer A Photo Checklist?
Posted by Admin on December 8th 2017 · Comments (0)

Many sites on the internet will provide plenty of inspiration for your wedding photos. Part of the fun of wedding planning is looking through beautiful photos and looking forward to your photos of lasting memories of the day. Or, maybe you’ve had friends or family members get married in recent years, and you’ve loved some of their photos. So, should you give your photogr...

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What Questions Should You Ask Your Destination Wedding Photographer?
Posted by Admin on December 3rd 2017 · Comments (0)

As wedding costs increase, more couples are seeking destination weddings to spend their wedding budget. Because destination weddings tend to have plans for several days, couples get to spend time with the people they love over several days, rather than just over several hours. Destination weddings tend to be much less formal, but they have different logistical problems than the &ldq...

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I Just Got Engaged! Which Wedding Vendors Should I Hire First?
Posted by Admin on November 29th 2017 · Comments (3)

Even if you’ve been dreaming about getting married for a long time, when it’s made official and when you start planning your wedding it can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Who do you hire first? Here are some insights into which wedding vendors you should hire first after you get engaged. 1. Wedding Photographer Any vendor who cannot do more than one event per d...

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How Wedding Day Timelines Can Affect Your Wedding Photos
Posted by Admin on November 28th 2017 · Comments (0)

You’ve probably heard friends who have been recently married say that their wedding day went by in a blur. After months of preparation, the day is upon you, and it really does go by quickly. For this reason, professional wedding photographers rely on wedding timelines to work out the schedule for their clients to be sure that there is sufficient time for wedding photos on the ...

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