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I’m Mashal Asif, the visual storyteller behind the lens at Sanaa Studio a Toronto, Ontario-based wedding photographer. 

In my opinion, weddings are the perfect day to photograph: they are a new beginning to your love story. They are a day dedicated to your affection toward each other. They are one of the only times your loved ones are all gathered together, celebrating you! They are unique, amazing, perfect days. And, I am honored to be the photographer who gets to help you immortalize this.

I promise to encapsulate real, natural moments that are full of emotion throughout your day. From the moment you begin getting ready to your first look to your vows and all the way to the after party, your wedding will be documented in its totality - each small moment and each big one will be captured forever. Then, years down the line, you will be able to bring your wedding photo album out. You will look through it and all of the pictures will bring you back to the beautiful day you got married to the love of your life. You will see each detail, including the joy in your eyes. The feelings will rush back to you, and love will surround you just as it did all those years ago.

There are so many memories being made on your special day. Some couples even say, “It all felt like a blur!”. I will make sure it all gets preserved, so you can hold onto them forever.

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