Favorite Photography Gear Purchases For 2016

Posted by Admin on December 10th 2016 · Comments (2)

Every year, photographers buy a LOT of gear. When it comes to photography gear, most people think of cameras, lenses, and flashes. But professional photographers who are running a business and trying to stay competitive, they must also invest in business tools, editing tools, and a host of other types of "gear." Here are a few examples of what some ISPWP members considered...

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Beautiful Cars And Beautiful Weddings, 31 Wedding Pictures Showing How To Travel In Style

Posted by Admin on December 3rd 2016 · Comments (4)

Cars and weddings have always gone together. From the fairy tale version of making a grand entrance at the church in a horse-drawn carriage to a more modern day version of arriving in a convertible sports car or a Rolls Royce limousine, couples have always enjoyed having a special vehicle to use on their wedding day. We asked our ISPWP members to send in some of their favo...

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What Happens When You Bring A Dog To A Wedding?

Posted by Admin on November 19th 2016 · Comments (1)

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kevin Sawyer, Kevin Sawyer Photography,, Lake Tahoe, California To begin with, I love dogs and working with dogs. Whenever there's a dog at a wedding, I get excited because they always add fun and comical energy to the photos. On this particular day, there were two adorable English Bulldogs, and I wanted to include them into...

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Extreme Wedding Locations For Brave Couples

Posted by Admin on November 11th 2016 · Comments (3)

Most weddings are beautiful, happy, festive events, filled with love and emotion. There is usually not a lot of risk or danger involved, as the wedding moves from the getting-ready stage to the ceremony and reception in beautiful locations. But every once-in-a-while, the couple has a sense of adventure and wants to show that in their wedding photos. We asked some ISPWP members to sh...

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How Wedding Photographers Use Photoshop: Before And After Wedding Photos

Posted by Admin on October 28th 2016 · Comments (5)

One of the many advantages of hiring an experienced wedding photographer (such as any ISPWP member) is their ability to use tools such as Photoshop to improve and enhance your wedding photos. There is a wide spectrum of approaches to wedding photography. One on end, there are the photojournalist purists who would never crop, edit, enhance, or modify an image. Their goal is t...

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Formal Wedding Portraits Don't Always Have To Be Formal

Posted by Admin on October 20th 2016 · Comments (0)

Most brides and grooms want to have some time set aside to do the formal wedding portraits. And most wedding photographers will agree. It's important to document the family members and bridal party who were at the wedding. These are often the pictures that are shared the most amongst family and friends. It's not very often that the whole family is gathered together and looki...

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How To Get Beautiful Wedding Photos In Bad Weather

Posted by Admin on October 14th 2016 · Comments (4)

To continue with our theme of getting beautiful wedding photos in bad circumstances, let's look at the challenges of bad weather. We would all love to have beautiful sunny skies and warm (not too hot!) weather for our weddings, but when you plan a wedding months or years in advance, there are no guarantees. Many wedding photographers have received that phone call from their clie...

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How To Get Beautiful Wedding Photos In An Ugly Location

Posted by Admin on October 7th 2016 · Comments (3)

Wedding photographers love shooting weddings in gorgeous locations. Soaring cathedrals, majestic mountains, pristine beaches, world-class hotels, and historic buildings all make for beautiful images. But ask any experienced wedding photographer and you will discover that many weddings take place in less than ideal locations.  Some locations can be very meaningful for the cou...

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14 Creative Ideas For Your Wedding Ring Photos

Posted by Admin on September 29th 2016 · Comments (1)

We've come a long way from the old traditional shots of the wedding rings you'll find in your parents' wedding album. The traditional shot was either a close up of the hands hovering over the bouquet, or a simple close up detail shot of the rings on a pillow. Now photographers are pushing the boundaries of creativity, and looking for unique ways to showcase the wedding r...

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ISPWP Is A Proud Sponsor Of The NineDots Wedding Photography Conference

Posted by Admin on September 23rd 2016 · Comments (0)

The ISPWP is proud to be a sponsor of The NineDots Gathering. With many of the organizers, presenters, and attendees being ISPWP members it was a no-brainer to be a part of this conference. We had a few questions for Rahul Khona, one of the organizers to tell us a bit more...  Let's start with the basics. Tell us about the conference, where, when, how to register, etc. ...

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