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Lisa and Neil wedding photography

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Hello, we're Lisa & Neil *awkward handshake/hug thing*. We're not particularly 'cool' but we bloody love a wedding and fun, down-to-earth couples looking for an alternative.

We both photograph the day exactly as it unfolds (yes two of us), the romance, tears, air guitars, crazy faces and everything in between. We do documentary but we don't do shy. We're not afraid to step up and give direction when needed. Whether it's hyping your guests up for confetti, your Bridesmaids to be silly or encouraging Auntie June to do her rhino impression.

We'll help you plan your wedding, making sure you pack in maximum fun. With around 300 weddings as a duo, we're wedding experts; we know what makes an amazing wedding and what makes couples happy with their photos. We'll work with you to make sure you get all the photos you want and need whilst enjoying the wedding day you imagined.


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